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How you can make money at home

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Making money from home is no easy task, but if definitely can be done. There are quite a few ways to make money from home.  Whether you want to make a full time income or just a side hustle, there are ways to make money from home.

My reason for working for home is like quite a few other single Moms, the lack of affordable child care.  So, I can stay at home, make money and not have to pay for child care.

From this very blog, I make a decent income.  I work with many brand and the agencies that represent those brands in the form of sponsored posts. It can be here on the blog or any of my social media outlets.  Sometimes I am approached by the brands directly to do sponsored (paid) work.  Other times, I pitch my idea to a brand for paid work.

I am also a Virtual Assistant. I work with other companies or influences and help them with their online work.  It may be developing a story or a food or drink recipe.  They may need me to make  Facebook post for them, or another type of social media post.  They may need me to proofread or edit their post.  There is so much involved in being a Virtual Assistant (VA), you will have to work out those details with your clients.  Most VAs have more than one client.

I also see a lot of Mom sand Dads working at home with multi-level marketing type programs.  The two I know most about is LuLaRoe and Paparazzi.  LuLaLroe is clothing and Paparazzi sells jewelry.  Most make you buy a starter kit, sometimes as low as $99.  Prices vary with both MLMs and so does your profit margin.  I know many who have been successful in in doing this by having Facebook live videos and selling from there. There are also many Facebook groups you can join to buy both. You can sign up under a current seller of these items and make more of a profit margin.  I also know of a few that buy boutique clothing at wholesale prices and either have an online store through Shopify or Woo Commerce.

Before you start working from home, you will figure out exactly what it is you want to do.  Do you want to do something like LuLaRoe where you have an inventory or would you rather be a virtual assistant? Are you looking for a full time lucrative income or are you just looking to make a few dollars here and there? What are your interests and skills?  You might want to do a consult with someone who knows how to make money at home.

There are many ways to obtain an income while you work at home.  Whether you want to sell items to make a profit or offer a service that others value is something you need to think about.  You have to be able to put time aside if you really want to make an income.


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