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Win Thor and Darth Vader 3D Deco Lights

3D Deco Lights are trhe new must have themed lights for your kids.  With all the awesome choices of characters, your child's room can be transformed into a their favorite adventure.

3D Deco Lights from 3D Light FX are so awesome. 3D Light FX has so many fun and exciting designs for boys and girls of all ages. Marvel, Nick, Star Wars, Disney, Universal and much more, 3D Light FX has it all. My son is a huge super hero fan as well as a Star Wars fan, so I knew that he would love the 3D Deco Lights I chose for him.

He loves The Avengers and his favorite it Thor, so naturally, Thor's Hammer is perfect for him. As a Marvel fan myself, I really love this one too. All of the 3D Deco Lights have stickers included that make them look like they are embedded into a cracked wall. While they all look awesome that way, Thor's Hammer fits especially well for that as it really could have been slammed into the wall.

No matter which Marvel hero has rescued your heart, 3D Light FX has you covered. From Captain America to Iron Man to Spider Man to The Hulk, you'll be in hero heaven. If you are not into Marvel(blasphemy!) you can get Batman instead. But if you are truly cool, you will want them all.

Of course in order to believe in heroes, one also must believe in villains. Sometimes one must even embrace the villainous-ness of if all. In other words, you must come to the dark side. The best way to do that is with a Darth Vader Helmet 3D Deco Light. Does it get any more awesome than that?

If you are not ready to come to the dark side, 3D Light FX has a huge selection of Star Wars Deco Lights, including Yoda, C-3PO, R2-D2, and the Millennium Falcon. Of course, the dark side has its partners as well, like the Death Star and Boba Fett. There is even a Darth Vader hand with Light Saber. That one I must own to accompany this one. Er, I mean my son must own it. Okay, I love these as much as he does!

Whether on or off, these 3D Deco Lights look fantastic. They are a very unique room accent and are sure to garner many compliments when people visit your home. They are safe, cordless and battery operated.They use LED bulbs(that will last basically forever), they are cool to the touch, which is essential around children.

My son loves these lights so much. No when I tell him it is bed time, he will hurry to get to his room so he can turn on these awesome lights. Now I just need to expand his collection and begin one for my daughter. With characters like Dora, Frozen, Minions, My Little Pony(last two coming soon), there are tons of designs that everyone will love.

If you are ready to come to the dark side(AKA the side of 3D Light FX) you are in luck. 3D Light FX has been kind enough to offer one Thor and one Darth Vader Helmet Deco Light both to one very lucky entrant. Enter via the Rafflecopter below. Good luck.



  1. my fav is the Soccer 3D Deco light

  2. love the 3 D Menion lights coming out soon. thankyou, ken

  3. I like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the nature butterfly.

  4. The R2-D2 3d thing is awwesome