Consulting tips you need to know

If you are new to consulting, here are a few tips you should implement.  You want your clients to not only hire you, but to keep you consulting.  If your client sees the growth, they will keep  using your services for consulting.

Set Up  Google Alerts

You specify key words and you will get alerts in your Google feed from blogs and new sites.  Set up these alerts for your client and their three top competitors.  This will help you stay current on industry developments and standards. If you do not know your client's competitors use a tool like Yahoo Finance to find out. This will allow you to stay ahead of the game.

Familiarize yourself with Client CEO and Senior Management

Make sure you know the names AND faces of the key people in the company.  You can check out the company's website or Linked In.  You don't want to have a casual cup of coffee in the break room  and later find out that was the CEO. Do your homework so this does not happen.

Know who the competitors are
Periodically review this information to make sure you’re fresh. While it’s important to know this info, it’s even more important that you don’t confuse one competitor with another.
Don’t ignore the small, innovative guys. The best way to identify them is to scour Google and Techcrunch for your client’s name and industry-related keywords. Staying current on innovative practices is one way to be a  leader.
Know you client"s basic financial data'
If you are trying to increase revenue, you have to know this information. Ask for income reports, profit margins, etc.    It is all a numbers game and you MUST know the relevant numbers for your specific client.

Know a few good places for team events and dinners
As the newbie consultant, the responsibility of planning team events (such as dinners, team-bonding activities, etc) will fall on you.
Take the opportunity to demonstrate your diligence and attention to detail. It helps if you have an idea – particularly in unfamiliar cities – of the fun/popular things to do. Ask your friends and do internet research. The more familiar you are, the better prepared you’ll be.
While a poorly planned team dinner at the city steakhouse won’t kill your performance review, people will notice. It’s not your fault that the food wasn’t amazing, but it is your fault that the taxis arrived late, you didn’t invite the partners, and forgot to make the reservation.


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