BookSwag Bags Giveaway

BookSwag Bags Giveaway!

Two of my favorite things coming together in one giveaway, JEWELRY and BOOKS!!

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BookSwag Bags Giveaway Oct 22 - Nov 22

Do you love books?  How about jewelry?  What about jewelry based on books? BookSwag Bags offers beautiful, custom jewelry based on books!  Pieces that can become collectors items to readers and authors alike!  In addition to all of that, she offers stunning jewelry packs that will bolster your day-to-day collection in a fun and whimsical way!  Be sure to visit BookSwag Bags to find out about her latest designs, newest giveaway adventures and so much more!

How would you like to win an assortment of jewelry from BookSwag Bags?  If you would like a chance to win, enter with the Giveaway Tool below.  If you have won a BookSwag Bags giveaway anytime from another blog in the last 12 months, you are not eligible to win this giveaway.  The giveaway will run from October 22  through November 22, 2014 at 11 PM CST and is open to US residents, ages 18 and older.  Entries will be verified.  Winners will be notified via email (consider adding gloriouslygreengal@gmail.com to your safe list) – winner will have 48 hours to respond and claim prize or another winner will be selected.

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Purex Crystals FLASH Giveaway

I absolutely LOVE Purex Crystals!  It makes your laundy smell so fresh.  One lucky reader will win!

I was so pleased to receive this item for a review! I love my Laundry to smell amazing and as well be clean. I received the Well Being scent and it smells like amazing orchids and that smell lasts for weeks! Simply put it in your washer along with your detergeant for a fresh scent everytime!
This bottle of Purex Laundry Enhancer, 55 oz helps your laundry smell clean and fresh. Pour the Purex Fabric Softener Crystals directly into the drum with your laundry at the beginning of each wash cycle to infuse your fabrics with freshness. Purex crystal softener, lavender blossom is good for 62 loads. The long-lasting freshness of Purex Laundry Enhancer, 55 oz is suitable for getting rid of heavy odors in towels and active wear. These Purex fabric softener crystals are safe for children’s sleepwear and safe for all laundry machines, including HE washers.
Purex Complete Crystals Lavender Blossom Laundry Enhancer, 55 oz:
Sixty-two loads
Works great for towels and active wear
Safe for children’s sleepwear
Long-lasting freshness
Safe for all machines; HE compatible

Mmm made my towels so fluffy and refreshing!
The mini crystals smell amazing!

 Want a coupon for a free Purex Crystals of your own?!

Enter Now and good Luck!
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#Win Freshwater Pearl Earrings

I absolutely love unique jewelry and the earrings are just that, unique~  I really am a fan of anything in a silver finish and these are just exquisite!

Little Lotte Boutique Giveaway
Prize: Winner can choose one item from Little Lotte Boutique
Sponsor: Little Lotte Boutique
Dates: 10/19/14-11/8/14
Read the Little Lotte Boutique Review
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It's Time To Come Clean

This article is sponsored by Cottonelle.

It's time for me to come clean...Well actually, I am already clean. In fact my bum has been exceptionally clean for awhile now, thanks to the revolutionary combination of Cottonelle® Clean Care TP and Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths.

Ever since I purchased  Cottonelle® Clean Care TP and Cottonelle® Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths at Rite-Aid, my bum and I have been feeling, fresher, cleaner and more confidant than ever. Not only do the Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths ensure a more complete clean after using the bathroom, they are also super gentle and soothing.

They are great for cleansing any time, for any reason, or even just because. The convenient Cleansing Cloths are great for use on the go, to ensure you have great care anywhere. Unfortunately, it's not easy to carry your TP with you everywhere you go, and you will need to use facilities without it on occasion.

Even when the TP available is not friendly with your bum, at least you can have Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths. Naturally, when in the comfort of you own bathroom, Clean Care TP is the only choice to accompany them.

I know that it is a bit taboo to discuss bathroom routines, but I am anything but ordinary. I like to break the mold and step over boundaries in practically every are of my life, so talking personal hygiene is nothing.

Besides, this is actually a topic that is very important and needs to be discussed. If everyone is too afraid to talk about things like this, it's pretty hard to expect improvements to be made. If you are still cleaning the old way, with outdated TP and no cleansing cloths, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are doing it wrong.

You probably think your usual bathroom routine is "just fine", and that may be true, it may be fine, but fine is not good enough. You wouldn't settle for "fine" for everything would you? "I guess this house is fine." "This guy is fine, I guess, I suppose I'll marry him." Is that really how you want to live?

I prefer that the things I do and the things I spend my hard earned money on are "fabulous", "the best", and "superb". If you do want to continue to settle for sub par bathroom care, then by all means, go ahead. I can't force you to upgrade, but I would love to know if you can actually give me a good reason why not.

Everything is being upgraded nowadays. Cars can see and even stop for you now, cell phones can actually talk to you and answer your questions, but getting a better clean is somehow not necessary? That does not make sense to me in the least.

If you are worried about the added cost of a second product(which is not even much and beyond worth it), I can help you with out. Thanks to Rite-Aid, you can get a coupon for $1 off.  Now what is stopping you from trying the Cottonelle® wet+dry system?

I know I am a trendsetter, but I cannot be the only one who prefers a cleaner clean and who has tried the wet+dry system from Cottonelle®. If you have tried it, I would love to hear your opinions. And again, if you have not, I would love to hear what is stopping you. Let's discuss it in the comments.


With the holidays upon us, we are all planning our menus.  One of my favorite items to serve during this time is a ham.  Not just any ham, a Tender Filet Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham will be on my table!  

What can be easier than going online and ordering your ham from Tender Filet and have it shipped to your door?  No going through those meat cases at the grocery store, you can rest assured that Tender Filet has the BEST honey glazed spiral sliced hams.

I recently had the pleasure to try a Tender Filet Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham.  The whole cooking process could not be easier.  Preheat your oven, get your aluminum foil 
out and I personally like to wrap my entire ham with the aluminum foil completely to keep the ham moist.  How easy is that?  Put it in the oven and bake according to the included directions.

There is no need to make any glazes or sauces for a Tender Filet Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham.  They have done all the work for you with their secret brown sugar and honey glaze.  The ham is trimmed to perfection and the flavors are  "fired in" to assure the the most tasty and moist ham to ever hit your mouth!

When I am looking for a ham for the holidays or special occasions, I always go straight to Tender Filet because I know they offer only the best.  Tender Filet not on sells these delicious hams, they offer a wide variety of pork, poultry, lamb, desserts, seafood and much more to make cooking an ease for you.

I am happy that one of my readers will have the opportunity to win a Tender Filet Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham valued at $109.95 just in time for the Holidays.  Enter via the Rafflecopter below and make sure to come back for the daily entries to increase your chances of winning.

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Images courtesy of Tender Filet.

Disclosure: I received this item free of charge from The Tender Filet. No monetary
compensation was received or offered, nor was I under any obligation to write about this
product. All opinions expressed are my honest thoughts. I am not offering any sales or 
taking orders for this item. I will not receive any compensation in connection with any 
sales of this item.