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Top 5 Pieces of Accessories for Your Little Black Dress

Top 5 Pieces of Accessories for Your Little Black Dress

A simple and classic little black dress should be in every girl’s wardrobe. Along with that, every girl who 

wants to be fashion-forward and stylish should also have some cute and easy to match accessories 

that will complete the whole look. A simple black dress can be like a canvas for your accessories, but 

you need to know which one of these works the best. So here is a top 5 pieces list that will look 

amazing with every little black dress and make you look like a million bucks!

Big earrings. One of the easiest ways to start accessorizing your little black dress is to pull some big, 

colorful and fun earrings. Make it be the center of attention and make all looks directed to your flawless 

face. With huge earrings, you can relax and don’t think about other accessories since it is a pretty big 

statement piece already. If you really want to put more jewelry, get one ring – that is it. You won’t look 

too heavy and look sophisticated and fully styled just like that. Just pull your hair back to show your 

earrings much better.

Big necklace. This accessory item will work the most while trying to improve your look. Just one huge 

necklace can make your whole look completed in a second. Just pick the one you need and feel 

inspired by and throw it on your little black dress! Voila! You just made a cool and unique look within a 

few seconds! Make a loud statement with a huge and colorful necklace, or be quieter with a simple 

silver necklace too. Anything you can image is in your power!

Colorful tights or hosiery. If you just want to put on your little black dress for school, and don’t want to 

put too much of accessories on it, you can choose to wear some cool, colorful, or printed tights or 

hosiery. Since the dress is simple and can mingle with the background, fun and colorful tights can be 

the main element of your outfit and also complement the dress. With tights, you can play as much as 

you want. Get bright red, green, star or animal printed tights and look fun, young and cool. If you don’t 

know where to get it, then visit Saks Fifth Avenue. There, and along with Saks Fifth Avenue online 

coupons by you can find many fun items and make your look amazing with it. And 

also save some great amount of money too.

Heals. Forget about all the accessories and pull amazing, huge and real statement killer high heels! 

That will be a great way to look more feminine and make the whole look for suitable for a night out. Get 

some cool and unique shoes in bright colors and pieces on it and dare to stand out. But remember, if 

you are a newbie in wearing heals, take some practice lessons how to walk. If you can’t walk properly 

with it, your whole look will be simply ruined! So work with it a little bit before going out.

Various hairpieces. If it happens that you are a brave girl, choose to put an awesome and one of a kind 

hair piece. That will match your black dress to perfection. Since everything matches to it pull everything, 

starting from tiaras to huge sun hats – everything works to make your look amazing. Put either 

sophisticated or more fun piece and be the center of the party for a night. It can also be a great topic for 

a small talk! So, just dare to be different!

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