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5 ways to take your content to the next level this year

Yes! Yes! Yes! You want more traffic to your website, but you are too busy running your day-to-day business to take your content to the next level. What is a business owner to do? Here are five ways you can improve your website’s content in 2019.

1. Hire a content marketing strategist.

You wouldn’t fill your own cavities. You wouldn’t decorate your own wedding cake. You wouldn’t wax your own eyebrows. Instead, you hire experts in their fields to help you with tasks for your daily life.

You only have 24 hours per day, and you have to sleep sometime. That’s why you should focus on what you do well and delegate other tasks to professionals. Find content marketing experts who work wonders in your particular industry.

2. Get into the brains of your customers.

A good content marketing strategist will help you get into the brains of your customers. He or she will help you brainstorm on what kind of topics potential customers will be searching for that could lead them to your business. Marketing experts will help you determine the keywords that would get a lot of hits, and help you design content around those keywords.

Don’t forget to use your employees as resources. Ask your customer service or sales teams to list common questions they receive from potential customers. Answer those questions on your website.

3. Hire professional writers and designers.

Hiring professional writers and designers is easier than ever before. Your marketing expert should be able to find someone to write share-worthy, snappy content. If not, look for a freelancer through websites such as Upwork. First, write a quick description of what kind of material is needed along with how much money you are willing to spend. Freelancers will send proposals to you. It’s that easy. Your website could have new, exciting copy and images in a matter of days.

4. Don’t ignore the images and videos.

Google “visual search” to learn what is up and coming in the world of content marketing. Visual search is allowing customers to find your website using an image rather than traditional text. For example, a woman admires a decorative piece in her friend’s home. She takes a photo of the piece to discover where she can find that same article for her own home. Visual searches are on the rise, and you need to be ready.

Websites with high-quality video contents also tend to receive more hits than sites without this type of content. Determine what kind of video content would draw customers into your website. Hire freelancers to make videos for you.

5. Write to your audience

Your customers are not part of your industry. Your website needs to reflect the language your customers would use rather than your competition would use. Avoid jargon. Write in clear, concise sentences. Use a lot of white spaces. Use subheadings to make content accessible to maneuver through and find.

Good luck in increasing traffic to your website. It doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive to obtain the hits you need to be competitive in your industry.


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