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Tips that will make your employees happy

Want happy employees?  I am going to give you a few tips!  I have been both employee and employer, so I feel I know what works to have happy employees.


Having coffee and water available in the break room is a must. Don't skimp on the coffee!  Make sure you buy a brand of coffee your employees love and not just the least expensive brand.  Make sure you delegate someone to keep the break room stocked with what is needed for a cup of coffee.  EVERYTHING,cups, cream, sugar, substitute sweetener.  .  If you want to really step up your coffee game, have flavored creamers!  Yes,this works, I know because this is how I discovered my favorite creamer, the elusive French Vanilla.   Also, having bottled water is a must.  I like the mini bottles of water myself. This allows for your employees to be caffeinated and hydrated.  You can bet that will make your employees happy.

Employee Recognition

Make sure your employees know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. If your business met a quota or you want to give out a special award, woo them with food! .  Have a monthly or quarterly cook out or dinner.  You can even ask employees to bring their favorite dish.  I prefer cook outs, since the food can be so versatile.


Having a vending machine with the right snacks can make or break you and your employees. Consider  snack delivery for your .  You can pick what snacks and how often they are delivered to your office. I like this option because it shows a more personal connection between you and your employees.


All employees get bonuses.  Whether it is a percentage of their salary or based on merit, all employees should get a bonus.  Make sure this is spilled out in the employee handbook.


Vacations are nice, aren't they.  That's why every employee should have vacation time.  Personally, I would like to make it mandatory that employees actually goes on a vacation and not stay home and plant their garden or catch up on their favorite shows.  But, whatever they decide to do, your employees need a break from the hectic months that they work.  Have tired system where the longer you work for the company, the more vacation time you get!

These are just a few tips to keep employees happy.  What tips do you have, as an employer or employee?  Drop them in the comments below.


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