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Behind the scenes of a trade show or exhibition

Have you ever been to a trade show or exhibition and wonder who put it all together ?  I recently attended the Savannah Women's Show and everything was BEAUTIFUL!  Of course, this show was geared toward women, but the decor, the tables, how everything flowed was magnificent.

To have an exhibition or trade show of any magnitude you have to secure a venue, hire a trade show contractor, have a timeline and so much more.  It is a lot of work.

I appreciate when I walk in that I feel like the whole show has a theme and it is carried out throughout the entire venue, the menu, drinks, decor and speeched.  That is a lot of hard work and it takes a team of hard working individuals to pull off something like that.

I know a lot of my blogger friends are attending Mom2.0, Blogher and other events.  geared towards bloggers.  I hope when you walk into the venue you are WOW- ed!  Make sure to thank the people that put this together.  There are so many behind the scenes making this possible.  Not just sponsors or host or the chef preparing your meal, there are companies that are contacted out for flowers, seating, motels,and I could list more, but you get my drift.

There is so much that goes on before the show or event happens.  This has to be carefully planned months ahead of time.  Do you think about that?  I certainly don't,  Not until after I have left the venue.  Many events are several days long, so perhaps you have time to ponder that question.

While you are enjoying your cup f coffee in the morning or your glass of champagne at the  party for the event, make sure you think about all that went into creating this fabulous show or exhibition for all to enjoy.

What trade show, exhibition, or event have you went to that just blew you away?  Just comment below and we will discuss.


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