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Personal Injury Attorneys

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We have all seen the bad commercials stating, "Call ME if you have been in an accident!", followed by a phone number you can easily remember(1-800-Call Bob). Well folks, that is a personal injury attorney.  Have you ever needed a personal injury attorney?  If you did, I bet you remembered that phone number.

A personal injury attorney is very important if you are involved in an accident.  They make sure your medical and hospital bills are paid and you might get some money for your pain and suffering, as well as any permanent injuries you may have.   When we think of personal injury, we all thing car accidents.  There are many types of personal injuries.  You could have slipped and fell in a store or business because of possible neglect.  Did you fall because the floor was wet and there were no wet floor signs visible?

Last year, a friend's daughter was involved in a horrific accident at a fair.  Her 10 year old daughter was paralyzed due to this accident.  Who was at fault?  Well, it surely was not the child, that has been determined.  Was it the fair?  Was it the owner of the ride that caused the paralysis?  Was it the company that manufactured the ride at this fair?  That is when you need a personal injury attorney.  He/she can find all of this out and bring your case before a judge and possibly a jury so that the hospital bills are paid and the family is compensated on behalf of the child for her life long injuries.

Finding a good personal injury attorney is very important.  You want an attorney who is going to do the research for your particular case.  You want a personal injury attorney who has you or your loved one's best interest at heart.

Usually, a personal injury attorney works on a contingency fee.  That means that they don't charge you a set fee.  They get a portion of the proceeds they win on your behalf.   Many states have set limits on what percentage an attorney can receive as a contingency based fee.  If an attorney is representing you and the percentage rate is thirty percent, then they get thirty percent of the proceeds that are awarded in your case.  Let's say you are awarded $100,00.  The personal injury attorney will get $30,000 as his contingency fee. That is 30%.

You can let the folks at KFB Law figure all of this out for you, if you choose them for your personal injury attorney. Many personal injury attorneys have practises in more than one state.  That is a common thing.  And it is usually a neighboring state. I love near the state line of South Carolina, so I see advertisements for attorneys that practice in both states.  That means that attorney has taken and passed the bar exam in both states.

When you need a personal injury attorney, please ddo you due diligence to find one that is going to help you.  Usually word of mouth is a good way to find a good personal injury attorney.


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