Anna Naturals giveaway

Thanks to our friends at Housewife on a Mission for this great giveaway.  Reviewz & Newz is happy to promote this prize package from Anna Naturals.

Welcome to the Anna Naturals giveaway 
hosted by Housewife on a Mission and sponsored by Anna Naturals

Anna Naturals offers products made with all-natural and organic ingredients for everyday use, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding. After quite some time, the owner of Anna Naturals struggled with breastfeeding her own daughter, Anna-- at about 6 months in, her milk supply tanked, which was when she was introduced to fenugreek tea. The tea worked, but tasted awful. So she ended up spending forever cutting open the tea bags, mixing in her own ingredients and blending away until she hit on a blend that not only worked, but tasted great, too. A little while later, Anna Naturals was born!

Anna Naturals applied their "just because it's natural doesn't mean it has to taste bad" philosophy to 7 other tea blends, and when they realized that their teas actually encouraged people to live more naturally, they decided to start developing skincare and essential oil items too. All of their products are completely free of artificial flavors, fragrances, preservatives and harsh chemicals BUT they smell great, feel great and even taste great!

Anna Naturals' believes that you shouldn't have to give something up in order to get a product that is safe to put in, and on your body. In fact, they like to say "nature has never been this good". Head on over to Anna Naturals' website to check out all the great products they offer!


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  1. I would love to try the whipped walnut scrub :-)