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Does Being Healthy Have To Be Hard? Not At All!

Most of us seem to think that to be healthy we need to struggle and sacrifice. However, I really believe this is the wrong mindset to achieve long-term positive change. In fact, you can accomplish a lot more by being more positive and enjoying the elements of a healthy lifestyle. Something that you can read more about in my post below.


Cooking and eating

The primary issue here is the difference between a diet and a long-term lifestyle change. In fact, going on a diet where specific foods are restricted and you end up feeling bad when you don't stick to the plan can be really damaging. At worst it can encourage you to get into a cycle of obsessive and restrictive eating that is impossible to maintain in the long term and is not physically or psychologically healthy either.

Happily, things really don't have to be that way when it comes to healthy food. After all, the key idea here is that everything is OK in moderation. What following this concept means is that you are free to make better choices when it comes to food, and even invest in things like private cooking lessons with a healthy twist, without having to punish yourself if you eat a square of chocolate or a bag of chips, once in a while. Now doesn't that sound a lot more positive than sticking to a monotonous diet?

Working out

There are two types of workouts in this world. The first is the one that people grit their teeth to get through, hoping that the benefits will outweigh the pain. The second are the ones that people can't wait to do because they are fun in the moment as well as providing positive benefits for their mental and physical health.

Guess which ones are likely to work more effectively in the long term? Yep, its the latter! Therefore if you find yourself struggling through boring and un-enjoyable exercise activities, it may be time to find something that you love to do instead.

Getting enough sleep

Lastly, sleep can be a tricky thing to get right. After all, we often want extra when we don't have time for it but don't want to miss out on our evenings either!

The trick here is to make going to bed a little earlier each night, fun.  Something you can do by choosing a favorite book to read for half an hour before going to sleep, or by playing some relaxing music to help you nod off.

Just remember to try and stay away from your electronic devices as much as possible before bedtime, as they are known to stimulate brain activity and can cause significant issues when it comes to drifting off to sleep.

You can even make this a little easier on yourself by using an app that locks other apps and the internet, so you aren't tempted to use your phone before bed. Something that can really make a massive difference to the quality of sleep you can get and your health overall.



  1. So true! I often think of being more healthy as dieting and working out at a gym. Having a positive mindset and making small changes in food choices and exercise (such as walking) could make a difference.

  2. Being healthier doesn't have to be hard, I agree, but boy, it's hard to turn down those good, greasy, sweet foods sometimes, lol.

  3. sounds like it is time for me to start,,i want easy nothing that is hard to do

  4. Such great tips. Unfortunately I go thru phases I do really good for awhile and then I miss a day or 2. I'm also not the best at making myself food just for me and tho I try to encourage healthier eating I'm usually out voted. I definitely need more sleep tho

  5. kate g2:12 AM

    That is great advice...basic common sense...and it's all too rare anymore as everyone, it seems, is trying to sell you something - some plan or pill or diet. It's refreshing to see someone just review the basics... because in this media climate, we're constantly told we NEED the plan or pill or diet to succeed.