How music shapes your life

I come from a very musical background.  Music is a huge part of my life.  When you watch a movie, the music helps determine the tome of the music,  The music gets faster when there are exciting parts and gets slower when there is sadder or highly emotional parts.  Two of the most iconic movies that shaped my life, did  so with the musical score.
The musical score from Jaws let you know the dreaded killer great white shark was around.  Your heart begins to race with the music.    Listen to it below and I know you will feel the same.

Did you think about the shark devouring the people when you heard the music?  I can!

Another movie that had music that made a big impact on my life was The Exorcist.  Can you tell I grew up in the 70's?  Boy, I can hear that music and my heart starts to race thinking of all the horror from The Exorcist.

I have music that I like to listen to when I want to relax.  It is usually some cool jazz or perhaps some classical music.  

Music shapes or lives more than we know.  I cannot count the number of times I have sang the words to a sing,I perhaps, don't really even like.  Have you done that before?  We all have our favorite artiststs and we all have our favorite play lists.  

You can save your favorite play lists from  streaming services like Spotify or Pandora.  I personally have all my favorite music saved on Spotify.  That is usually what I listen to when I take a long trip.  When I am at home I normally have something playing from YouTube or even on my TV.  Cable TV has music stations and I can tune in to my faves!

There are so many people involved in music.  Have you heard of John Ross Jesensky?  He is  prolific composer and musician, John Jesensky has earned the admiration of peers and audiences alike with his innovative and masterful approach to the art form that is film scoring. In musical composition and film scoring in particular, Jesensky has found a vehicle for artistic expression that so closely coincides with his professional endeavors. Specializing in grand piano, Jesensky’s scores have been featured in countless films and have earned recognition through a host of awards as well as inclusion in some of the most revered film festivals and events.

Next time you hear the music while you are watching a movie, check the credits to see who it is.You will be quite surprised, I am sure! 

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