IFME Shoes Review

As a parent, one of the biggest struggles I've dealt with is trying to find shoes for my kids that are high quality, and don't break the bank. With the rate my kids go through shoes, it's just not cost effective to spend a lot of money, but I don't want to sacrifice quality. Sure, I can go to my neighborhood value store and pay $10, but if I have to replace them every week, are they really a good deal?

I was really excited to try IFME shoes. They are made for toddlers and younger children, with their foot needs in mind. The name IFME stands for "IF it was ME", and is a reflection of the brand's commitment to providing complete customer satisfaction. The brand's aim is to make shoes that properly support the healthy development of children's feet. They have a wide toe box which allows the toes to spread properly to help muscles exert their full potential and promotes healthy arch development.

IFME shoes also employ a very odor control technology called MOFF, which stands for "Marvelous Odor Free Fiber" which is a natural cotton-based deodorizing fiber that absorbs 150 times the ammonia odor as activated charcoal, at 20 times the speed. The shoe insoles are completely removable and washable, which is a nice added odor control feature.

I got a pair of IFME shoes in the style "Ray", and the colors blue and orange for my 6-year-old son. The colors are bright and bold, and are gorgeous! My son absolutely loves the colors. He was a tad bummed to be moving out of his light up shoes, but the bright colors of the IFME shoes really made that blow not too hard. IFME has several styles and color choices to choose from. They definitely have something for everyone.

Upon receiving the shoes I gave them a complete look over and was quite impressed with the quality. The stitching is really well done and the materials are very nice. Both shoes together weigh mere ounces. They are so light and airy. They have a velcro closure and stretchy laces, that allow the shoe to open up very wide and is so easy for my son to get his foot in. I was very impressed with how they open. No more struggle with tight, stiff shoes that act like they aren't meant for feet to actually be put inside them!

IFME shoes are super affordable, extremely cute, well made with high quality, durable materials, and are made with children's foot health in mind. These are honestly the best shoes I've ever put onto the feet of one of my kids, and with three kids (6,7,&12) I've been through a LOT of shoes. My only complaint about IFME is that they don't make shoes for older children. I would love to have a pair of these for my daughter because of the ease of foot insertion, and I want a pair for my 12-year-old for the odor control. Actually, I would like to have a pair for my husband for the odor control... That man can knock buzzards off manure wagon with his foot stench.

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