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4 Things to Do With Your Unwanted Christmas Presents

It's a situation common to many of us. We eagerly open the gifts we have been given when Christmas comes around, only to be faced with something that is…

a) inappropriate to who we are.
b) meaningless to our lifestyle.
c) a replica of something we already have.

We are thinking about those boxes of chocolates that will ruin our diet plans. We are thinking about those Christmas jumpers that we wouldn't want to wear in public. And we are thinking about those gifts that have probably been bought and wrapped up in a hurry because the buyer hasn't taken the time to give us proper consideration.

Still, we smile anyway, say 'thank you very much' through gritted teeth, and then we start contemplating what to do with these unwanted gifts we now have in our possession.

Here are 4 things you can do with those terrible Christmas presents.

1. Sell them

The obvious answer, of course, as you can both get rid of those items that are cluttering up your house, and generate some extra cash in the new year - just the thing when you're feeling the Christmas pinch. Amazon, eBay, and Gumtree are just some of the places to flog your unwanted presents, and for those gift cards you received (for stores you are very unlikely to use), you can sell them for cash using these ideas for a gift card swap. Result!

2. Return the item

The gift-giver may have done the honourable thing and kept the receipt, just in case you didn't like/want the item in question. Should they let you know they do have the receipt (probably after seeing your disappointed face), gladly accept it, as honesty is always the best policy. This way, they are unlikely to make the same mistakes again next year when they are looking for your Christmas present.

3. Regift the item

You might not like what you have been given, but that doesn't mean somebody else will have the same low opinion. That box of chocolates could be used as a Valentine's Day gift idea. That tacky ornament might be a wonderful gift for your old Aunt's birthday. And that awful Christmas jumper might not suit you, but you might have an Uncle who has no idea about fashion sense, and who would gladly wear anything! Just be sure not to regift the item to the person who gave it to you in the first place (or to anybody in their immediate social circle). Embarrassment will ensue, otherwise!

4. Give the gift to charity

There's a reason why many charity stores are filled with so much tat. These items are probably last year's Christmas presents! Still, you might actually have something 'worth selling,' so if you are in a charitable mood, hand it over to one of the stores in your neighbourhood. Alternatively, if you have anything that would suit a specific charity, consider doing the right thing by giving it to somebody who would actually value the present you considered 'unwanted.' As examples, you might want to give any toys or games away to a children's charity, any self-care products or clothing to a homeless charity, and any food or sweet items to a food bank.

So, that's Christmas sorted then! If you are disappointed with what you have been given, there are things you can do with your unwanted Christmas presents. But beware: you may have friends or family reading this article too, so be careful with your gift buying, as you may well see something you have bought in your local charity store, or regifted back to you down the line!!

We wish you a very Happy Christmas!


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