Cinco de Mayo Favorites

I received all of the products mentioned in this post.

Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo?  I have some wonderful wines and spirits to tell you about!

The national spirit of Oaxaca, Mexico: mezcal. Mezcal is known to be a “smokey” agave spirit, usually turning people off from the idea, but I am here to tell you that Zignum Mezcal could not be further away from those debilitating expectations!

A name with Zapoteca roots, Zignum means “The Tip of the Spear.” As of today, Zignum maintains its status as one of the leading mezcals in Mexico, in Mexican duty free, and the most awarded mezcal in the world. It is also the first and only MÉTODO VERDE™ (green method) mezcal, made by shredding raw agave hearts and then steaming the fibers and nectar, creating a mezcal with a clean agave flavor that is smooth and easy to drink.

It’s 3 expressions; Joven, Reposado, and Añejo are perfect for any Cinco de Mayo festivities. They are best served neat, with a slice of orange sprinkled with sal de gusano, or mixed into any of your favorite cocktails.

Zignum is meant to exude nothing but Mexican pride and luxury; so look no further for your Cinco de Mayo beverage of choice!

BxSxT Vodka is a 100% craft spirit perfected in a once abandoned laundromat-turned-distillery, based in Eugene, OR (Wolf Spirit Distillery). Its self-taught distiller, Ben Green, considers BxSxT his greatest labor of love. The vodka itself has a manifesto meant to encourage “individualism” and the “maker culture.

Dixie Southern Vodka is based in Charleston, South Carolina, Dixie Southern Vodka is an independent, American-made craft spirit with roots in the New South renaissance. It is the largest premium craft vodka brand produced in the Southeast; the largest spirit brand produced in the state of SC; and won a 2019 Growth Brands “Rising Star” Award from Beverage Dynamics magazine for its rapid growth.

BeatBox Beverages known as “The World’s Tastiest Portable Party Punch™,” the white-wine based Party Punch comes in Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade, Blue Razzberry and Fresh Watermelon. Low calorie, low-sugar, and gluten free, it is 11.1% ABV. Additionally, the 3 founders received a $1M investment from mark Cuban via Shark in 2014; this was the biggest investment the show had ever made at the time.

You have so many choices to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Please drink responsibly!


Get Creative With Zephyr Kinetic Plasticine Dough For Kids

The nice people from Zephyr provided me with this product to review.

Zephyr Plasticine is a unique kind of play dough.  It's lightweight and extremely resilient.  It's soft enough to mold easily so you can use your imagination to create masterpieces.  Stretch it and build large objects with no need to worry about it collapsing under its own weight.

It will even float in water, so why not build yourself a boat?  Or even a whole fleet of ships?  It will hold its form.   

This is a kid friendly product that is completely safe for the environment.  It is recommended for use in kindergartens and daycares where kids are encouraged to be creative and use their imagination.  It is hypoallergenic with antiseptic in the composition and they used food coloring for the dye.  Of course, even though it is non-toxic and kid friendly, it still should not be eaten, so it is recommended for children 3 and older.

Zephyr is made with Non-Newtonian fluid, making it able to change its properties depending on how fast and rough or how slow and gentle you are when you play with it.  If you are rough with it, it will become hard, but if you are gentle it will be soft, pliable, fluffy, flexible and stretchable.  If you quickly and roughly form it into a ball, it will hold its shape while you bounce it.  It won't fly apart or lose its shape from the impact.  But if you are slow and gentle, you will be able to stretch it and easily shape it into anything you choose.

Another cool thing about Zephyr is that you can bake it and then paint it using your acrylic paints.  If you build something that you are super proud of and want to keep forever, pop it in the oven and bake it.  Then paint it in the colors that you like! 
Kids love it because it is fun, but Moms will love it because it never crumbles and doesn't leave those tiny pieces behind like other brands.  I usually hate giving my kids this type of thing to play with simply because it makes such a mess and is hard to clean up.  But you don't have that problem with Zephyr!  My kids played with it for hours and when they were done there was not a single crumb of it anywhere! 

  Zephyr is available in several different colors, as well as neon glitter and glow in the dark.  My kids think it is so cool to build a figure, turn off the lights and see it actually glowing in the dark.  

Zephyr is a great toy and I highly recommend it.  My children love it and I must admit that even I find it strangely relaxing to squish it in my hands and to build things with.  Check out their videos on YouTube HERE and HERE to see how much fun kids have playing with this stuff!  You can purchase Zephyr on Amazon or Walmart.  The suggested retail price ranges from $2.49-$36 depending on the size and type that you buy.


Last Minute Easter Gifts

I received these products to review.

I received three adorable dolls made by Corolle (Babibunny, Sweet Heart Pink and Sweet Heart Toffee Pink).  Each doll is 12 inches tall, the perfect size to be cuddled and cradled in a young child's arms.  They are designed and styled in France.  They feature the signature vanilla scented vinyl hands and face.  Each doll has a sewn in label where you can fill in your child's name (or your own as the parent) and phone number.  This gives a greater chance of the doll being returned if it is ever lost. 
This is the Corolle Mon Doudou Babibunny two in one Musical Baby Doll and Nightlight.  She is named Floral Bloom.  Her soft design and music makes her perfect for even babies, and the nightlight will give comfort in the night.  If she gets dirty, the battery casing can be removed so you can throw her into the washing machine on gentle cycle.  You can purchase Floral Bloom on Amazon for $39.97.

This is the Corolle Mon Premier Poupon Sweet Heart Pink Baby Doll.  The hat with the bunny ears can be pulled off of her head, but it is firmly attached to the back of her neck so you don't have to worry about it getting lost.  Her sewn on pajamas are made of a variety of materials and textures to encourage and stimulate emerging senses.  She has fixed blue eyes and is suitable for ages 9 months and up, and she would be an excellent choice for a first birthday gift.  You can purchase her on Amazon for $29.29.  

This is the Corolle Mon Premier Poupon Sweet Heart Toffee Pink Baby, Doll.  Like the Sweet Heart Pink doll, the hat with the bunny ears can be pulled off of her head, but it is firmly attached to the back of the neck to prevent it from getting lost.  She also wears sewn on pajamas that are made of a variety of materials and textures and is suitable for ages 9 months and up.  This doll has fixed brown eyes instead of blue.  You can purchase her on Amazon for $19.99.    

Next we have three products from Faber-Castell.  They are the Rainbow Sandland, Rainbow Fluffy Paint and the Magic Bean Garden.

This is Creativity For Kids Rainbow Sandland.  It comes with everything you need to make a beautiful layered sandscape.  You get the clear window frame curved container, 5 vibrant colors of sand, glitter, a wooden design tool, stickers, funnel, craft glue, mini unicorn figurine and a fitted cap piece to glue in place above your sand layers.  This will hold the sand in place so your design will remain in place and it will prevent the sand from leaking out.  Combine the glitter with the colored sand and layer the colors in the container.  Use the design tool to create intricate patterns that are unique to your imagination.  Finish off your design using the unicorn figure and the stickers.  Once you have finished your sand art masterpiece, avoid shaking or tipping it.  Even with the cap in place, the sand can still shift and you may lose your intricate patterns that you made with the design tool.  So proudly display it on a shelf or table top without tipping it.  It is recommended for ages 6 to 96.  You can purchase it on Amazon for $15.99.    

This is Rainbow Fluffy Paint.  With a 3D whipped texture, it's like painting with fluffy frosting.  You can mix, layer and design in dimension with this fluffy paint.  This set includes 5 different colors of fluffy paint in pouches, drawing and mixing tool, texture card, stencil, black papers and white papers.  Everything is allergen free and comes in a snap case box with a handle for carrying.  Use the texture card to create patterns and the stencil to make 3D dots.  use the tools to smear and scratch to make a stunning drawing or blend the paints together to form a rainbow.  Use your imagination with your are, that's the funnest part.  The paint dries quickly and will hold the 3D effects.  Recommended for ages 6 and up.  You can purchase this on the Faber-Castell website for $17.99.   

I saved this one for last because it is so incredibly cool!  It's the Magic Bean Garden.  What makes it so cool is that when your plant grows, it will have words or images on it!

You get everything you need to grow your own magic beans.  You even get supplies to decorate the planter.  Included in the box is a planter, colored garden stones, potting mix, 5 colors of paint, a paint brush and three double sided magic message beans.  

First, you paint your planter using your paints.  Make sure you spread newspapers over the table surface before you begin and have some water and paper towels handy in case you spill.  These acrylics paints will not wash away once it is dry, so clean up any spills immediately while it is still wet.  Wear old clothing or an apron because if you get it on your clothes, it will not wash out.  Stir your paint thoroughly before using it because it can separate over time.  If it seems too thick, add a drop or two of water and mix it in.  Make sure you thoroughly rinse out your brush and dry it each time you switch colors, and also when you are finished painting.  You can use your imagination and paint your planter any way you want to.  You can come up with your own design, or look at the package for design ideas.  Let the planter dry completely before moving on to the next stage.

While your planter is drying, take a look at your beans.  Each bean has a word on one side and a symbol on the other.  When the plants grow from these beans, those words and symbols will magically appear on the plant.  

Once your planter is completely dry, fill it with the potting mix.  Then plant your beans. 

Sprinkle your garden stones over the top and add a little water.  Then set it aside and wait for the beans to sprout!

Once your plants start growing, make sure you water them regularly.  But don't give them too much water.  Ask your parents for help if you are not sure how much water to give them.  They will also need sunlight, so place it on or near a windowsill where the sun shines in.

Examine your plants.  You will see that the words and symbols that were on the beans have magically appeared on your plants!  Isn't that cool?  

The Magic Bean Garden set is recommended for ages 5 to 95.  Older children can do this on their own, but younger ones will need their parents' help.  You can purchase this on the Faber-Castell website for $14.99.  

Win these speakers from Harman


Harman has graciously given (5) Harman Kardon Allure speakers and (5) JBL Soundgear speakers for a giveaway! All you have to do is follow the instructions on the giveaway box below to enter!
**Majenica Writes is not responsible for mailing prizes to winners. Winners name and address will be provided to Harman to mail prizes. All entries will be verified. Contest starts 4/19/2019 at NOON EST and will end on 4/30/2019 at NOON EST.


Let Dad Chill

I am an avid fan of all things Coca Cola.  I think this Bluetooth Speaker Coca Cola Refrigerator is one of the coolest things I have seen.  It's a fridge, it's a bluetooth speaker and it works in your home or in your car!  Dad can upgrade his man cave with this cool fridge with a speaker. 

I know all Dads would love this gift.  The fridge keeps 6 cans of your favorite beverage cold for your drinking pleasure.  This is another one of those great unique gifts from Hammacher Schlemmer.  

This is the Coca-Cola cooler with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. As a mini-refrigerator, it holds up to six classic 12 oz. cans and cools its contents to 32º F. The unit’s integrated Bluetooth speaker pairs with a device up to 33' away and plays your preferred soda-pop imbibing song. With a self-locking recessed door handle, sliding removable shelf, and classic red and white paint job with “Coca-Cola” and “Ice Cold” across its front. Ideal for an office, man-cave, or road trip, it plugs into standard AC as well as a vehicle’s DC outlet. 10 3/4" H x 9 1/2" D x 7 1/4" W. (4 1/2 lbs.)