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Taking Care Of Your Home Whilst On A Long Haul Vacation

Your home is still your home, even when you’re off on your travels. Because of that, you’re going to need to keep a third eye on it - even when the other two are staring out at a beautiful beach horizon and monitoring your young child at the same time! Even if you’re planning to soon move abroad, you’re still going to want to be sure that your old home is in a valuable and sellable condition.

So to make sure you’ve got a lovely place to come back to, and that you’re never taking too many liberties with the time you spend away, here’s a quick checklist to run through.

Get a Regular Garden Service

The garden that cushions both the front and back of your house can very easily become overgrown whilst you’re away, not to mention the amount of pests that might think it’s just fine for them to move in whilst the occupant’s gone! So let’s make sure you’ve got a lovely little slice of paradise to come back home to once the plane lands, and that your garden is never becoming too unruly for its own good.

You’re going to want to hire on a regular Lawn Care service provider for the duration of your trip, as those hedge trees you spent weeks trimming up and styling last summer have a good chance of dying off without you to take care of them. If it’s been a particularly dry spring or summer that year, you’re definitely going to need regular watering work done, and who knows if your neighbor’s son is always going to remember to do just that!

Get a Neighbor to Look in

Speaking of neighbors, having someone to pop in and out on a regular basis just to check your house over is a great way to keep an eye on your property. They can regularly report back to you as well, with a quick message or photo here and there, and it won’t even cost you roaming charges if you use an internet signal rather than SMS.

So make sure you’ve got someone next door who you know and trust, and give them a key to get in and out whilst you’re gone. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to serve as a privacy issue: you can always ask for the key back when you get back again.

Set Some Timers on Your Systems

Just a quick point to finish this list up - make sure all the electronics in your house, and the heating and electricity that serve them, are on a timer whilst you’re away. You want your house to still look lived in, and you don’t want it to feel like a fridge when you come home, so get the heating to kick in and the lights to come on every so often during the day.

You want to be sure home is still taken care of, and you’re never coming back to more trouble than what you left behind!


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