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Customer Success

I was recently ordering a lawnmower blade online.  I searched Google with my query and clicked on the result that most matched my search.  Once I got to the website, I saw that it had all kinds of parts for mower, weed eaters and other outdoor lawn equipment.

The website had some animation running at the top and a chat tab open at the bottom right with the words, "How can I help you?".  While I was searching for my specific blade,  it said it was out of stock.  While, I needed this blade as soon as possible, it was not available to ship.  So, I typed in the chat box, "do you know when this blade will be back in stock?".  I got an immediate answer.  I was excited to get an answer so quickly and was able to order the blade and get it this week.  I was also offered 15% off my purchase, so I was very pleased with that.

Being able to communicate with a customer service rep so quick, made the sale for this company.  Their website is most definitely user friendly, aesthetically appealing and there was a  rep able to immediately answer my questions.  That will more than likely make me a return customer,  When the online ordering process is made easy for customers like me, we return to spend more money.

I have been writing a lot about business lately and I will always want to share my personal experiences with you.  I am a consumer, I am a customer.  My money is green.  You want me as a customer.  What are you going to do to keep me as a customer?

When you are quick to respond and quick to offer a discount, that is a plus.  Your website design needs to be appealing to the customer and you need to have customer success.

This site even sent me a survey to be entered into a giveaway if I gave feedback on my purchase experience.   They kept in contact with me after the sale.  At the end of the survey, it asked if I wanted to receive emails for this company.  I said yes, because I had such a pleasant experieince.  There are not many companies email lists I am on because my inbox is flooded with spam like emails.  But I wanted to hear from this company.  Who knows, I may need another part.

If you have an online business, you need to integrate so many things in order to please and keep your customers.  The first sale is so very important, as it will lead to future sales.  When online businesses make it easy for me to order, I am a return customer.  When I can get someone to help me while I am on your website, that sticks in my head as a customer. Just as there are website I enjoy ordering from, there are ones that I absolutely will not.  It is because they did not value me as their customer. They did not have a way to easily communicate with me if I had a question or iI had to call a number to get a person that did not speak English.  That is a hard no for me.

What are your favorite online comapnies to order from and why?


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