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Paying for college

It is getting towards the end of the school year.  High school seniors will be wearing their caps and gowns and graduating soon.  I went to a high school academic awards ceremony just last night.  My daughter, who is a junior, received her award for first place in the regional literary competition. I was thrilled for her.  She will be a senior in high school next school year and I am excited and nervous.

She has said for the longest time that she wants to go to college to be a special education teacher.  Right now, she is taking college classes that she is able to get high school and college credits through the Dual Enrollment program at her school.  I do not know if it is available in most districts, but if it is, I highly recommend it.  Having these college credits before she even graduates high school is great.  All the classes are free and the books are free.  That is a win win situation.  I want her to take as many college classes while she is in high school.  The cost of college scares me.  I mean, it really scares me.

When I went to college, the amount of the Pell Grant I received covered my tuition, books and I had money left over that was given to me before the semester ended.  Nowadays, the Pell Grant does not even cover tuition.  The cost of tuition alone at the college my daughter hopes to attend over over $6,000 a semester.  That is not even counting fees or books.  That is not counting anything but tuition.

I do not want her to be saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans.  We have been looking at a lot of scholarships.  The first place we started looking for scholarships was at a local level.  Many civic organizations offer scholarships.  A young lady at the awards ceremony we attended received a one thousand scholarship from a local garden club.  A young man at this same ceremony received a five hundred scholarship from the local Young Farmers Association.  Those are examples of locally sourced scholarships.

I know it is going to be a financial struggle to pay for everything for college, so I have been researching fr a long time.  I have been researching different scholarships my daughter could apply for.  Melvin Brewing was one that came up in my research.

Most scholarships follow some sort of theme.  For instance, the Young Farmers Association scholarship was given to the person they best thought answered their essay question and the young man that won it was going to
study in a field related to agriculture.  The scholarships are out there.  Thousands of them, believe me, I have looked.  The student wishing to apply for the scholarship has to apply for it and follow the directions to submit an application to be considered.  And then you wait.  

Here in Georgia, we have a few "guaranteed" scholarships.  They are called HOPE and Zell Miller.  Right now, my daughter is aiming for the Zell Miller scholarship , since that is the only one that pays full tuition based on grades. 


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