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Old Freeman Family Farm Corn Maze

Since I live in a rural area, it is no surprise to me that I should have  corn maze nearby.  I am ready for fall, cooler weather and letting my kids get in on the fun of being outdoors when it is not so terribly hot.  Living in Georgia has it's perks, but the heat is not one of tham.  Look for a review soon of Old Family Freeman Farm..

We're a Family Farm with Family Fun!
The 2015 season will start on October 3 and will run through November 1. Mark your calendars now!

Old Freeman Family Farm Corn Maze
Bring your family and spend the day stepping back in time, to a slower pace when water was pumped by windmill, tractors were started with a hand-crank, and a child's favorite place to play was the barn loft.

Take a ride on the haywagon where you'll enjoy a 2.5 mile stroll exploring the sights and sounds of the Old Freeman Pumpkin Patch farm. Visit our livestock barn where you can feed our farm animals. Keeping with the history of the farm, you can experience cane grinding and syrup boiling at our Syrup Shed, as well as view antique farm equipment demonstrations including peanut threshing and hay baling, Other activities will include a zip line, corn crib, cotton jump, cornhole games and so much more...

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