Win a 70 piece Roominate Building Studio


Roominate is a personalized studio that empowers girls through hands-on, open-ended playing. It's the world's first wired doll house building toy that girls get to design and build. I think teaching gierls to buils at a young age is a very important life skill.  You can play and build, while learning!   Roominate teaches basic circuitry, hands-on problem solving, self-confidence, creativity and spatial + fine motor skills. It helps empower kids to build endless creations using modular furniture, light circuits and much more.
  RoominateImage   Details about Roominate Studio
  • Connect wall and floor panels to build your structure. Use the modular building pieces to create bunk beds, tables, laptop desks, cupcake stands, slides, and more!
  • Make your creation come to life! Wire up the motor circuit to make spinning windmills, carousels, and elevators!
  • Kids develop important STEM* skills during play: hands-on problem solving, spatial and fine motor skills, self-confidence, and creativity. *(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • Compatible with all other Roominate products and encourages open-ended play for endless possibilities. Build, wire, and design… again and again!Roominate - Studio In Package
70 Pieces Inside Including:
  • 4 wall/floor panels
  • 24 furniture building pieces
  • 16 connectors
  • 1 motor
  • 1 switch
  • 1 battery pack
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 doll
  • 1 pet
  • 20 sheets of craft paper
  • Paper cutouts



  1. It inspires imaginative and play. Shows us that girls can build and be engineers too. (Tammy Horn)

  2. I like how it encourages girls to apply themselves in areas that usually are male dominant.

  3. it makes them use their imagination

    tiffany lane