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The Benefits of a Modern SUV

Some people have been put off driving an SUV because they fear the vehicle’s size and driver’s relatively high sitting position will make it too difficult for them to handle. Other have feared extra cost and gas mileage difference as chief reasons to steer clear. These things may have been true in the past, but the modern SUV has evolved into something of a different animal altogether. Today we want to share the many advantages that the modern SUV offers the driver in 2020.
1. Increased agility
Thanks to improvements in steering, as well as numerous drive modes and the already-established all-wheel drive technology in many SUVs, driving these larger vehicles has never been easier, nor more enjoyable. The SUV has become an aerodynamic and athletic machine that rivals even the sleekest sports cars.

2. Utility and space
Whether its ample room in the back, which grows even further when you lay down the second row of seats, of the frequently seen under-floor storage, the SUV is hard to beat when it comes to cargo space. You can load up the entire family, the luggage and even the dog with enough room left for everyone to sit comfortably. This makes the SUV the perfect partner for those with busy family lives.

3. Comfort
Far from the rugged, function-over-fashion SUVs of yore, the modern SUV is plush, comfortable and loaded with gadgetry and wizardry of the modern age. You can get soft leather trim, huge touchscreen displays, multi-zone climate control, heated seats and steering wheel --- the comfort list goes on.

4. Strength and safety
Though the lines have been softened and athleticized, the typical modern SUV is still far stronger than the typical sedan or hatchback. Should you run into any trouble, the tough frame and advanced features will do more to keep you safe than just about anything else on the road today.

5. More choice than ever
Finally, the SUV market has never been richer. You can go for full-size SUVs, or compact ones, crossovers and other unique styles. They come in an array of colors, trims and powertrain specifications all designed to suit the individual family’s needs. It’s a veritable smorgasbord out there!

Shake off your old notions about what an SUV is. Technology is constantly improving, and automakers are applying it industriously to their popular SUV models, making them more accessible, even more durable and more desirable than ever before. Why not visit your local dealership and find out what other advantages an SUV could bring to your life.


Why Everyone Loves a Honda

Honda, the Japanese brand synonymous with quality, dependability and innovation. It’s no secret that Honda has enjoyed considerable success in the US and worldwide. As it turns out, drivers are more concerned with quality and standards rather than simply sticking with a local brand. So, what is the secret to Honda’s success? It seems there are several key factors that make Hondas a consumer favorite.
Factor 1 --- Reliability
Over the years, Honda has accrued many accolades to prove the strength of their track record. In 2019 their cars were awarded top-pick prizes by US News and World Report, Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, the prestigious Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and others. Every year they accrue prizes owing to their commitment to building cars that last; that’ll never let you down and keep going even in the worst conditions.

Factor 2 --- Parts and Materials
Though Honda’s are not in luxury bracket, the company ethos spares no expense for durable, high-quality parts, from the dashboard materials to the seatbelt buckles; the engine valves to the taillights. Every part of the machine is considered and intricately produced --- mostly in the US, too. Honda invests in quality, and is rewarded by driver loyalty.

Factor 3 --- Tech features
Honda’s self-produced driver assistance and safety package is known as the Honda Sensing® Suite. It includes some of the most cutting-edge and impressive ADAS technology on the market today, including Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) which applies the brakes when it determines that an unavoidable collision is imminent. There’s also adaptive cruise control, road/lane departure features and camera-based traffic sign recognition. In short, the Honda is your ideal ally during any road journey. Better yet, these technologies are now more widely applied and available to Honda models everywhere.

Factor 4 --- Affordability
Despite everything --- the high-end parts, the technology, and the fact that this machine will run like new seemingly forever, the price tag attached to it will still surprise you. Honda remains among the more affordable brands, giving you luxury features without the luxury sticker price.

When you put these things together, it’s not hard to see why Honda is so popular. What’s more, they are, excepting for a few key parts, manufactured right here in the US. It’s an attractive thing when you can “buy American” buy also “buying Japanese.” Check out our homepage to learn how a new Honda or Honda lease will enhance your driving life.


SUV or Pickup – Which One is for You?

Anyone out there looking for a size upgrade in their vehicle will typically think of an SUV or a pickup truck as possible options. The question inevitably is, which one will best suit your needs? Both SUVs and pickups have many advantages, and also lots of things in common. Their size, utility, fuel consumption and insurance costs may be comparable, but there are also key differences that buyers should consider carefully before making a final decision.

The Case for the SUV
First, let’s address what situations would suit choosing a new SUV as the family car. It’s hard to deny that the SUV is, for many, the pure aesthetic choice. Though modern pickup designs have gone far in boosting the truck’s image, it’s still hard to compare a pickup with a stunning Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk with its sporty lines, glittering alloys and sumptuous interior packed with features. So, what kind of buyer should favor the SUV?

l  Those looking for more flexible seating options --- an SUV may come with the all-important third row, but in general offers flexible and all-comfortable seating arrangements for the entire family as a standard feature.
l  Those looking for best balance of utility and comfort --- an SUV will give you more-than adequate cargo space for groceries, kids’ school stuff, sports gear and whatnot, but also tremendous passenger and driver space and comfort.

The Case for the Pickup
When it comes to pickup trucks, you often think of power and utility. Even though pickups have been greatly upgraded and rebranded in recent years, they have never lost these two essential qualities. They may still not be able to match the extent of luxury that many SUVs offer, but they are closing the gap. Not only have interiors been greatly improved, but many useful driver assistance features and tech features are also now included. What kind of buyer is destined to opt for the pickup?

l  Those who still, after everything, prioritize utility before comfort --- anyone in need of regular space to move goods or tools will always prefer the space that the rear bed of the pickup offers.
l  Those who use their vehicle for professional activities --- for those working construction, contracting or similar jobs that takes them off-road, the power of the pickup is what they prefer. What’s more, they still have the option of a double cabin with extra seating should they need it.

In the end, both SUVs and pickups have numerous benefits to the driver. This certainly isn’t a case of one being better than another. If you’re thinking of making an upgrade yourself, then you should think about your own driving needs carefully being signing up for either a new SUV or pickup truck.


2020 Dodge Charger

Dodge --- it’s a true American brand; legendary and awe-inspiring all in one. For years now, drivers in the US and around the world have been in love with the power, aesthetic appeal and sheer wonder of the Dodge Charger, the fastest and most powerful mass-produced sedan in the world. What tidings does the new year and the new decade bring for the Dodge Charger? In this article, we will find out.
The 2020 Dodge Charger is, first and foremost, true to its heritage of the American muscle car. With its beast-like supercharged 6.2L Hemi® SRT Hellcat V8 engine, the Charger will deliver a class-beating 707hp and a whopping 650lb-ft of torque. This car takes “fierce” to all new heights. You can also opt either for paddle shifters or an electronic T-shifter for the hyper-efficient and accurate 8-speed automatic transmission. Any way you look at it, the 2020 Charger is pure power on wheels. You can even go for optimal all-wheel drive which offers extra traction to those in harsher conditions.

The exterior gives you the same impressive, bold, powerful and distinctive lines and imposing front design. From the wide-set black front grille to the sporty air intakes below, one little look at your Dodge Charger is enough to know that you and this car mean business. The iconic hood scoop, which some assume is for looks alone, is actually what gives the charger its efficient air flow, keeping the engine cooler even at its top speeds.

Despite the tough exterior, you may discover that the interior of the Dodge Charger is surprisingly soft and stylish, while losing nothing of the brand’s edgy and distinct allure. What’s more, the power and performance features of the car are easy to manage and control thanks to the well-designed control interface. From here, you can easily switch between performance steering modes depending on where you’re driving, or simply access your favorite media and apps through Uconnect. Finally, drivers can enjoy the plush sensation of leather trim like the Sepia Laguna leather or Nappa leather. Your Charger, your rules.

As we get deeper into 2020, you should ask yourself if you deserve to drive true American greatness. In our view, you absolutely do. To that end, and for all the reasons given above, we are proud to offer you the 2020 Dodge Charger.