Heroes of the City on YouTube

I am always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to entertain my son.  You see, he is autistic and also non verbal.  The Heroes of the City videos on YouTube are very entertaining for him.  He loves all the characters and even skips around the videos and watches them in different languages.  these videos are available in 18 different languages.

There are six hours of Heroes in the City videos available on YouTube for your preschool child to watch.  These videos teach kids about friendships and helping one another.  I think this is a wonderful message to teach any child.

My son really likes all the rescue vehicles and plays these videos on loop.  I know he likes them because he is humming some of the songs they are singing.  But, I also hope he is learning the lessons and messages these great videos are teaching.

Heroes of the City gets a thumbs up from this Mom.  If you have a child that you think might enjoy these videos, please subscribe to their YouTube channel, so you can stay up to date on the videos.  And, if your child is like mine, they will love them in all languages!  Any time I can find a video that teaches a child while entertaining them, it is a plus.  Having a child with autism is challenging and I am happy to  have found my son some entertaining videos with heroes of the City.

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