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Billion Dollar Brows at Kohl's.

I recently did a review for the Billion Dollar Brows, Brows on Point Micro Pencils. I really love that product, and when I found out that the Billion Dollar Brows, Universal Brow Pencil is available at Kohl's stores, and online, I was really excited.

The Universal Brow Pencil comes in a gorgeous taupe color that goes with most skin tones and hair colors. It goes on smoothly and cleanly without pulling at the skin like a lot of brow pencils do. It's an automatic pencil, so it never requires sharpening, and it has a spoolie to help shape and manage the brows.

I love that this pencil is available at Khol's. I tend to be a bit of a scatter brain and forget to order things in a timely manner. Now, if I forget to order my brow pencil on time, I can run to Kohl's and buy one. Billion Dollar Brows are by far my favorite brow pencils. The taupe color is absolutely perfect for my hair color, and the formula is spot on; not too greasy or hard.


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