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A FITzee is a busy professional, entrepreneur, mom, dad, athlete, weekend warrior, fitness enthusiast, and anyone else who seeks a nutritious, delicious, great-tasting alternative to the world of over-processed fast food. A FITzee believes that the path to living well is through eating foods that give you energy & taste great!

I was sent a sampled package of FitzeeFoods to review on my blog. This is all the above small packaged meals I was sent over. I was so surprised how much was there because I love eating small meals throughout the day. I was able to choose 14 small portioned meals and I chose the following:

The numbers indicate how many I asked for considering I have a family of three and I wanted to at least try the good ones like my husband. I knew my son wouldn't want any or like them because he is a picky eater like myself. I enjoyed a few of the ones listed above and one was just a bit to "spicy" for me. My husband enjoyed them all of course. My husband loves food and he isn't a picky eater at all!

The top one was the Red Chicken Enchiladas & the bottom one was the Paleo Turkey Butternut Chili. I thought the chicken enchiladas were amazing and delicious. I would recommend them as a first pick when choosing FitzeeFoods. The inside was filled with delicious shredded free-range chicken breast, corn, black beans, green onions, and tomatoes,topped with a Mexican cheese blend and red enchilada sauce. Although I am a picky eater I did not taste the green onions  and tomatoes so that is a plus for me. I only had a bite because I chose this for my husband­čśŽI did end up taking two bites though because it was so good.

What I like most about this company is that you don't have to cook anything so whenever you want or are hungry you can just heat it up in the microwave. I love that they have small portion sized, medium & large. I want to definitely look into this more after the holidays and purchase more because my family loves it and so do I. I love how there is no subscription needed which is always good because if you don't have enough funds at a different month in time there is no worries that you will be automatically billed. Worry Free & Stress Free.

 The Pumpkin Spiced pancakes were very good. Although they were a bit to thick but still very tasty. I had them plain with syrup on the side and my husband added butter and syrup on top of his.

FITzee Foods are fresh and not frozen they never have preservatives or additives, and they use free range meats and local produce. Very Healthy!

Giving Nutrition a Makeover!
We provide healthier versions of American Classics that makes the easy choice the healthy choice. Unlike grocery shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning, FITzee Foods saves your precious time, money and waistline. FITzee Foods products appeal to most dietary needs such as paleo, gluten free, and dairy free. Whether you want to lose, gain or maintain weight, the name of the game is portion control. A healthy diet is not just about portion control, it’s also what’s in the food that counts. FITzee Foods provides a variety of meals from paleo spaghetti to red chicken enchiladas to paleo BBQ pork.

I personally don't like cooking all the time I think it's just a hassle for myself and I never know what to cook turns out I am not like my mother with the good jeans in cooking for the family which kind of stinks because my mom is such a great cook. I love to cook don't get me wrong but there are days when I feel blah or just have so much going on that day and don't feel like doing anything. I can always think of FITzee Foods cause it's convenient and easy and healthy. I'd love to have this as a meal plan everyday or every other month because it's probably a lot cheaper then buying local groceries at the supermarket in my honest opinion.

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