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Back to school Comfort Kit Giveaway

How much do you spend on back to school shopping?
 It is time for back to school shopping and for many families just like ours that means school supplies, clothing, haircuts, shoes and more. Some statistics indicate that the average family spends $600 on back to school shopping! New clothing is nice, but what about what you wear underneath it? It can get particularly embarrassing both for boys and girls, especially when you have classes like middle school physical education and hot Houston days. That is why Hanes is on my back to school shopping list! To make it easy for it to be on your back to school shopping list too we want to showcase for you some of the great Hanes products our family is wearing, share with you some special deals and bring to you this $50 Gift Card Prize Pack Giveaway. insert image sample here - both or as it pertains to your life Money Saving Parent has a house full of girls who have their personal favorites from their Hanes BTS Shopping experience.

 I know one thing which can bring a smile to both parents and our kids faces and that is winning this Back to School Comfort Kit Giveaway! The prize pack includes a $50 Gift Card and 3 back to school styles based on age and gender and the styles will include Hanes X-Temp and FreshIQ technologies to help keep the kids cool all day, even under the pressure of getting to class on time, outside for recess and changing clothes in the locker room. Must be 18+, valid US address (sorry no PO Boxes) and all other terms and conditions as stated in the Giveway Tool below. Enter for your chance to win! Good luck with the giveaway and all your back to school shopping. giveaway tools code here


  1. Well, hate to have the same answer as you but I agree and also have twin teen daughters. I have to take them shopping and they are there forever looking for clothing.

  2. I have more troubles with back to school clothes for my son. He is so tall that it makes it harder to find him clothes.

  3. I have hated finding shorts for those few hot months. Nothing is long enough for girls these days to me.

  4. My grandson has a small waist and it's hard to find pants that fit.

  5. My hardest find is uniform [pants for my just turned 12 year old. Bwetween the way none of them really fit right and the fact that she really doesn't like them, I think I may rip all of my hair out soon.

  6. My hardest experience is to buy shoes, with a very wide foot to fit, it is hard to find the best one.