How SEO Can Help Grow Your Business

Everyone knows the world of eCommerce is a competitive place. As a consumer, you’ve
shopped around for the best price, best customer reviews, and more, all on a site that appears
creditable. On the flip side, this is exactly how people will interact with your business. This is
why SEO is so important for companies of all sizes. Factors like visibility and credibility directly
impact how your rank in Google search queries. If you haven’t implemented SEO, you’re
missing out on what your competitors are using to grow. The last thing you want is to become a
ghost in your industry – your business exists, but your target audiences aren’t able to see you.
Here are a few ways in which SEO can create positive changes for your business website.

1. Fosters Increase in Keyword Ranking
To rank higher and convert more users, you’ll need to take a look at your keywords. These
are relevant words and phrases in your industry that buyers use when searching for
products and/or services. Say you own a bed and breakfast in Charleston, South Carolina
and want to increase your visibility to more visitors to the area will book with you.
Keywords will help you do this! Optimizing your website’s pages to include relevant
keywords, like “bed and breakfast Charleston SC” will impact your rankings. Note that
seeing higher rankings with Charleston SEO doesn’t happen overnight – SEO best practices
are continuously updating, so it’s a not a sprint, but more of a marathon.

2. Helps Capitalize on Local Search
How many times have you searched for restaurants or coffee shops near you? You can take
advantage of this search trend with local SEO. This method focuses on specific towns, cities,
or regions that are relevant to your brand. This would be ideal for your Charleston bed and
breakfast, as local SEO will help guide more users to your site. You can improve local SEO via
user reviews, having guests review your establishment on review sites (like TripAdvisor),
creating a community on social media, and more.

3. Enhances User Experience
User experience is critical to your ranking. Google will only show the best sites on the first
page, and for good reason. Have you ever clicked into a site and it was incredibly outdated
and buttons didn’t function correctly on mobile? Google notices these things and pushes
these sites farther back in search queries. SEO is important to user experience because of
keywords. When information is clearly stated and easily found on your site, users are
satisfied. When that information includes your keywords, Google picks up on it and can
more easily display that data to users asking questions. Say a user asks, “Are there bed and
breakfasts in Charleston SC?”. With an optimized, mobile-friendly site with easy to find
information, your business has a better chance of getting closer to that coveted first page.

Share these classic games with your kids

I received these classic games from Goliath Games and I am thrilled to review them!  These are classic games that I remember playing as a child, but they have been updated with fun new designs that are perfect for kids.  They are perfect additions to the family game collection for family game night.

Mastermind for Kids is a challenging game of logic and deduction.  Kids get to test their code cracking prowess as the try to find the secret code.  There are three levels of play, so kids can learn and grow with the game.  Mastermind is a great strategy game, it's one of the world's most popular games ever!  It's easy to learn, fast to play, and it's different every time.  The Code maker sets a secret code, then the Code breaker tries to match the code using logic, deduction and a little bit of luck.  After each move, the Code maker gives clues to the Code breaker.  With lots of possible code combinations, every game is guaranteed to be a brainteaser.  The winner will be a true Mastermind!

Mastermind For Kids comes with a plastic game base with a Rocky Mountain tray, 72 adorable jungle animals in 6 colors, 12 red scoring pegs and complete instructions.  All of the game pieces can be stored in the game board.  This is a 2 player game that is recommended for ages 6 and up.  It can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, Kohl's, Barnes & Noble and KMart.

Mancala is thousands of years old, tracing its lineage to ancient Egypt.  Legend has it that workers played the game during rest periods while building the pyramids.  But the game is great for modern times as well.  It has gained new popularity as one of the world's most intriguing and clever two player games.

Mancala For Kids is a special kids edition that replaces gemstones with cute plastic animals.  To start the game, you place all of the animals in the pockets of the board.  When it's your turn, choose a pocket and scoop up all the animals in it, them drop them back into the pockets one by one as you circle the board.  The object is to collect the most animals by the end of the game and there are just a few easy rules you need to follow.

The game comes with one high quality, solid wood hinged playing board, 48 colorful animal playing pieces and complete instructions.  All of the pieces are stored inside the game board, which folds up for easy storage.  This is a 2 player game that is recommended for ages 6 and up.  It can be purchased at Amazon, Walmart and KMart.

The object of Sequence For Kids is to be the first player to make a sequence of four same color chips in a row using only your own chips.  Play a card from your hand and place your chip on a corresponding character on the board.  When you have four in a row, you win!  Use a Unicorn card to place your chip anywhere you want.  You can remove one of your opponent's chips by using a Dragon card.  This game can go back and forth so quickly that you never know who will win until someone does!

Sequence For Kids comes with a folding game board, 42 playing cards, playing chips (21 red, 21 yellow, 21 blue and 21 green) and instructions.  This is a 2-4 player game and is recommended for ages 3-6.  It can be purchase from Amazon.

Your kids will love these classic games, and you will love introducing them to them.  So if you're looking for new additions to your family game night, consider giving these a try!

The perfect sleeper for your baby

I was recently given these sleepers by ZippyJamz for this review.  If you have an infant or toddler still in diapers, you're going to love these!  ZippyJamz makes dressing your baby, and changing diapers, super quick and oh so convenient!  ZippyJamz are available in several different colors and prints for both boys and girls.  They have a retail price of $29.99 and you can purchase them on Amazon.

If you have a baby, you know how frustrating it can be to get your baby out of a sleeper to change a diaper.  Especially when it's the middle of the night.  You're sure to wake your sleeping baby trying to get the sleeper off so you can change the diaper, not to mention the fact that you practically have to strip the baby naked to do it.  Most sleepers have one zipper that runs from the neckline down to the knee area of one leg.  When you unzip it to change a diaper, you expose the baby's chest and stomach to the cold air.

ZippJamz has a patent pending design that combines two zippers in one sleeper.  The first zipper goes along the front like a traditional sleeper, making dressing your baby quick and easy.  The second zipper is placed along the inseam, making diaper changes easy, effortless and convenient.  You won't have to expose your baby's chest and stomach to cold air because you will leave that zipper closed.  You'll use the second zipper to easily change a diaper.

The zippers are fully lined, so they won't pinch or irritate your baby's skin.  They are easy to zip and unzip, even if your baby is rolling around, kicking or trying to crawl away.  The simple design means there are no snaps and no cold air drafts can reach your baby's chest and stomach.  Size NB and 0-3M have fold over mitts to prevent your baby from scratching himself.  And size 0-3M to 18-24M have grippy non slip soles for kicking, crawling and walking.  Each ZippyJamz is made of Premium GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Cotton that is so soft, gentle, natural and breathable.  Once you try ZippyJamz, you're never going to want to go back to regular sleepers again!