Death By Chocolate Crazy Cups

Death by chocolate, did that grab your attention?  Because when I was told I was selected to review Death By Chocolate Crazy Cups, I was elated.

Crazy Cups are  k-cups for your Keurig brewer. Their cups are recyclable, which I absolutely love.  They are also organic and fair trade, which is another important aspect of Crazy Cups.   They also contain 13 grams of coffee which is 30% more than the competition.  I love everything about this company.

Now, to tell you more about Death By Chocolate Crazy Cups.  IMMEDIATELY upon receiving my box of Death By Chocolate Crazy Cups, I HAD to try it at that very moment.  I popped that k-cup right in my brewer.

Upon that first sip of Death By Chocolate, I was in awe of the flavor.  It has a bold taste of coffee with the added flavor of a dark chocolate.  I sweeten my coffee and add a vanilla creamer, so Death By Chocolate became a treat.  My granddaughter had to have a cup, too.  We sat and enjoyed our treats together. 

I was checking out the Crazy Cups website and found out that the k- cups are recyclable.  You just let the k-cup cool, peel off the top and bottom labels and viola!

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