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Mealthy Multipot Giveaway

Reviewz & Newz is thrilled to bring you this giveaway for  a Mealthy MultiPot!  Please enter the Gleam below for your chance to win! 

. All opinions are my own and Amazon affiliate links are present in this post. Feeding the family is a fact of life. And, sometimes the dinner hour arrives and you haven't a clue what to make quickly. There's only so many nights of pasta or tacos that one can take. This is where having the right tools in your kitchen can make dinner easier to pull together. One such tool is a pressure cooker. While they have been around for ages, the programmable electric pressure cookers make it simple to implement for many people.

What is the Mealthy Multipot?

Built to anticipate your every cooking need, the MultiPot cooker features 9 cooking functions in one appliance. Pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, bake cakes (!!), and much more, all at the touch of a button and all in one pot. Get your meals cooked and on the table up to 70% faster when using one of the 14 pressure cooking preset programs.

Using the Mealthy Multipot

Super simple, especially if you take a few minutes to read the quick start guide! After washing everything that touches your food, the manufacturer recommends doing a quick steam to ensure it is all working well. Once plugged in, the Mealthy Multipot will emit an audible tone when the lid is locked or opened. You'll look for the red button to pop UP indicating pressure has built. When it is done, you release the pressure and wait for that same red indicator to fall before opening the lid.

Purchase the Mealthy Multipot

The everyday price of the Mealthy MultiPot on Amazon, which comes with extra accessories is $99.95. You can also head over to and get the same package for $94.95 with two-day free shipping.  

My Thoughts on the Mealthy Multipot

So far, I am impressed. Since the guys left me on my own, I have not gone to town making all the things with it. But, even just making rice was so easy in the Mealthy Multipot. Also, clean up is a breeze when done right away. One thing I will note is that something which takes a short time to cook on the stove may not net you a faster cooking time in the Mealthy Multipot. It takes a little while to bring the device up to pressure. And it is when pressure is reached that it starts counting down the cooking time. Something I truly appreciate is that they include a spare silicone gasket in the box. I've had a gasket fail when cooking and not had a backup in the house. The steamer basket with trivet is meant to provide the means to cook 2 dishes at once. I haven't tried this out yet, but love the idea. The Mealthy app has several ideas for you. For those that need to see things in action, many of the recipes include a video to show you how to do it. What I am eager to do is teach the teens to use this device. Unlike our stovetop pressure cookers, there is less watching required. Considering how easy it is for the guys to get distracted while cooking, this is a huge benefit. One thing I am wanting to try when everyone is back here is hard-boiled eggs. The boys balk at making them in boiling water and I hope this new method of cooking will be embraced. Hard-boiled eggs for everyone!! In the meantime, I'll enjoy some taco bowls this week with the rice I made.

Win a Mealthy Multipot!!

One lucky reader with a US address will win their own Mealthy Multipot. Entries are accepted via the Gleam form below through July 23, 2018. The winner will have 24 hours after email notification to claim their prize. Mealthy Multipot  

Homeland Security: Looking After Your Property While On Vacation

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While the summer months is the best opportunity to get on vacation, and perhaps celebrate your birthday, or the fact that you actually have two minutes to yourself, you may have a few worries back home. Did you secure everything properly? Looking after our home when we've gone away for a week or so can be done, but what are the best ways to do it?
Be A Good Neighbor
Being a good neighbor has many benefits, namely in this situation, you can ask them to keep an eye on your home. Nowadays, we don't always have a productive relationship with neighbors, but if you are one of the lucky people who have friendly neighbors and don't get out much, you can ask them to keep an eye out for any signs out of the ordinary.
Get Secure
Most people have a security system of some sort but if you don't, one of the best ways to keep your home secure is one of the more modern systems that you can access from your tablet. Because you can set up a mini security system that displays 24-hour imagery on your tablet, you can see what's going on at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. If you can't afford something like this, another simple way would be to install timers on your electronics.
Don't Show The Signs
Timers on your electronics are one of the great ways to show that there is someone “at home”. A house that is dark at night for a week is one of the most obvious signs that someone has gone away, but also, you don't want to just leave the lights on all day and all night. In addition to timers, you can redirect your mail, especially if you're going away for a lengthy period of time. You don't want people to catch wind of the fact that mail has built up, leaving your home unguarded. The image you need to present is the same one as if you were staying there normally. For example, do you leave the blinds open during the day? If you do, and then you suddenly close them before you head away, this will be a red flag to a burglar.
Don't Post Everything On Social Media
This depends on how secure your social media accounts are. It's very tempting to post loads of images on Instagram or Facebook, but if you are a member of groups where so many people can access your page, such as neighborhood groups, you don't know who is watching. The best plan of action is to wait until you return from your vacation before posting at all of those pictures of you, drink in hand.
Making sure that your home is secure when you're away on vacation could be a very stressful thing to get right, especially if you've gone away and that nagging doubt of if you locked one of the doors is looming large in your mind. But looking after your home doesn't have to be a chore.

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Have an adventure in Savannah

I absolutely love exploring my favorite city, Savannah.  So much art, history, music and so much more! 
Turn Savannah into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure. Combine the excitement of the Amazing Race with a three-hour city tour. Guided from any smart phone, teams make their way among well known and overlooked gems of the city, solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history. Play anytime during daylight hours. Start when you want and play at your pace. Great Family Fun. Save 20%- Only $39.20 for a team of 2-5 people after Promotion Code: FGBLOG. Sign up online at


Tips to land that college scholarship

Going to college can be very costly.You have so many expenses related to college; books, tuition, fees,  and so much more.  Even if you qualify for grants, that does not always cover the necessities.  You should seek out scholarships to have defer some of these costs.  I am going to give you some tips for finding scholarships.

Before you start applying for scholarships, you must have some things in order.  Your high school and/or college transcript.  And, I must say, most scholarships are offered to those with good grades.   Make sure you have done some volunteer work, so you can list that on your application for a scholarship. A lot of scholarships are based on financial need,.  Make sure you read the directions carefully before applying.  Always be ready to write an essay,because most scholarships ask for that.   There are quite a few scholarships based entirely on your grades , what your major is, or even a single question for the essay part!

If you are in high school,you should talk to your counselor. They have a plethora of information on scholarships.  Set up a meeting and take diligent notes.  Most scholarships require that you have a recommendation from a teacher or someone in the school system.   I know the high school counselor at my child's school send s out weekly emails with information about scholarships.

The financial aid office at the college you want to attend would be by next stop.  That financial aid person WANTS you to get in THEIR college, so they are willing to really give you individual help to help find the funds for you to attend.  There are tons of scholarships in that office.  Make that appointment to discuss as soon as possible.

Check with the company that you parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles work for.  Many companies and corporations offer scholarships to their employees families. Start asking now!

Many local and civic organization offer scholarships.  I know my local telephone company is a "cooperative" and they offer scholarships to students whose parents or grandparents are customers.  My local electric company is the same way.  My local Lions Club also offers a scholarship each year to a student living within their local district.

Let Google search be your friend.  Simply google "scholarships" and I know there are many results.  Also, remember you can apply for and get many scholarships!  Don't be afraid to apply for any scholarship for which you think you qualify.

What tips do you have for getting a scholarship?


TownleyGirl Incredibles 2 GIVEAWAY

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