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Woodworking | A Lost Art

Although, I am not a DIY expert, I love watching the DIY shows on cable!   I love to watch them build houses, reclaim old barn wood, and build resort style pools!  A girl can dream!  This is most definitely my guilty pleasure.  One of my favorite shows to watch is Barnwood Bulders.  The show is about a group of guys that l take down old barns and use that wood to build something new.  It might be used to build a log cabin or it might be used  for another purpose.  Often, when they are rebuilding using the barn wood, there are pieces of lumber that are damaged or rotted and cannot be re purposed.  That is when they have to  get a piece of lumber or wood that is very similar to what they need.

That is when the fun begins to me.  It is amazing to watch somebody skillfully take a huge tree and make it into a piece of lumber that can be used when they rebuild.  They want it to look like the aged wood of the barn they took down.  These barns are very old.  They are usually 150-200 years old.  When they were building these barns years ago, they did not have the tools and machinery we have today.  So, making a reproduction of that takes a very high level skill set of woodworking. Perhaps they may use a tool from MemorialWoodWorking.com

Woodworking is a lost art.  Nowadays, woodworking is all done by high powered machinery.  Although that is an efficient way to build, I would much rather have that farm house table that your Grandpa might takes months to make is his shed because he doesn't use all these power tools.   I have a very good friend that cut down the trees on the land he owned, planed all that into lumber and used it to build a house and also used some of the wood for their floors.  It is truly a treasure to see something like that come to life.

 Living in the South, there are many beautiful homes being renovated and restored to their original aesthetic.  This is when you need an expert wood worker.  Those grand staircases are often missing the spindles or they are rotted.  You will have to get someone who knows what they are doing to make you an exact replica of that spindle.  The art of woodworking is often passed down from generation to generation.  And experts are becoming  more rare.

Another one of those DIY shows that are part of my DIY lineup is  Salvage Dogs.  They take down buildings or houses and use the materials to make other things or sell the items outright.  I know everyone loves the farm house aesthetic and I am definitely one of those people.  Seeing those old doors and windows brought to life as a coffee table or a decorative piece is truly amazing. 

I see so many farm house pieces in stores, but I think being able to up cycle or reuse an old piece of wood is way better.  What are your favorite DIY shows or projects?


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