My 1 in 50

April is Autism Awareness Month and tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day. I feel like I ought to say something profound. Truth is, I live with autism every day. It is "normal" to me. The CDC says the numbers are 1in 50 school age kids now. So, maybe it will be "normal" to you soon too. Those of you who have met my son know that he is not a statistic. He is a CHILD. Zachary is a beautiful little boy who happens to be autistic. He is funny and sweet and has overcome more in the past few years than most people do in a lifetime. He doesn't speak very well, but he communicates in very creative ways. He struggles every day to do things such as eat a meal, grip a pencil, and brush his hair. But, he never gives up. And he has taught me more than I will ever teach him. Tomorrow is just another day for us--we try to make the world aware every day. Next step? Acceptance.

Here is Zachary today:

This picture was taken before I even had a clue what autism was:

Please bring awareness to autism. This is my 1 in 50!