Beards are Glorious! KC Shave Company Review

My husband has had a beard for so long that I don't think our children would even recognize him without. In recent years, it seems like the number of men wearing beards has gone up quite a bit. With Father's Day coming up, a lot of you are struggling to find the perfect gift for the man that has everything. Does your bearded fella have a good beard care kit? (Or a nice shaving kit, if he's the clean faced sort?)

My bearded fella, did not. He had made a comments from time to time about beard issues, so I decided to look into it and see if I could find a solution to his beard woes. During my research, I stumbled upon the KC Shave Company. They sell craft shaving and beard care products, both individually and in pre-packaged kits. Their kits are seriously amazing. They use upcycled cigar boxes as packaging, which adds a little extra bit of "manliness" to the kits.

The kit I got is the KC Shave Co. 3-Piece Beard Care Kit. It contains an all natural beard shampoo bar, beard balm, and beard oil.

The beard shampoo bar is supposed to get rid of beard dandruff and prevent itchy skin, and leave the beard soft, clean and manageable while taming and controlling it. It has a really light, clean, natural scent that has hints of cedar, bergamot, and tobacco. I love the way it smells. It reminds me of the soap my grandma used when I was a kid. 

Beard hair tends to be pretty coarse, and rough. There was a very noticeable difference in the texture of my husband's beard after using the beard shampoo bar. The hair was softer and more supple. My husband also said that his skin didn't feel as tight as it usually does after he washes his beard. I think that's because the chemicals in regular shampoo dry his skin out and the all natural beard shampoo is full of moisturizing ingredients.

The beard balm is supposed to tame unruly hairs and keep the beard in place while conditioning and moisturizing the skin underneath. The formula is very thick and creamy, and has a light scent that has hints of mahogany and a light nutty note. My husband keeps his beard on the shorter side, so he doesn't need the balm for its styling properties, but he does still use it for the moisturizing of the skin. He likes it, but he likes the beard oil better.

The beard oil has basically the same uses as the balm. It tames, conditions, and moisturizes the skin. The scent of the oil is amazing. It has a very manly, cologne type scent but it is very light and pleasant. My husband likes it a lot. He keeps petting his beard like an evil villain.

The whole kit is really nice and my husband is quite happy with it. He's been stalking the KC Shave Co. website picking out what he wants to try next. There are a few different beard kits to choose from, as well as individual products.

If the man in your life is more of the clean shaven sort, the KC Shave Co. has some really nice kits and products for them as well. They have a nice selection of beautiful razors, and shaving brushes and bowls to use with shaving soap.

KC Shave Co. has provided a free shipping code for Reviewz & Newz readers. Just enter Freeshipping at checkout.


  1. My hubby has had a beard for the past couple of years and the kids always look at him funny when it goes.
    I personally love his beard but we have never tired any products on it yet. Will have to give this a go!

  2. i wish my hubs could grow a beard so i could get some of these nifty shaving items!

    1. Their shave products are just as nice as their beard products!

  3. I should get this for my son. He hates to shave his beard and always looks scraggly. A nice set like this may encourage him to do better.

  4. My dad would really love this for his beard for father's day.

  5. What a fun idea for a Fathers Day gift. I like all the extras they include especially the beard oil which makes the beard smooth plus smells good!

  6. This is such a great idea for guys with beards! What a perfect Father's Day gift!

  7. What a timely gift for Father's Day. I bet a lot of dads would love to get this.

  8. I always think these products are just too cool. Unfortunately I know of no one that could use them

  9. I can see why your husband would like it. Sounds like a great kit for Father's Day!

  10. What a fun idea for a Fathers Day gift. I like all the extras! Hubby doesn't have facial hair, though.

  11. My hubby wants to grow a beard. I'll save this for him if he does!

  12. I love that they have kits for the bearded AND non-bearded guys. This is a great Father's Day gift!