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What do you do after you have bern in a serious accident?

What do you do after you have been in a serious accident?  An accident in your car, your workplace, at the hospital, or in a business could very well affect the rest of your life.  What is you are permanently scarred, lost a limb, suffered from broken bones, or even worse, DEATH  What do you do??  What does your family do?  The first call should be to Patrick A. Salvi II.

After you have sought medical attention, you should most definitely speak to an attorney who specializes in handling these types of claims.  You want an attorney who can handle all the ins and outs, who knows exactly what to do.  After all, you should be concentrated on healing and getting better, and let an experienced, reliable attorney do the legal work.

Many people are scared to call an attorney because they think it costs so much money, money they do not have.  Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency.  That means they get paid when they recover money for you.  So, your initial consultation and attorney fees are taken out of any settlement they get for you.

These monies from your settlement can be used to pay your medical bills, so you do not have to worry about those.   You should be paid for your pain and suffering and the right attorney can get you that money.  Make sure you or a family member make that call and gets an attorney on your case, as soon as possible.  There are so many things to keep up with and you may not be able to do so.  Or, you may not know how to. 

My daughter was involved in a car accident when she was 13 years old.  I just knew the insurance company was going to pay her medical bills.  She needed to see a specialist because she had broken bones, deep cuts on her fore head and many other scrapes and contusions all over her body.  Boy, was I surprised when the insurance company refused to pay for her much needed treatment. So, I enlisted an attorney and retained him to to represent myself and my daughter.

That was a huge burden off my shoulders.  My attorney advised me what to do and what not to do.  He also arranged  for my daughter to see the specialists she needed to see.  I was worried about who was going to pay for all of this.  I was worried about the unpaid time I had to take off work so I could care for my daughter.  My attorney gave me words of comfort and assured me all of this would be taken care of and I should not worry.

After I retained an attorney, all the phone calls from the insurance company stopped.  They HAD to talk to my attorney.  I felt harassed, all I wanted is for my daughter to be okay.

About 4 months after my daughter's accident, my attorney had been in contact with the attorneys for the insurance company and we had come to a settlement.  But, my daughter was a minor, how would she receive these monies?  How would the medical bills be paid?  Well, I was not worried.  I had an excellent reliable attorney representing me and he made sure everything was in order.  I was awarded an amount for my time off of work , her medical bills were paid and she has a nice bit of money in the bank that she could access when she turned 18.

That was most certainly the scariest time in my life.  I am so happy that I had an attorney that helped me with the ins and outs of the legalities of my case.  I am forever grateful to him.


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