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Notes from a social media influencer

If you are an influencer in the social media world, then you are more than likely working with a public relations firm.  More often than not, you are working with many public relations firms.  It goes with the territory of being an influencer.

Influencers are looking to work with brands and the public relations firm is the liaison you will need.  The PR firm will handle most inquiries for a particular brand.  The same PR firm that handles Brand A, might also handle Brand B, but only work with influencers for Brand A.

As an influencer, you will have to reach out to PR firms if you want to collaborate with brands.  You can pitch that PR with your unique idea and ask for money and/or product in exchange for you posting on your blog and/or social media channels. One of those public relations firms might be Nancy Behrman. 

There are many times when the PR firm will reach out to the influencer to collaborate with a brand.  They either find you from influencer data bases or by recommendation from fellow infuencers.

I think the biggest influencers are on YouTube and Instagram.  I know quite a few myself.  I am an infuencer here on my blog and my social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I have worked with many public relations firms in my ten years of blogging.  Some I have reached out to via email, some have roached out to me via email, or one of my social media outlets.

Being an infleuncer definitely has its perks.  I get lots of cool products to try out and if my pitch to the public relations firm is what they are looking for, I will get sponsored work.  That means I get paid to write about a product!  How cool is that?  But, being an infuencer takes a lot of time and dedication.

To be an influencer there are a few tools of the trade.  You will need a computer, a smartphone, possibly a DSLR camera, and the skill set to do the work. The work may consist of a single photo posted to Instagram.  Well, it may take 25-50 shots to get that perfect photo.  You will need to edit that photo and then send that to the PR firm you are working with for approval, unless they have given you permission to use beforehand. Then you have to post and promote.  This takes quite a bit of time to do from start to finish.

I see a lot of negative things online about infuencers, but I try not to pay it any attention.  If you do great work and form relationships with those individuals at any given public relations firms, that is the only person you have to please.  There are so many highly successful infleuncers  in our digital world that are doing great things. I have formed many great relationships with a lot of people at a lot of different firms.  I definitely enjoy being an influencer.

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