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Folgers Share A Cup & Share A Story

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The Folger Coffee Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

With Veteran's Day approaching, it is important to recognize those that have served our country.  Many  businesses offer discounts, free meals or other incentives to commemorate this special day,  and that is wonderful.  Here is an idea I like so much better:  Sit down over a cup of  Folgers coffee and have a conversation with a veteran.   In my opinion, a simple "thank you" is not enough.  We need to listen and learn about our veterans and learn about their life experiences.

I chose to have this conversation with my oldest cousin and he told me  some wonderful stories.  He joined the Army at the age of 17, with his parents permission and support. One thing  he told me and I know, he always wanted to join the Army for as long as he remembers.

With a passion for sports at an early age, he played football, baseball and basketball.  He has always loved hot rods and race cars.  As a freshman in high school, he joined the ROTC program.   He is so lucky to have had that early training in life.  It teaches you discipline, perseverance, and following rules.  All of the things he did in high school prepared him for his successful lifelong career in the Army.

During his time of service, he was stationed all over the world.  He loved that he was able to see so much of our country and travel abroad.  He always found a race track or a dirt track to watch others race cars.  The excitement and enthusiasm in which he speaks about this makes him smile.

Some fun and interesting facts about him is that he wears a size 15 shoe and he always had issues finding shoes to fit!  I laughed when he told me of the weekend long adventure to find socks that fit him when he was living abroad.  He said the shoes were hard enough, but trying to find socks that fit proved to be a challenge.

His love of race cars and hot rods has continued to this very day.  He retired two years ago, after 30 years of service to the Army and went to work on building his dream car. He now races his number 17  Camaro on the weekends at race tracks in Georgia and all over the Southeast. The number 17 is significant to him as he represents the day of the month he was born and the day he was sworn in to the Army.
Although we have always been close, I learned so much about him from our conversation. I am happy to be a part of  Folgers  Share A Cup & Share A Story initiative .  I was able to do so much more than just say thank you,  I was listening and laughing with him as he told me his stories.

I urge you to go to Walmart and purchase Folgers coffee like I did  You can find it in the coffee aisle.  Whether you choose the ground coffee, instant, or the K-cups, you can find them at Walmart. 

Think about the veterans you know and reach out to them to have a cup of Folgers  coffee and talk to them,  Learn more about them and their life.  I cannot tell you how much it meant to both of us to be able to talk.  I have always admired his determination and his love for his family and being able to have a conversation with him was so much better than saying, "thank you for your service".

This has made a huge impact on me and I want you to do the same,  Find that veteran, have that conversation, and find out more about them as a person.  Share A cup & Share A Story.  You will be glad you did.  You will learn about so much more than their service to our country,  It is truly a fun  and meaningful experience.

You can learn more about the Walmart's and Folgers Share A Cup & Share A Story page by going HERE.   


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