The best experiences that vacationing families will love in Charleston SC

When planning your family vacation do not overlook Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is not only a historically vibrant city, but it is also a very fun family area. Today, we will go over some of the best experiences that vacationing families will love in Charleston. Beaches, museums, aquariums, the list could go on forever, but here are some of the highlights.

The Beaches
Being nestled up against the Atlantic Ocean means beaches. There are quite a few different beaches to explore after a day at the South Carolina Aquarium. Here your kids can take what they have learned and apply it in real life. Folly Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Charleston, while Kiawah Island beach is the least crowded. Families will enjoy hours playing in the sand and the surf. When hungry, beaches like Folly Beach have many little restaurants close by to refuel and re-energize.

Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry
Comprised of nine different areas, kids and families will love the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. Art, water play (yes, a rubber top is provided), fire truck, kids grocery shopping, a medieval castle, and pirates are just a few of the area's families can explore. They even have space for toddlers to play and have fun. Children ages three to ten, are sure to have hours of fun while learning. If you have a membership admission is free, if not you can expect to spend up to $12 for non-South Carolina visitors.

Fire Truck Museum
Kids naturally love firetrucks, so the Fire Truck Museum is sure to be a hit with your kids. With over 20 different firetrucks on display, kids will spend hours learning, as well as having fun. Something else that is great is all the vehicles can still run and fight fires just like when they were in their prime. With hands-on exhibits, kids will be thrilled to handle fire hoses, and you may even be able to get them to attend the theater too. Make sure that your family takes one of the tours, to learn the most about firefighters through the years.
Frankie’s Fun Park
At Frankie’s Fun Parks kids are sure to have a blast. With indoor and outdoor activities, this place is perfect in case the weather happens to change. Mini-golf, bumper boats, laser tag, and an arcade are just a few ways that families can have fun. Although entering Frankie’s Fun Park is free, each activity does have a separate price. Families love their time here because they can pick and choose their activities, and even grab a quick meal at Frankie’s Grill.

South Carolina Aquarium
The South Carolina Aquarium is sure to be a pleasure for all families. Children will be able to experience touch tanks, stingray feedings and learn about many North American species of wildlife. Crocodiles, alligators, sea turtles, sharks and beautiful fish are just a few of nature’s creations children will learn about. Families will also learn about native South Carolina habitats. When your children start to get antsy, the BricksALIVE section where families can see over twelve different animal statues built with over 250,000 LEGOs.
Fort Sumter National Monument
Older children will love visiting the exact location where the Civil War started. First, families will enjoy the quick boat ride to Fort Sumter. After that, families will enjoy the approximate two hour and fifteen minutes. Families will see cannons, and learn how the soldiers lived their lives back in the 1860’s.
See, Charleston, South Carolina is fun and exciting for families. Children of all ages will love all the activities that they can be included in. Check out Charleston real estate.
Have you been to Charleston? In your opinion, what are other experiences that vacationing families will love in Charleston? 


Coastal Hikes Worth Visiting America For

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Ask anyone that has ever laced up a pair of boots what makes hiking so worthwhile and they’ll all tell you it’s the view. That’s what makes every climb, every ache and pain, and every early start worth it a million times over, especially if that view is a cocktail of rugged coastlines, endless oceans, a white sand beaches, curious caves and the straight line of a horizon - and America has thousands of these in its outdoors coffers.

To remove the guesswork for you, we’ve pulled together a list of coastal hikes that will make your eyes fizz, your heart pound a few moments faster and your memory cling onto to these views like they’re set to vanish. Enjoy.

1. Ocean Path, Maine
If you’re ever in Stephen King territory and want to explore an easy but breathtaking hike, you need to hot-step it to the Acadia National Park and enjoy the waterside path between Sand Beach and Otter Cliffs. Tidal pools, coves, incredible rock formations, forests - this walk has it all. But the best bit of the bunch is the Thunder Hole, so pack a picnic and enjoy the growling noise this spot makes when waves crash into the shore.

2. Cape Perpetua, Oregon
For those wanting a more dramatic set of vistas and challenges, look no further than the Siuslaw National Forest, which boasts a network of trails along rough lava cliffs, over rocky coves and past collapsed caves, most of which have book-worthy names, like Thor’s Well, Spouting Horn and Cook’s Chasm. But it’s not just the coastal part that makes this staggering. It’s the journey inland too, through the dense web of trees that make this such a magical hike.

3. Myakka River, Florida
When you think of coastal walks in Florida, you probably imagine white beaches specked with brightly coloured - and barely-there - bikinis. But head book into the SpringHill Suites Tampa Westshore Airport and you will have most of Tampa Bay to explore and, trust us, this place is rich with parks and preserves. Of them all, though, our favorite has to be the Myakka River State Park, which is an enormous park found in Florida’s beautiful Sarasota and allows you to take a step back in time to “the real Florida.”

4. North Coast Route, Washington
What makes this part of Washington such a hit with accomplished hikers is the wild and wet Olympic National Park Wilderness Coast, which offers people more than 70 miles of amazingly rugged coastline. Of course, that much choice can be overwhelming, and doing it all can be too challenging, which is why we would point you toward the twenty-mile hike from Ozette to Rialto. Just be warned, this path can be tricky and you’re probably going to need to use a bunch of ladders and ropes to clamber over some of the rocks. But like we said, the views are more than worth the effort. From amazing wildlife to beautiful tide pools, this place has it all.

And there we have it, four coastal hikes that let you explore the different corners of America.


How to plan an Epic Grand Canyon Trip

The Grand Canyon is not only one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, but it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States with over 5 million visits per year. The Grand Canyon was also named the 17th National Park in 1919 by President Woodrow Wilson, making it one of the oldest national parks in the country. If any, or all, of these fun Grand Canyon facts have you ready to pack your bags, then I say start planning your visit now. Here are some tips on how to plan an epic Grand Canyon Trip that you won’t ever forget.  


Luxury train tours experience in India

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
-Gustav Flaubert
What is worthy traveling in India if not as sumptuous and majestic as a royal? Here, we bring to you the Luxury Train Tours of India – offering you with the utmost experience of luxury merged with style. Our tours vary from contour to contour, covering alluringly beautiful terrains amidst the country.
Following are  various packages that offer you the most aristocratic and imperial view of the country.
1. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
This tour covers the vast sands and deserted lands of Rajasthan. It focuses on taking you through the delectable expanse of the state and extravagant sightseeing! The tourist spots enlisted showcase distinctive monuments, forts and palaces with deep-rooted historical significance. Rajasthan is known for its rich culture and traditional civilization along with unique delicacies you absolutely cannot resist! Destinations sure are an add-on but the spiritual influence on the state is incomparable. This tour also covers the World Heritage Site of Taj Mahal by the end, counted India’s most beautiful possession.

2. Maharaja Express
Confused about your pick for experiencing the Golden Triangle? Maharaja Express is your place. The Golden travel Triangle - renowned for the triangular shape formed on the map of India – comprises of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. The Maharaja Express takes you through this Golden Triangle – ensuring you live the life of royalty when around and amidst the land of royals. It is one of our most applauded tours, for the adventurous safaris, it offers in the thick of Ranthambore and the vivid explorations of variant local cultures and precious remains.

3. Palace on Wheels
As the name suggests, Palace on Wheels prominently highlights the Palace of Love & Integrity: Taj Mahal. While traveling on with India’s first Luxury Tourist Train, you witness the regal fort palaces, the invincible City Palace of Jaipur, the joyous elephant rides and other vibrant elements symbolizing medieval past of the state.

4. Indian Sojourn – Deccan Odyssey
The journey of Indian Sojourn offers you variant amenities, on board and otherwise; encompassing of an enchanting tour of Vadodara, boat rides through Lake Pichola and so much more. It swipes you with its effulgent escapades and rich history.
5. The Indian Panorama
The route adopted by this express passes through the heart of this country, consequentially taking you through the antiquated and ancient epoch of India’s culture, architecture, other worldliness, and primacy. From experiencing the mesmerizing sunset view to the spiritual transition within you – this tour practically transports you to the era of the Nawabs of Awadh – witnessing the thrilling hospitality from our end.

6. Golden Chariot
Formerly known as the “Splendor of South”, this tour sums up to offer one of the most delightful and dazzling destinations of the South. Quite literally, the Golden Chariot chugs through the gardens of Bangalore onto Chennai, Puducherry and many destinations down further to Kerela, empathetically known as “God’s own Country”. You are bound to enjoy the most picturesque and eye-catching landscapes and backwaters – braiding and blending your soul onto the spirit and positivity of the Southern part of India
 Every journey commenced by the rail through India is magical as ever provided you are a keen and habitual traveler!

Luxe Travel, Minimal Budget: Can It Be Done?


The travel industry likes to suggest in their adverts and marketing that you can get all the benefits of a high-end luxury trip without paying full price for it. However, before you book your next break you need to ask the question, can luxury travel really be done on a minimal budget? Read on to find out more.

Yes - accommodation bookings

One way that you can indeed minimize the cost of your luxury vacation is to play the booking system. This can be done in a number of ways.

The first is to be aware of timings and how this affects prices. For example, booking very early (over 1 year in advance) often comes with huge discounts as travel agents are keen to get the first wave of rooms sold. Similarly, leaving your booking until just before you go can also mean you can save a considerable amount on the price. It also gives you the chance to save up money to pay the vacation off in full as well.

In addition, some providers market themselves as luxe but charge a lower rate, consult these for the 5-star treatment at a 3-star price. Something that you can further enhance the savings on if you don't mind not knowing where you will be staying until you arrive. 

Good discounts can often be found on luxe hotels.

No - prices don't fall below a certain amount

The thing is though, that luxe vacations no matter when you book them are very unlikely to fall under a certain limit. This is because providers know what they are worth and what their profit margins are. This means they won't discount so heavily that the will lose money.

They also know that there will nearly always be someone to fill that space, even if they do leave it until the last minute. Something that can also stop the prices falling super low too.

Yes - plane tickets

Air travel is a major and often the most costly part of a vacation, and many people choose to book this separately to their accommodation. Luckily, if you know the system, this is also an area that you can save large amounts on.

Firstly, make sure that you know when the airline that you want to travel with releases their tickets during the year. Plane tickets are often priced on a demand basis, so when they are first released, and there are lots the price is a lot lower.

Also, don't discount chartering a private jet for shorter journeys, as surprisingly they don't always cost as much as you'd think. Something that you can find more info about by clicking the link. Just remember to ask for the 75% discount on empty leg seats. Otherwise, the cost may seem totally out of your price range!

No - living costs will be the same

It is also worth bearing in mind, however, that luxe destinations are full of high-end restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. Something that means the cost of living when you get there will still be high. With that in mind, it can still be pricey to vacation in that area even if you do get discounts on flights and accommodation.

In conclusion, you can certainly travel for less than full price on a luxe vacation. However, you will still end up paying a significant amount, so you just need to work out whether it's worth it for the high-end experience. 


Kalu Yala: The World's Most Sustainable Modern Village

Have you ever been to Kalu Yala?  I have been reading a lot about it and I am considering it. Off-the-grid. Powered by the tropical sun. Meals from our food forest. Jungle orchestras. Sleeping hammocks. And a negative carbon footprint. This is not what you’re used to and that’s the idea. Currently accessible only by two miles of rough dirt road, our valley is located 50 minutes from downtown Panama City and 35 minutes from the international airport. On this tropical frontier, a settlement is being established with plans to grow into a thriving town.

At Kalu Yala,they are in the process of building the world's most sustainable modern village nestled in the Panamanian rain forest in an ecologically-responsible way. Within the Institute, programs take place in two venues: creating the town's foundation in Kalu Yala, and developing relationships in our neighboring town of San Miguel. All programs will participate in a outdoor valley-based seminar each Monday on the Foundations of Innovation, Creativity, and Sustainability, and many interdisciplinary and cultural programming with be offered. Many programs will collaborate with and learn from Panamanian contacts in various academic fields and esteemed institutions.

If you are truly interested in roughing it, Kalu Yala is for you!  That is the truth about Kalu Yala.   A lot of post-graduate students have gone and had great experiences. You study abroad in Panama.  If you check with your college or university, there is a strong possibility you can get credit for this. 

The only problems with Kalu Yala I see are there are more people applying, than actually get to go.  This is true with most programs like this.  So, have all your ducks in a row when you apply!  
As with any program, there is Kalu Yala criticism.  Kalu Yala has 99% positive review rate.  In my book, that is wonderful.   But, with Kalu Yala being a relatively new experience and new program, they are working out any kinks.

I think this would be an exciting adventure for anyone.  I have always wanted to live off-grid and experience the jungles of Panama. I think it would be a fun and definitely an educational experience.  When you are out there helping to build a town,you learn a lot about your self.  I think sometimes we do not travel for the benefit of seeing  beautiful scenery, we travel to find ourselves. The stunning scenery is an added bonus.

Bottom line, the truth about Kalu Yala is you have to check out sources to see if it is a fit for you.  You make the choice to go.  

Scratching that Travel Itch Without Going Broke

Close-up of Globe

 Travelling the world is something that is the dream of near enough everybody in the world, but so many miss out on this opportunity due to lack of funds, work commitments or a fear of change. However, the world is changing at such an alarming rate that more and more opportunities are becoming available every day.

 While in the past you needed to scrimp and save just to get away for a couple of weeks at most, now, you can travel and work at the same time. There are so many different options out there that it would be unfair to yourself to ignore these chances any longer.


 As the world becomes ever more interconnected, the chance to work remotely in another country is becoming more and more of a reality. This can be done through freelance work, such as writing or photography, but also continuing your career across the oceans.

 Applying for and achieving an online Masters in supply chain management is something that is desirable all over the world. And this is just one of the options available. Many companies on foreign shores are aching for an English speaking person with the right qualifications to help with their international divisions. Seeking these opportunities will provide you with the freedom to travel and keep the pennies rolling in.


 If you just want to give back to the world, the looking into volunteer opportunities is an excellent way of seeing the world and helping those less fortunate. There are charities and organisations that want and need your help to build schools, rescue animals and save the environment that you can apply for.

 This sort of thing will often provide free board and food and you can either stay for a couple of months or join the organisation full time and make a difference for as long as you want. Not only will you get the chance to experience different cultures, but you will also be able to help those who cannot help themselves, and this is one of the noblest things you can do.


 Another option is looking into a complete change in careers. If you are feeling worn out and bogged down in your current job, then researching alternatives to work abroad is something that might just be the antidote to your exhaustion.

 Many people opt to obtain a TEFL certificate that allows them to teach anywhere in the world. Countries such as Thailand and China typically offer a substantial stipend for your services and will even help with getting a working visa as well as providing a living allowance and help you find a place to stay.


 Taking any of these opportunities will give you the chance to scratch your travel itch while ensuring that your bank account remains healthy. It doesn’t even have to be a substantial shift in your lifestyle, and you don’t need to say goodbye to home for that long at all.

 The prospect of moving away and living in another part of the world can be scary but doing it while you can will allow you look back later in life and realise it was one of the best decisions you ever made

Travel Destinations for 2018

What are your travel destinations for 2018?  I have quite a few on my list.  I love to travel to new places, as wells as  travel back to destinations that have been adventurous tome.

Yellowstone National Park has been on my bucket list for years.  I am definitely marking that one off my list this year.  I actually watched a a television show about this couple building a house off the grid and their property was right next door to Yellowstone.  The views are stunning.  Mountains, geysers, wildlife, serenity, Yellowstone is a top destination of mine.  I am  going to make a point to talk to my travel agent about this.

I would definitely like to go back to New Orleans.  Mardi Gras will be in February and let's face it, the people in New Orleans know how to have party.  All the parades, great food, fantastic music and a beautiful and historical city make New Orleans a top travel destination.  I am in awe of the variety of food in New Orleans.  From Jambalaya to  Etouffee, I absolutely love New Orleans cuisine. 

I have always been intrigued about travelling to Spain.  With it's rich history, I know there is a ton of things to do.  I have always wanted to view the "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplana, Spain.  I want to be a spectator for sure.  I think the bright costumes and the fanfare makes for a daring exploration of this romantic city.  I love the people of Spain.  They treat tourists in such a hospitable manner and make you feel at home.  

I have always wanted to visit Australia.  The Sydney Opera house is beautiful in pictures, I can only imagine seeing this wonderful architecture in person.  Australia has thousands of miles of coastline and each area has a uniqueness about it.  A girl can dream about travelling to such a wonderful destination.

I think the most intriguing place I would like to travel to this year is Kalu Yala.  Kalu Yala is located in Panama and is only accessible by two miles of rough road.  It is about 50 miles from Panama City, Panama.   A settlement is being established  in hopes of building a thriving town.  Kalu Yala is a new village being built in a Panamanian river valley to bring together entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and modern day romantics. Here, we are re- imagining what’s possible from life and designing an optimized model of living to share with the world.

Tell me, what your travel plans for 2018?  What places would you like to visit?


Three Trending Destinations for 2018

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As the New Year fast approaches you’ll likely be thinking about your plans, dreams and goals for the future.  Of course, the first stop is Christmas, but after a week’s worth of turkey sandwiches, mulled wine, and family favourite movies your mind will likely drift down the path of setting a gear new year resolutions.  Along with the somewhat routine resolutions of losing weight, stopping smoking, making more money, and so on, a lot of people start to think about their travel plans, and in particular their bucket list; perhaps pinning their favourites on a brand new pinterest board to mark the start of a new year.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, then here are Three Trending Destinations for 2008.

Thailand remains a firm favourite amongst families, couples, backpackers, and solo travellers alike.  There’s still much unspoilt beauty in the tantalizing Kingdom of Thailand left to discover, particularly in the region of Krabi and Koh Lanta, but the undeveloped and rustic image that was so prevalent twenty years ago has since been replaced with neon lights, massage parlours, non-stop parties, and gridlocked congestion.  

One of the best ways to see Thailand, is on an organised tour, with a company like G Adventures as it will allow you to scratch beneath the commercial surface of popular places such as Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui whilst taking you on a journey to more remote parts of Thailand such as Pai and Udon Thani - that you might not otherwise discover.

Turkey has seen a rapid decline in tourism due to the perceived threat of terrorism and a potentially unstable political situation, however the majority of the country is an incredibly safe, calm and peaceful land of respect and culture.  Indeed, the Turkish people are some of the most sincerely hospitable people around.  

Istanbul is the clear capital of tourism and is famous for being one of the most interesting and culturally rich places for city break in the entire world.  Then, there are the mystical lands filled with natural “fairy chimneys” in the Cappadocia region - or hidden away seaside coves such as Olympos, just a couple of hours from Antalya.  

The greatest thing about Turkey, at the moment, is that due to the lull in tourism, you’ll get to experience a more authentic and traditional experience whilst reaping huge cost savings, particularly on hotels, as Turkey’s tourism infrastructure has always catered for package holidays - meaning there’s a huge supply of hotels with depleted demand; resulting in 4* Hotels costing as little as $10 per night.

Italy is an incredibly popular choice with travellers who are drawn from all over the world in search of fine wine, delicious food and beautiful scenery.  This enchanting region has marvellously mild weather, almost half of Italy’s artistic heritage, and traditional authentic people that make Tuscany feel so much more than a tourist destination.  When you enter Tuscany, you feel like you are part of the experience - you’re not an outsider looking in - you are one with this romantic and majestic land that will welcome you with open arms.

So, there we have it.  In 2018, Tantalising Thailand, Traditional Turkey, and Tasty Tuscany are all places you should consider putting on your travel bucket list.  What destinations will you be heading to in 2018?

5 Travel Hacks for You to Spend Less

  1. Use Credit Cards with Rewards
If you don't already have a travel rewards credit card then we recommend you get one.  Using a credit card that offers travel rewards will have you racking up points in no time. Depending on the card, the points can be used for savings on flights, hotel, and car rentals... and hey, you may even have enough to score a free flight! While using a credit card that offers rewards, the purchases you make can be on anything you please but some purchases receive more points than others. So, why not stack up on points to save if you'll be traveling soon anyways!
  1. Stay Out of Town
         While traveling to a major city with tourists bunking up in the lavish hotels in the center of town, we advise you go elsewhere. While booking your hotel, do some research on stays outside of the major city for a cheaper nightly rate.  Keep in mind that a town outside a major city can also be a much better experience as you can hang with the locals or explore even more from the outskirts. And staying away from the crowds of tourists can be more of a relaxing experience anyways.
  1. Flight Time Matters
It's no theory that travel times make a difference in airfare. Mid-day flights tend to always be more expensive compared to a red-eye or early morning flight time. The reasoning for this is simply because most travelers don't want to fly through the night or at the crack of dawn. Try to sacrifice the hours of sleep and book a late night or early morning flight. The plus side is the airports will be empty and you'll surely save on fares!
  1. Pay Attention to Email Promotions
We know your inbox is flooded daily with store promotions and deals that you simply don't care for. But, travel promotions are different! Flight, car, and hotel deals land in subscribers inboxes every day and we're sure you probably missed a few great travel deals. Here's our suggestion: create a separate email for travel promotions only or keep your inbox organized by creating folders where these messages will land in so you never miss a deal again! While you're scrambling for that holiday flight deal to NYC or wherever you plan to go, search your inbox to discover promotions you may have missed.
  1. Don't Be an Average Tourist
Tourists traveling to major cities around the world often plan an itinerary with the same places to see and do. Restaurants and shops around popular areas will be much more expensive compared to a restaurant right outside of town. Be different–explore the local neighborhoods, experience a variety cultures, and learn something new. You're guaranteed to save on food, shopping and be exposed to something new!

What are some of the hacks you have to spend less when you travel?

Reasons Why Australia Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

One place on my travel bucket list is Australia.  I have longed to visit Australia ever since I was a child. I have reasons I want to visit.  Here are a few! 

The Sydney Opera House is a  beautiful piece of architecture. It opened in 1973 and is located in New South Wales, Australia.It is an iconic landmark. 

Visit the Outback.  I want to see the rocks, the kangaroos and all of the wildlife.  Being able to to visit this land and see all of its beauty would be an amazing adventure.

Australia has 65 wine regions.  Australia AND Wine, this is my kind of trip! Australia has over 100 grape varieties that go into making wine,  I am sure I could tour a few wineries and gets some great samples along the way.

Since Australia is an island, there is miles and miles of coastline and beautiful beaches.  I have seen some beautiful  pictures that take my breath away.

The Great Barrier Reef is another reason I want to visit the island of Australia. The Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, is the largest living thing on Earth, and even visible from outer space. The 2,300km-long ecosystem comprises thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands made of over 600 types of hard and soft coral. It's home to countless species of colorful fish, mollusks and starfish, plus turtles, dolphins and sharks. I think this would be a wonderful experience to see.  I live on the East coast of the United States and I love it. I can only imagine being able to live or visit the Great Barrier Reef.  

There are so many places to visit in Australia, and I love the land and culture I do know about.  Australia will remain on my bucket list.

One place I would love to visit is The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. The Wheeler Centre is Melbourne’s home for smart, passionate and entertaining public talks on every topic. 

Across 230+ events each year, and a unique collection of videos, podcasts and original writing, you’ll find some of our finest local and international writers and thinkers sharing their expertise, their imaginations and their ideas. Here is a little about the Wheeler Centre.

Like many great stories, their's began with a blank sheet of paper and an ambitious idea;  an idea that was born from the observation that while every great city has its grand cultural institutions – art galleries, theatres, museums and concert halls – there was a place for a unique institution that would provide a hub for the discussion, debate and practice of writing and ideas. Such a cultural centre would enhance and consolidate our city’s reputation as a world leader in this arena.
From inception, the idea grew with the passion, belief and support of the Victorian State Government, gaining unstoppable momentum. In 2008, Melbourne was designated a UNESCO City of Literature, and this heralded the establishment of the Centre of Books, Writing and Ideas – a vibrant new hub for a diverse range of literary- and ideas-based organisations and activities. The aim: to provide a home and important focal point for the conversations that matter to Victoria, and indeed, Australia. As the Centre itself took its physical shape within a newly renovated and dedicated wing of the State Library of Victoria, our position was secured ahead of the official opening with the commitment of our patrons, Maureen and Tony Wheeler of Lonely Planet. From that day, the Centre of Books, Writing and Ideas became the Wheeler Centre.

They want everyone to participate, in whichever way suits them: over eighty percent of our events are free and our digital publishing arm produces original video and audio of our events, plus original writing, whereby seventy percent of the events become available online – reaching regional, national and international audiences.There’s nothing we’re not interested in: Our events foster conversations on a broad range of topics, including literature, art, social responsibility, politics, ethics, copyright, urban planning, sports, Indigenous storytelling and public affairs. Make sure to check out Andrew Charlton.

Let me know in the comments if you have visited Australia or plan to visit.



It's the official start of fall and the harbinger of shorter days, making it one of the best times of year to go outside.

Hipcamp []—a startup that creates new places to stay in nature by unlocking access to beautiful private lands such as nature preserves, farms, and ranches. Aside from their cool interactive map, Hipcamp has hand-picked a few unique nature stays in America's top 5 leaf-viewing regions:


 Shiitake Mushroom Camp: New York
A pristine stream, a working mushroom farm, and fall leaves.

 Sanctuary in the Woods: New York
Choose a cozy teepee or a double-bed platform.

 Beechwood Cabin Tent
Sleep in a protected enclosure with a tin roof and canvas tent.

 Earthseed: Smoky Mt. Sanctuary
Enjoy a 12-foot-high tent and a babbling creek.

 Adirondack Little Star: New York
Elevated camping in a covered cabin!

 Adirondack Glamping: New York
Peep the leaves from the opening in this sturdy and comfortable tent.

Crow Creek Farm: North Carolina
Enjoy a breakfast of fresh eggs from the farm’s chickens.

 Apple Orchard Tent Camping: North Carolina
Camp on a grassy knoll overlooking gorgeous yellow leaves.

 Onion River Campground: Vermont
In the fall, these green mountains dazzle in shades of yellow and orange.

 Hidden Meadow Tent Site: Vermont
Wander over a bridge to your own private campsite.


I absolutely love the fall foliage.  What are your favorite campgrounds to see the fall foliage?
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