The Tiger's Apprentice

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Based on the popular children’s book series by Laurence Yep, THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE is an authentic coming-of-age tale with mystical characters, laugh-out-loud comedy, and pulse-pounding action. Perfect for the entire family to enjoy, the film features vibrant animation and a star-studded voice cast including Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, Bowen Yang, Greta Lee, Brandon Soo Hoo, and more.

THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE follows Chinese-American teenager Tom Lee (Brandon Soo Hoo), whose life changes forever when he discovers he is part of a long lineage of magical protectors known as the Guardians. With guidance from a mythical tiger named Hu (Henry Golding) and the other Zodiac animal warriors, Tom trains to take on an evil force (Michelle Yeoh) that threatens humanity.

Fans who purchase the film on Digital* or DVD will have access to four behind-the-scenes featurettes with cast and crew:
  • The Power of the 12
  • The Tiger’s Troupe: The Epic Cast
  • From Apprentice to Hero
  • The Magic of Chinatown

THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE is rated PG for action/violence, thematic elements, some language and suggestive references. The film originally debuted on Paramount+.

Get your own backyard water slide this summer

 The weather is getting warmer and kids are ready to play outside.  We are so excited to announce our partnership with Whubefy with their  Whubefy Double Dip Inflatable Water Slide Park – 14.5 x 12.7 x 7.5 FT Heavy-Duty for Backyard Fun with Giant Splash Pool, 2 Slides, Climbing & 2 Water Cannon – 520W Blower & 2 Water Squirters Included.

This slide sets up in MINUTES! Turn on the blower and attach the included water hose and you are ready for hours of fun, right in your own backyard. No need to spend time and money at water parks this summer, you will have one in your backyard!

  Picture this: You're scrolling through Amazon, searching for the perfect addition to your summer shenanigans. Suddenly, you stumble upon it—a backyard water slide that promises hours of wet and wild fun. With a few clicks and a sense of anticipation, you hit "add to cart" and eagerly await its arrival. Fast forward a few days, and there it is on your doorstep, packaged in a box brimming with excitement. Let the backyard escapades begin!

Unboxing an Amazon purchase is always a thrill, but unboxing a backyard water slide? That's a whole new level of excitement. As you tear open the packaging, you can practically hear the sounds of summer beckoning you outside. Piece by piece, you assemble your newfound treasure, following the instructions with the precision of a seasoned DIY enthusiast (or at least attempting to).

With the slide finally assembled and the garden hose at the ready, it's time to put your purchase to the test. As you turn on the water and watch it cascade down the surface of the slide, you feel a rush of anticipation. Will it live up to the hype? There's only one way to find out.

With a running start and a whoop of excitement, you take the plunge. The cool water rushes past you as you hurtle down the slide, your heart racing with exhilaration. For a moment, you're weightless, suspended in mid-air, before gravity takes hold and you splash into the pool below. Success!

But the fun is just getting started. As friends and family gather to join in the festivities, the backyard transforms into a water-soaked wonderland. From daring dives to belly-flop contests, there's no shortage of laughter and adventure. Even the family dog gets in on the action, chasing after water droplets with boundless enthusiasm.

As the day stretches on and the sun dips low on the horizon, you can't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. Sure, you could have spent your summer lounging indoors, but where's the fun in that? Thanks to your trusty backyard water slide, you've turned an ordinary day into an unforgettable adventure—one that will be talked about for summers to come.

As you bid farewell to your guests and begin to tidy up the backyard, you can't help but marvel at the magic of online shopping. Who knew that a few clicks could lead to so much joy and laughter? As you pack away your newfound treasure, you know that this won't be the last time you venture into the world of Amazon adventures. After all, with a backyard water slide at your disposal, every day is a day worth celebrating.

So here's to summer days filled with laughter, sunshine, and the endless possibilities that come from a simple cardboard box on your doorstep. Who knows what adventures await? With Amazon as your guide, the sky's the limit.


Ordinary Angels and a $50 Fandango Gift card

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In the heartwarming film ORDINARY ANGELS, Sharon Steves (portrayed by Hilary Swank), a determined hairdresser from a quaint Kentucky town, finds herself at a crossroads. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Ed Schmitt (played by Alan Ritchson), a widowed father struggling to provide for his two daughters. As fate would have it, Sharon's encounter with Ed ignites a newfound purpose within her. Motivated by the dire need for a liver transplant for Ed's youngest daughter, Sharon embarks on a mission to support the family in any way she can. This extraordinary journey unravels a tale of unwavering faith, everyday miracles, and the extraordinary kindness of ordinary angels.

Ordinary Angels opens on February 23rd

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Give the Gift of Prayer

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Give the gift of Prayer this Holiday Season! Let's spread the word about the chance to have prayers said on your behalf while lighting a candle in the Holy Land. What a beautiful and meaningful gift to give this year, your loved ones can send in their own prayers to be said and lit with a candle in the Holy Sepulcher.

We invite you to be a part of Sepulchre Candles’ mission to pray for God’s blessing on mankind and to share the truth and love of Christ.

Every day candles are lit in this holy place which symbolizes Christ’s resurrection from the grave. Each candle is lit with a prayer for a person in need of God’s blessing. Each candle symbolizes the light of Jesus in our world.

Believers and nonbelievers all visit this holy site looking for truth. Let them see the truth of believers around the world putting their hope in Jesus as they look around at a room full of candles representing their faith. This monumental place is truly a witness to the world!


Light a Candle - (this is the experience you got)

7 Day Prayer candle:

Light a candle and have it returned to you in an olive wood box:



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Ready for a new movie to see during the Holidays? We've got you covered! Make sure to grab your tickets NOW!

From A24 Films comes the true story of the inseparable Von Erich brothers, who made history in the intensely competitive world of professional wrestling in the early 1980s. Through tragedy and triumph, under the shadow of their domineering father and coach, the brothers seek larger-than-life immortality on the biggest stage in sports. 

The Iron Claw stars Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson, Maura Tierney, Stanley Simons, Holt McCallany, and Lily James. Rated R. 

Grab your tickets for The Iron Claw opening in theaters on December 22, 2023. 

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