Win Squashed from PlaSmart

My family does love to play games and this is one, Squashed, is one of those games that fits the entire family and is so much fun that you'll want to play over and over again and it never gets old! 

The point of the game is to be the last man (or woman) standing and to defeat your opponent by squashing their pieces off of the playing field!

Everyone starts with the same amount of pieces, places on colored squares around the sides of the Squashed cube and there is a King piece that sits on the top. Each player takes it in turns to throw the die around and make their moves towards the top center pieces around the Kind and, each time they make it, they get to turn over and smoosh the cube down on the other players pieces and effectively squash them out of the game! 

My kids went NUTS for this game! It is so simple and yet so incredibly effective in the fun and satisfaction that comes from the motion of squashing your opponents pieces! PlaSmart has really hit gold with this one!

Such a fun take on similar, flat board games, this 3D game gets everyone thinking and laughing and makes family time that little bit more fun! 

The game typically takes maybe 10 to 20 minutes max and it is easy to play a couple of rounds without getting repetitive or boring. 

Squashed makes its way into our Holiday Gift Guide easily, and you can follow us on Twitter and other social media outlets with the hashtag #MGBHGG for more! 



  1. This will be great for my boys! Thank you, will it be ok to share this post on my site ?

  2. That plasma car is my favorite. What a great give away!

  3. The Morphology Game looks like family fun!! So does the Squashed game above!