elo My Storytime Pillow

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 My little ones do not specifically protest bedtime like some kids do. They are usually ready to start the process as soon as I say so, but it's the process that takes a long time, especially when we get to story time. My kids love stories, and being so far apart in age/maturity as well as opposite genders, they usually want different stories, at the same time. Obviously that is quite impossible. My son is 8 and, although he has autism, is incredible intelligent. He can read to himself on at least a 5th grade level (he is in 3rd grade), but he still prefers to be read to. A love of literature is something to be treasured, so I always want to encourage that as much as I can. I hate not being able to read to them both at once unless I read the same story. I am so glad that I discovered a solution to that problem. A fabulous, cuddly, soft, comforting, reading solution. The elo My Sotrytime Pillow is exactly what I needed.
Of course, I still want to read to my kids myself to bond and spend time with them, but elo makes it much easier for kids to be patient. Now, while one kid is waiting, elo can tell them a story too, so they are not feeling bored or left out while I am busy with the other child. There is much less fighting over me, but of course, now they both want elo. I will just get a second one, though, and then things will be very happy around here. Then they can have all the stories they want, they can keep listening until they fall asleep. And to ensure they won't play(not that they would), Elo Pillow only reads if the child is lying on it. This is such an amazing product. I wish that this had been a round sooner, but I am so thrilled to have a reading helper that my kids love so much. A love of reading is priceless and the gift of elo is like the gift that keeps on giving. I think every child should have one. While I can't give one to every child, elo has been generous enough to offer an elo My Storytime Pillow to one very lucky reader. Enter via the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this incredible prize. Good luck. Be sure to check out all the other Christmas Wishes giveaways HERE. There are 10 fabulous blogs participating, and thousands of dollars in prizes to be won. New giveaways are added all the time, and you won't want to miss any of them. *Although I received an Elo Pillow at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.* 


  1. The elo My Storytime Pillow would make a great gift because almost all children like a story before bed. I especially like the fact that it will only work if the child is laying on it. I would love to give this to a family member.

  2. My six year old son would love this pillow! It'd probably help us out getting him to bed!