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Use the Special Guest App To Book Your Talent

What talent do you have booked for your next event? Do you need a band or singer for a wedding or corporate event??  How do you even search for your talent?  Look no further because Kristopher  Jones and Damon Wayans have teamed up to create The Special Guest app.

Founded by actor Damon Wayans Jr and serial entrepreneur, Kris Jones, Special Guest App is the revolutionary entertainment booking app featured on Apple's first television show, “Planet Of The Apps.'

Kris Jones and Damon Wayans, Jr. on Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’
Special Guest takes away the problem for hundreds of thousands of live entertainers struggling to secure work on a regular basis because the process of getting gigs is brutally difficult. The app leverages mobile to remove friction from the traditional talent booking process enabling anyone, anywhere to discover and hire live entertainment on demand.'

We provide the technology for anyone to seamlessly host live entertainment in their home, backyard, or similar non-traditional venues with the push of a button.
You do not have to be in Los Angeles or any music mecca to find suitable talent. All you need is the app. The app is free to download so it’s a win-win for both talent and talent seeker, with the performer receiving 100% of their pay, instead of a percentage going to agents and fees.

The app itself was built to mimic what would happen if you had a manager. The manager would help vet the venue, so you’re going to be able to see reviews and ratings of the actual host or venue. [And] if you’re a consumer looking to hire entertainment, you’re going to be able to see the entertainer’s profile, check out their videos, check out their social media.

They have talent in California, Georgia, Tennessee Nevada and Pennsylvania ranging from Jazz to Classical and everything in between.

So, who are you booking? Drop me a comment below.


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