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When you need a plumber, you need one quick.  You certainly do not want to wait days or weeks.  You call your local plumber and he says he/she is backed up for days. That is if they even answer!  What do you do?  You keep calling until you get the plumber that can be at your house to fix your problem the quickest.

Many larger home based service businesses have Pronexis lead management service in place.  If you go online and submit a contact form with your information, you are more than likely to hire that business if they communicate with you quickly and efficiently to get your problem solved.

I once had a HUGE issue with my septic tank.  I called a local person, they came out the next day, assessed what needed to e done, gave me a quote and said it would be two weeks.  WHAT?   Two weeks is TOO long to have a septic tank problem.  I then called Roto Rooter and told them what was going on and they had someone at my house within two hours.  They were very knowledgeable of my problem, they handled the call quickly and efficiently and got a trained professional to check out my issue and gave me a fair quote. The reason they were able to operate at such lightning speeds is because they have a great lead management system in place.

Lead management systems are crucial in any home based business.  Need your house painted?  That is something that is not as urgent as a plumbing or septic tank issue, but it's definitely something a lot of homeowners need to have done.  Do you want YOUR business to be the one that gets the final contract to paint a house?  You will need to have an excellent lead management system in place to ensure that you get that job.

Most house painters or plumbers are not home all day to answer calls or leads. I am all about hiring a local person, but if they cannot get to me for days, when my issue is immediate, it does me no good and I am moving on to a business that can help me quickly.  If I call Roto Rooter, I am going to get immediate results.  They have someone to take your information and get someone to your house or return a phone call quickly. Not only are they getting your business NOW, they will get your future business because you were able to talk to someone quickly and get your issue taken care of in a timely fashion.

In today's home based service businesses, the competition is fierce.  Do you go with a nationally known company or do you go with your local professional?  Depending upon. what type of service you may need, you are going to be more receptive to someone who calls you right away. That septic tank or plumbing cannot wait and the one that gets the job is the one who has the best leads.  that is more than likely going to be a company like Roto Rooter, because they are able to have a great lead management system in place.


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