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10 Email Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Are you trying to grow your email list?   I know I am.  As a blogger, my email list is important.  It sends out an email to my subscribers each day that something is posted.  Growing my email list can be daunting.  But, done correctly, my readers will read it and click on one of the included stories and be on my site.  After all, it's all about page views, right?

 My short list of do's

  1. Use a sign up form.
  2. Keep your business on their mind.  Send that follow up email the moment the subscribe.
  3. Include attention getting text that will prompt your subscribers to open.  Use different fonts, action words, or emojis.
  4. Segment your lists based on the interests of your audience.
  5. GET PERSONAL!  This is very important.  I know I like to see my name in the introduction.  EXAMPLE  Dear Helen

My short lists of don'ts

  1.  Do not buy email list.  Like, why would you even consider this?  I know my email has been bought because I receive emails from companies I have never heard of.  That's a big turn off to me and I mark it spam and I am sure you do, too.
  2. Don't send your email without proofreading.  This can be quite embarrassing.  One of my pet peeves and it also shows a lack of professionalism.
  3.  Don't send a generic email.  It will not get opened.  Not only do you want your readers to open the email, you want them to click through to your site to find out more.
  4.  Don't send an email with broken links.  This is so very important.  If your readers clicks and finds a dead page or an error page, they will not feel comfortable clicking any links in your emails.  Make sure  your links are correct!
  5. Don't ignore your email marketing or analytics.  This tells you SO much about the emails you send.  You can use the data you have to assure you get more opens, more clicks, and more website traffic.

10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts - Infographic by Campaign Monitor
Source: 10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts by Campaign Monitor

Having an email marketing list is a must for any online business, church, blogger or anyone who makes money online.  Make sure your email marketing campaign  is top notch, so that your readers, buyers, and subscriber's get the most of of it that they can and you get that return on your investment!

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