How to keep up with your busy schedule

We teamed up with Bloggin' Mamas and Calroo to spread the word about this great new family friendly app.  I love being able to share my schedule with my family.  The ease of assigning tasks makes it easier on all!

  The Calroo app is free to download, and everybody gets a free trial month of Calroo Pro. The iOS app is live on the Appstore, and an Android app is in the works — you can sign up for a beta today. (Unlike other family calendar apps, even the free version of Calroo is completely ad-free) Featured in Forbes, Inc. and Huffington Post, Calroo makes it easy to coordinate a busy family schedule. Create shared calendar events, assign tasks to family members with a simple swipe, and manage shopping lists. Is coordinating your family schedule a hassle? Do you wish it were easier to assign tasks and calendar appointments to your spouse or children? Do you use several apps, emails, texting and paper to keep track of events, tasks and shopping lists? Do you dream of having one central place where you could see, plan and manage all your family’s activities? Then Calroo is perfect for you!
Calroo is the only app you need to keep your family organized and in-sync. It combines a calendar, a to-do list, shopping lists, and messaging into a single app. That way your family can keep in touch with life becomes hectic between extra-curricular activities, meetings and business trips for Dad, book club and Mom's night out for mom. It's so easy to use and perfect for the whole family to keep track of everyone's schedule so activities don't overlap and create family issues. Imagine how easy your life will be with Calroo:
  • You know exactly who is doing what, with a color-coded family calendar that shows who is participating in each event or task
  • You get reminder alerts for events and tasks you need to do – so that nothing slips through the cracks
  • If you’re are stuck in traffic, you can hand off an appointment or task to your spouse or family member with a simple swipe
  • Your grocery, shopping and packing lists are instantly shared and synced with your family members’ phones
  • You can exchange messages and photos with you family members – so that you can be the engaged parent you always wanted to be

Calroo makes it easy to coordinate a busy family schedule. Create shared calendar events, set up reminders, assign tasks to family members, and manage shopping lists – all in one easy-to-use app. Save time, reduce stress, and transform your family into a happy and helpful team. Here are the great features that are available on Calroo Pro:
  • Ask family members for help with a simple swipe, or by clicking on the “Ask for help” button. Get an explicit confirmation that they accepted the handoff. Rest easy knowing that Johnny will get picked up from soccer practice.
  • Control what your family members see on Calroo. Grant “limited access” to some of your family members like nanny, babysitter or grandparent. They only see the events or tasks that you want them to see on your family calendar.
  • Keep private events private – like a surprise birthday party for your spouse.
  • Your Google calendar will continue synching with your Calroo calendar in real-time. If any events get added, deleted or edited on your Google calendar, you will see those changes instantly reflected on Calroo.
When you sign up for Calroo, you and your family automatically get a free 30-day trial of Calroo Pro. After the trial, you and your family can continue enjoying Calroo Pro for just $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year*. Or you can keep getting it for free by referring new customers. For every new person you refer, you get an extra month of Calroo Pro for free, and so do they. If you do not upgrade or refer, your app will switch to the free version after 30 days. All your events, tasks and lists will still be there, and you can still use the free features. Reduce stress, save time, get more help, and become the organized and engaged parent you always wanted to be. Try Calroo today! Connect with Calroo Website | Download via Itunes | Sign Up for Android | Facebook | Pinterest

 Now for the Giveaway! One winner will receive a Calroo Prize Pack which includes: $100 Gift Card to your favorite Restaurant $30 Bath and Body Works Gift Card $20 Calroo App TOTAL PRIZE VALUE $150
Open to US Residents 18+ Void where Prohibited Only one entrant per household/IP Address Giveaway begins 6/21/2017 at 4pm Eastern Giveaway ends 7/5/2017 at 11:59pm

Eastern Disclosure: We have teamed up with Calroo and Bloggin' Mamas for this giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are those of our own. If you have any questions, please contact

No Bake Tiramisu Cups

Momma Lew recently met Loacker at the Sweets & Snacks Expo and created these delicious No Bake Tiramisu Cups using Loacker wafers! Get her recipe here. Loacker is offering one lucky reader a prize pack full of an assortment of their delicious products. One winner per household, email address, or home address. If you have won this prize on another blog you are ineligible to win again. Winner must have a U.S.-based address to receive the prize. Giveaway will end on 7/5/2017 at 11:59p. To enter, follow the giveaway tools below. Good luck! capture

How To Look Classically Cool In The Heat Of The Summer

Summer is a joy for fashion lovers. The thick coats and practical boots have been banished to the back of the closet and your summer dresses and tops have been retrieved and dusted off. No longer do you have to hide your lovely outfits under a thick coat, your carefully put together attire is on show for everyone to see. There is only one problem and that is the heat! Summer clothes must look amazing and be able to keep you cool as temperatures soar. A red, flustered complexion is not a good look and is one to be avoided if at all possible. Here are some tips for looking classically elegant and cool on the hottest summer days whether you are at a sophisticated garden party or on the beach with your family.
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Keep colors light

Light colors are always a good idea when the sun comes out. Wearing light colors including pastels, creams and whites reflects the heat away from your body instead of absorbing it. Alfred Dunner dresses look incredibly chic and stylish on all figures. The designs give you the ultimate combination of quality and comfort and you can choose from a huge range of colors and fabrics to suit your style and budget.

Select fabrics with some structure

Soft and floaty silks and satins seem like the perfect choice for a hot summer evening but could end up being a mistake. These fabrics stay in close contact with your skin which is fine if your skin is smooth and dry. However, on a hot summer evening, your skin could become very sticky and the fabric will adhere to your skin. This ruins the flow of the garment and will make you even hotter and stickier! Instead, stick to garments that have some structure to them and which can absorb the sweat from your skin without sticking to you.

Natural fibers will work with your body

Select fabrics that will work with your body to dispel moisture (this will cool you down) and to allow air to circulate near your skin. Natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are very good at doing this so select clothes that are cotton-rich. Buy a range of items that you can mix and match and combine cotton tops with linen pants for a floaty, sophisticated feel.

Avoid skin-tight styles

This is the season when ‘light and flowing’ wins over ‘skin-tight’. Lightweight denim in pale colours and white can look great in the summer but you should select a loose-fitting style. This gives your skin room to breathe. Air can circulate across the surface of your skin and cool you down. If you block off this natural heat-loss mechanism with a skin-tight pair of jeans you will prevent your body from cooling down and will get a lot hotter than you have to.

With a clever combination of styles, colours, and fabrics you can look classically elegant and keep cool all summer.

Fun with Water Wubble

This is a sponsored post for Water Wubble.  All opinions are my own.
What looks like a bubble, but makes a big splash? WATER WUBBLE! 

If you are looking to get your kids out of the house and into some FUN, then Water Wubble is for you and your family!  You can play in your backyard or pool or even at the beach!  This is a new take on a water balloon and much more fun since these are reusable!  Hours of fun in the sun this summer!
Fill Water Wubble from a faucet, with a hose, or just dunk it under water. Because no spigot is necessary, it makes a great pool toy and the perfect take-along to the beach! Water Wubble can be thrown again and again. You can also use it like a water pistol! Just squish it in your hands and spray water all over someone!  Your kids will have a blast with Water Wubble!  Ready to purchase Water Wubble?  CLICK HERE and ORDER NOW! 

Water Wubble water balloon balls seal themselves, so fingers never fumble to tie them. There's no clean up, because they splash, but don't pop. And best of all, Water Wubbles can be filled and refilled hundreds and hundreds of times – and to almost any size the user desires! 
Your kids will have a blast with these and I am sure the adults will get in on the fun, too.  Having family outdoors and having fun this summer is a must in my household.  
Water Wubble comes with eight ballons, four red and four blue! What are you waiting for?  Order you Water Wubble now and have some fun this summer! 
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