SofSpa Giveaway

Reviewz & Newz is promoting this giveaway.  We hope our readers enjoy this giveaway.
Do You Want the Softest Feet Possible? Hosted by:Kelly's Thoughts On Things Sponsored by: Pedi-Sox®  SofSpa Softening Creme Concentrate is designed to absorb slowly then deeply penetrate into the lower layers of the skin.  After you are done rubbing the SofSpa into your feet, then slip into a Pedi-Sox® and let the healing begin.  You will be locking-in 13 Natural Emollients and Botanical Extracts Benefits of SofSpa:
  • Solution for dry, rough, problem skin
  • Smooth and fade calluses
  • Cracked heel therapy
  • Gives silky soft and supple skin  
Slather SofSpa on Feet, paying particular attention to problem areas.  Make sure to do a double coat on heels/calluses.  Allow 3-minute penetration between application. Pedicure as normal: Soak, Mask, Massage, Put on Pedi-Sox® then Polish.   Please read more about our experiance with Pedi-Sox...HERE Pedi-Sox® and Sofspa are available at finer Nail Salons and Spas nationwide.  You can also visit Pedi-Sox® to learn more or do some shopping.  You know these will make a great gift for your girlfriends- with a Nail Salon/Spa gift card.  


  1. I like these A Pink Zebra ?
    they are pretty

  2. I like Blue Dream TyeDye.

  3. I like the HoundsTooth Crimson Tide sock the most.

  4. I like the Mary Jane's® Pedi-Sox, they are cute

  5. I like the Color Polka Dots!

  6. I love the original Denim & the Blue Dream TyeDye.Super cute.Thank you so much

  7. I like the Mary Janes. How fun.

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    I like the Blue Dream TyeDye