With Christmas approaching,  I think it is important to remember the reason for the season and that is Jesus.  I have partnered with to bring you this message on how you can light the world with 25 days of service in December.

I am going to focus on Day 3, December 3, 2016. Jesus helped others to see and so can you!  You can give the gift of vision by donating your old glasses to someone in need.  There are many eyeglass collection boxes and all you have to do is drop your pair in there.  That will help someone to actually see better, that may not have been able to afford eyeglasses.
You can also help others by donating or buying from a charity that helps support vision related causes.  I know the Lions Clubs helps people get vision exams, eyeglasses, and help those who are vision impaired. and that is why I choose to highlight them.,  They sell some of the best brooms and mops you will ever own.  These brooms and mops are made by people with vision impairments and the profits go right back to them to pay them for work and buy more supplies to make these items.  I urge you to contact your local Lions Club or any member to purchase and know your purchase has helped someone in need, whether it be through employment or a recipient of   a pair of glasses or vision exam.

The Lions Club is not the only vision related charity out there, so check out others in your area. Promote them on your social media. There are many ways you can give the gift of sight and seeing.

Jesus helped others to see and so can you.  It doesn't always have to be a physical gift.  You can point out a virtue in someone that do not see for themselves. 

Please join me and millions of others when 25 Days 25 Ways campaign begins on December 1, 2015. There are so many ways you can participate in this campaign whether it be monetary or an act of kindness.  I hope you will join us during this special time of the year.

You can check out mormon,org website, Facebook , Twitter and Instagram to #LightTheWorld.


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