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Welcome to the future

I think we can all agree that technology has come a long way.  Never in my life did I think that I would have so much technology available to me. No matter what your age, technology is fascinating.  I am going to share my favorites in this post.

Probably the most widely used piece of technology is the smart phone.  No mater if you are a die hard Apple user or Android user, the smart phone has come a long way since it first debuted.   I will say I am an Android snob, simply because I like the user experience more.

Our phones do so much, surf the web, social media, shopping and game apps, tells us how to get from one place to another. With prices at $1000 for each smart phone, it seems to be every one's choice to have a phone for their communications needs.  Long gone are the days of landlines.  But, I still have mine,since I live in an area where  coverage is spotty on a network.

There are so many devices you can buy in addition to your smart phone, such as VR or virtual reality devices.  You can purchase different lenses for your camera or blue tooth speakers to rock the night away.  There are some great add -ons out there at very competitive prices.  

I think the biggest gain we have made in technology is in the field of medicine.  And, I think that is the most important gain we have made in technology.  Companies are making bionic arms and devices for those who are paralyzed that use their eyes to guide the device.  I have a child with autism and I think the most important  stride he has made has been the use of his Ipad.  It has helped him communicate much more effectively than a Speech Therapist.

Another great use of technology is that they can make skin.  Yes, I said skin! According to Adrian Rubin,  modern technology has made the creation of smart skins for athletes possible. They protect athletes in most sports including football, baseball, tennis, running, basketball and hiking. The combination of performance exceeds anything available in the past. This flexible protection is excellent for the rigors and injuries so much a part of the sporting world. During routine conditions, the molecules within the material are able to flow freely ensuring the material remains both flexible and soft. When an impact occurs the molecules effectively lock together. This reduces the pressure of the transmitted force and helps dissipate the impact of the energy. The bottom line is athletes have protection simply not available in the past.


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