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Plastic Surgery

Have you ever had plastic surgery?  I have and it is not what you think!  There are many reasons to have plastic surgery.  Unfortunately, mine was to close a wound. A wound made to remove a cancerous mass on my back. Yeah, that was no fun at all.  But, it was necessary.  I had what is called a wide excision.  And I mean wide.  I must say I was quite shocked when I woke up to find such a large wound.  But, when all was healed I was glad a I had such a skilled plastic surgeon.   Had he not been able to close the wound with my own skin using the flap technique, I would have had to have skin grafts.

There are many reasons to have plastic surgery.  Sometimes it is medically necessary, like in my case.  Other times men and women elect to have plastic surgery.

Many men and women elect to have a procedure called rhinoplasty.  If you hate the way your nose looks and want it fixed, rhinoplastyis the surgery you will get.  It is better known as a "nose job".  We all know a celebrity or two that has had a nose job.

Plastic surgeons offer more than just surgery, too.  Many offer injections and other non invasive procedures to enhance your looks. That is usually done to smooth out those wrinkles and fine lines on your face. If you want your lips to be fuller and plumper, you would see a plastic surgeon.  Based on your budget and what you want your final look to be for your lips, you can chose to have lip implants or a filler put in them. Lip implants require an invasive surgery and the lip filler can be done on your lunch hour.

Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery offers many procedures.  If you have elected to get a procedure it is very important that you and your doctor know exactly what you want so you can get the results you desire.  A consultation is a must.   Being able to fully understand and trust your plastic is key to a positive outcome.  You must give your doctor all of your medical history.  As in any other surgical procedure, there is a risk.  But, your doctor or surgeon knowing your medical history reduces that risk greatly.

As we age, many of us are electing to have different procedures done that we want to enhance our looks and slow down that clock.  In my life, I have that sagging skin on my neck and face.  I would love to have a procedure done to make that less noticeable.  I joked with my plastic surgeon when I had the cancer removed and told him I wished I had a couple of procedures done while he had me under anesthesia.

You want the best results and the least amount of scarring when you have plastic surgery.  That is why it is so important that you do your research before electing to have a procedure.  I can say, now that my wound is over two years old, I have a very fine line on my back  that is hardly visible. You also have to do your part, too.  You have to clean your wound exactly as the doctor tells you to yield the best results.


Exterior Home Improvements

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When you talk about home improvement, do not forget the exterior. We often think of kitchen or bathroom remodels to improve the appearance of our home interior, but the exterior needs love, too.

Exterior improvements help boost your home's value and curb appeal. A new roof, whether it be a shingle roof or a metal roof will definitely bring those buyers in, if you are trying to sell.  It will also boost your home's value.  I must admit, I am a huge fan of a metal roof.  I love the sound of rain on a metal roof, not to mention that a metal roof lasts a lot longer.

What about a porch or deck? You can add some wow factor to your house by adding a deck. Decks and Docks Lumber Company offers everything you need to build that awesome deck you have dreamt of for years. When you have a deck, you have more living space.  There is nothing like having your morning coffee while sitting on your deck or enjoying a meal.  The possibilities are endless.  Adding some livable outdoor space is so appealing.

I think my favorite area of exterior improvements is landscaping.  There are so many things you can do to make your exterior look aesthetically appealing.  Trees, flowers, bushes shrubs are a few that come to mind.  If you live in an area where big rocks or stones are available, this make a great way to add value to your landscaping project.  You can even have a vegetable garden in your backyard!

Another great exterior project is a pool or hot tub.  These bring added value to your home and is a great source of entertainment for the whole family. There are so many choices at so many price points, this type of exterior improvement is easy to do.  And, wouldn't you love a cool in ground pool and a hot tub?  I know I would. Those two items are on my bucket list.

Another one of my dreams to go along with the pool and hot tub is an outdoor kitchen.  Everyone loves to entertain outside and having that kitchen outdoors is so convenient.  No more running in and out the door to cook and serve your guests!

There are some simple and inexpensive ways to show off your home's exterior.  Add some planters at your front door.  This can take an entryway from blah to wow with very little investment.  A simple wreath can add flair to your front door. Adding simple or elegant wall sconces bring an ambiance to your home and can be done relatively inexpensively.  Another inexpensive way to add to your homes exterior is a simple idea.  paint your front door a contrasting color to add a pop of color to your home.

There are so many ways to improve the appearance of your home's exterior.  Whether it be a budget savvy project or one that involves more expensive materials, it is always a great way to increase the value of your home.  You can find so many ideas simply by searching on Pinterest.

What’s Your Favorite Treat?

Chocolate, gummies, caramels, mints, gum – there are so many types of delicious treats available. But have you ever wondered how all of these different types of candy end up on store shelves?
The NationalConfectioners Association (NCA), which represents more than 550 confectionery companies, is currently hosting the Sweets & Snacks Expo where many of these products get their start.

The Sweets & Snacks Expo has four acres of products from the confectionery and snack industries and features more than 800 candy and snack companies displaying thousands of new innovations and traditional favorites. It’s the first time representatives from your favorite stores have the chance to see all these tasty treats and decide what will appear on their store shelves.
Many chocolate and candy companies will also debut products that give treat lovers more information, options and support to make informed choices about how they treat. This wave of innovation is thanks in part to the Always A Treat Initiative, a voluntary commitment made by America’s leading chocolate and candy companies to Partnership for a Healthier America to help people manage their sugar intake.
These companies are committed to tangible changes, including smaller pack sizes and clearer calorie labels. You’ll see these changes hit your local stores over the coming months.
The Always A Treat Initiative is also designed to show people how chocolate and candy can be part of a happy, balanced lifestyle.
Learn more about the Always A Treat Initiative by following #AlwaysATreat or by visiting Learn what’s in store for the future of treating by giving the NCA’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram a follow as well.
What’s your favorite treat? Share your favorite in the comments or on social media with the hashtag #AlwaysATreat!

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Buy Dad the Coolest Gift This Father's Day

What are you buy Dad for Father's day?  I have a great suggestion and it is from one of my favorite companies, Hammacher Schlemmer!

How about this cool Bluetooth Speaker Coca-Cola Refrigerator?

Perfect for that man cave, tailgating, or his office.  The bluetooth pairs with any device up to 33' away and this fridge can be plugged into any AC outlet , as well as your car's DC outlet!  It's a mini fridge that holds six 12 ounce cans of his favorite beverage and keeps it a cool 32 degrees.  As always, this cool gift is backed by Hammacher Schlemmer's lifetime guarantee.

If your Dad is cool, buy him this.  If he is not, buy him this and he will be cool  and have the COOLEST gift you could ever buy for him this Father's Day.

Buy this Bluetooth Speaker Coca-Cola Refrigerator!

Thanks to Hammacher Schlemmer for providing this product for our Father's Day Gift Guide.