OOfos for Mother's Day

Feel the comfort as you walk in the most comfortable shoe in the world.  I reviewed OOfos a couple of years ago and I still have that pair.  I now have this new pair in black and crimson.  Check out all the available styles on their website!

One lucky winner will win a pair of OOfos shoes just in time for Mother's Day!  Give  her the gift of comfort when you choose a pair of OOfos. These shoes absorb shock, reduces stress, and enables natural motion.

Enter via the Rafllecopter below.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email or forfeit the prize. Reviewz & Newz is not responsible for shipment of prize.

We will also be featuring OOfos in our Gifts for the Graduate and Father's Day Gift Guides, so be on the lookout for those!

Images courtesy of OOFOS.

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Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask

I have oily, acne-prone skin, so I have always found a benefit to clay masks. As I've gotten older I've had a few dry areas I've been dealing with, so I try to use a mask that is also exfoliating. There are hundreds of clay masks on the market, at different price points. I try to use skin care products that are as natural as possible. When I was given the opportunity to try Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask I was pretty excited. It sounded like a really great product.
I'll admit, when I see claims like "detoxifying" or "draws out impurities", I'm kind of sceptical. I've used dozens and dozens of these types of products over the years and I've had maybe a handful live up to these kinds of claims. Most do a fair job of removing surface oil, but few do much more than that. I know how to properly prepare my skin before using a clay mask, so it isn't user error.

This clay mask is different from a lot of others because it is an exfoliating mask. It has lovely little bits of Hibiscus and Cranberry fibers that help to slough off dry skin and exfoliate. You can definitely smell both of these ingredients. A lot of clay masks have a really strong earthy scent that can be a little bit offputting. There is a hint of the clay aroma, and a hint of the hibiscus, but mostly what you smell is the cranberry. I am sensitive to strong scents, so anything that has pleasant smell scores brownie points.

Before applying a clay mask, you have to prepare your skin so that the mask can perform properly. Remove all makeup, and then wash your face with warm water and a facial cleanser to remove all traces of makeup remover, leftover makeup, and any impurities. Clay masks work best when applied to super clean skin. Warm water helps to loosen sebum and dirt clogging your pores. You will hear and read that warm water and steam "open" the pores, and cold water "closes" them, but that just isn't true. Pores do not open and close. Warm water and steam can however, loosen the gunk that clogs your pores, causing them to look enlarged, and allow it to be drawn out by a clay mask. If you have stubborn plugs in your pores, then you might want to steam your face for ten minutes before applying a mask.

After you have properly prepared your skin, apply the mask as per the instructions on the packaging. Be sure to avoid the eye area, especially if it's an exfoliating mask. Since this is an exfoliating mask, I applied it by using small circles. This mask is more creamy than a lot of clay masks. Clay can tend to be goopy, this has a whipped type consistency that is really pleasant. I had no stinging or burning sensations with this mask at all. It just felt cool as it dried.

Last year one of the big named beauty magazines did an article saying that clay masks were being used improperly. They claimed that you should not let them dry completely, that they should be removed while they are still slightly moist, that removing after they became dry caused them to suck moisture out of your skin causing more harm than good. 

Let's be serious here, is a mask really going to be on your face long enough to remove enough moisture from your skin to be detrimental? No, it isn't. By removing the mask before it dries completely, you are skipping one of the beneficial stages of the mask. When the mask dries, that's when it does the most work drying the oil and pulling debris from the pores. Yes, it does pull some moisture from the skin, but as long as you properly tone and moisturize after, all the moisture will be replenished. During the wear of a clay mask, your skin absorbs all of the minerals and good stuff from the clay while the clay absorbs all of the oil and impurities from the skin. If you don't allow the mask to dry, that exchange doesn't happen and you aren't going to get the full benefits of the mask. The instructions say to let it dry for a reason.  

You can see that the mask is dry, but you can see the areas that are darkening from the oils and impurities being drawn out of my pores. I noticed way more of this with the Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask than I have ever noticed with any other clay mask.  Even before removing the mask I could feel that my skin was tighter and firmer. I already felt like this was going to give me really good results.

I followed the directions for removal, by using a warm wet cloth. I removed it by rubbing in a small circular motion to take advantage of the exfoliation. It took several minutes to remove, it's quite a stubborn product. Next time I think I'll do it in the shower instead of over the sink.

As soon as I had the mask removed I noticed a few things, first, I noticed that I had four pimples that I did not have before applying the mask. Before applying the mask I had four red irritated areas that I knew would be pimples in a few days. The mask had completely drawn them out. Instead of spending three or four days waiting for them to erupt and then treating them, I was able to treat them immediately and get rid of them overnight. A five-day debacle of waiting and concealing was ended in one night. This alone was enough to completely sell me on this mask. 

The second thing I noticed was how soft and smooth my skin felt. I have a lot of issues with sebaceous filaments on my cheeks, around my nose and on my jaw line. While mostly harmless, they do cause a bumpy texture to the skin. This mask helped dry them up enough to shrink them so that my skin felt smoother. 

That leads us to the third thing I noticed, that my skin looked smoother. With the oils and impurities pulled out of my pores, they weren't as noticeable so my skin looked smoother. With the red areas developed into pimples and my pores no longer as noticeable, the overall quality of my skins look was quite pleasant. 

I'm extremely satisfied with Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask. It will be replacing my current weekly clay mask, plus I'll be using it as a spot treatment to draw out pimples when I notice them forming. At $25, the price point is a little higher than I usually spend on a mask, but this is well worth the money. A little goes a long way, so this jar should last several months before needing to be replaced.

Check Valentia out on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about their awesome products.

Last minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas for all price ranges

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Happy Mother's Day to all the great Mother's out there!  Looking for that perfect  gift?

#Amazinghood Newborn Advice and Giveaway

This post and giveaway were made possible byiConnect and Dreft. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Having a newborn is one of the most precious things in the world.  You have been pregnant for what seems like forever and you now have a baby!  Things can become overwhelming with a newborn in your household.  I am going to give you a bit of advice.  This is from what my mother and grandmother told me and it has worked for me.  I hope my bits of advice help you, too!

Sleep when that baby sleeps!   Even if you can only sleep for 30 minutes during the day while the baby is sleeping , DO IT!  This is the best piece of advice I was given and the most valuable. Your body will thank you for those power naps.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.  Ask your mother.  Ask a friend.  We were all new mothers at one point and seeking advice from others. Dont ever think a question or concern you have seems silly. 

Always, and I mean always, wash your newborn's clothes with Dreft.  Dreft has been around for 80 years and I have always used it on my newborn's clothing and bedding.  My Mom used, Dreft, too.    

Dreft along with Sean and Katherine Lowe from The Bachelor have partnered together to share their news about their roles as expectant parents.  They recentl had a baby shower and Dreft was on the gift registry!


Dreft has three products;  Dreft Stage 1: Newborn; Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby and Dreft Blissfuls.  All of these products smell so good.  The Stage Two Active Baby is specifically designed with your developing baby in mind.  Once your baby has smeared green peas all over their  clothes or made a mess while playing outdoors, Dreft removes 99% of these stains.  Dreft is made to be gentle on your babies skin, but tough on stains,  And, it smells wonderful. 

I am hosting a baby shower giveaway where one of my lucky readers will win a Dreft  package worth $75. 

Giveaway is open to USA only.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email or forfeit the prize.  Reviewz & Newz is not responsible for shipment of prize.
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Win a $25 Visa Gift Card

Win a $25 Visa Gift Card!  Reviewz & Newz is not responsible for shipment of prize.
Any parent absolutely could tell you that parenting can often be difficult, very difficult. Parenthood is absolutely life's biggest balancing act. Between busy schedules, meal prep, homework, messes, and more some days it feels like it is impossible to get a minute of me time. Life doesn't stop for moms to catch their breath when everyone is healthy, and it definitely doesn't stop when you add a sick little one to the mix. Enter below to win a $25 Visa Gift Card sponsored by Pfizer!

HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion Review and Giveaway

Welcome to the Super Mom Giveaway Hop Sponsored by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island!

 As a mom, I find my days full of bending and stretching and lifting. By the time the kids are in bed and the housework is done for the day, and I get a chance to sit down, my back is killing me. I just want to run away to a spa and take up residence on the massage table. Unfortunately, reality has a firm grasp on me, so that dream doesn't last long.

How I Save Money With Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Everyone in my family knows I love to shop!  With Groupon Coupons, I can save money while I shop.  I can have the things I want and need for less money.  If there is a deal, I can find it.

Groupon Coupons has so many options to choose.  I have bought many local deals from them before, but I have recently discovered Groupon Coupons for my favorite stores online and in-store.

One of my favorite stores is Belk.  Right now Groupon Coupons has four coupons for Belk and one of them is for Michael Kors.  I bet that got your attention!  They have a great sale going on right now.

You can have brand name items for a lot less if you use coupons and Groupon Coupons has a lot of choices.  From H&R Block to Advance Auto Parts, you too can save money.  ALWAYS, and I mean always,  check out the Groupon Coupons before you make any purchases whether you are shopping online or in store.

Saving money on my purchases is a way of life for me.  I have been this way since I was a teen.  With Groupon Coupons, you can save money on the things you want to buy.  And, after all, who doesn't love saving money?

From Mother's Day Gifts to Gifts for the Graduate, you are going to find a deal if you use Groupon Coupons.  Make sure to check it out!

What is your favorite Groupon Coupon? Check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

#DreftSpring Giveaway

Protect Sensitive Baby Skin With Dreft

I love and have always used Dreft on all my babies.  Here is your chance to win a fabulous Dreft prize package.

Welcome to the #DreftSpring Giveaway!

Sponsored by: Dreft
Hosted by: Daily Deals from a Nerd Mom
Trusted for over 80 years, Dreft comes with a light, baby scent beloved by moms, and it remains safe and hypoallergenic for baby.
Please join @Dreft on May 9th from 9-10 pm EST as they host a Twitter Party with pediatrician and mom, Dr. Dyan Hes (@gramercypeds). Dr. Hes will be sharing her tips to ensure your baby is protected and comfortable during the spring allergy season. You can RSVP here.
One (1) lucky reader will win their own Dreft Hypoallergenic Package (ARV $60)!
Prizes include:
  • Dreft products (Newborn, Active Baby, & Blissfuls)
  • Gender neutral hypoallergenic blanket
Entering is simple using the widget below. Good luck! :)
US ONLY – Ends 5/9/16
Rules: This giveaway is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media. The winner will be chosen randomly and contacted by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is drawn. US only. Daily Deals From a Nerd Mom and all bloggers involved are not responsible for prize shipment.
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Billion Dollar Brows

I have a very difficult relationship with my eyebrows. Very. Difficult. One has a decent shape, but it's not very full. The other is nicely full and has a horrible shape. Don't even get me started on the random annoying hairs that grow in the wrong direction, or out of line with the rest of the brow. Ugh.

I've tried and failed at numerous brow products and had passable results with others. It's really just a crap shoot. One day I'll do a fairly good job, the next day I'll look like I let my 5-year-old do it. Heck, I might try letting my 5-year-old do it, he couldn't do a worse job than I do. even if I get the left one looking pretty good, the right one ends up looking like I didn't even try. That's more user error than product problems.

Fast, Cheap, and Easy.

When it's hot out I like to keep the cooking to a minimum to keep from heating the house up. Anything that can be cooked on a small appliance is a real winner.If it's a quick fix, doesn't cost a lot, and is easy, I'm even more on board. One of our absolute favorite fast, cheap, and easy small appliance meals is chicken quesadillas. They can be made on/in several appliance. Indoor electric grill, toaster oven, sandwich press, electric griddle, or even a waffle iron. We've also made them on a campfire and an outdoor grill, which makes them great for camping too.

Win a $75 Target Gift Card from StorkIt App

Reviewz & Newz is promoting this giveaway.  You can win a $75 gift card from StorkIt! Enter to Win a $75 Target Gift Card from StorkIt App

I think this is a retty neat app and if you download the app and enter this giveaway, you have a chance to win a $75 gift card from Target! 

banner_shareMommy and Baby Reviews and some of her blogger friends along with StorkIt has teamed up to bring our readers an AMAZING Target Giftcard Giveaway! One random reader who downloads the StorkIt mobile app will win a $75 Target gift card and the reader who uses the app the most will also win a $75 Target gift card!

Win a $50 Little Caesars Gift Card

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Hosted by: Tales From A Southern Mom and Hints and Tips Blog Sponsor: Little Caesars Prize: $50 Gift Card to Little Caesars
Have you tried the new Stuffed Crust Deep Dish Pizza from Little Caesars? It is really good, and it is one that of course my whole family can agree on. They all love the cheesy stuffed center, and the deep dish crust. The pizza is pretty amazing!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Jennie-O

Jennie-O as some great recipes for Cinco de Mayo!  I am especially pleased with these Miami Steet-Style Turkey Tacos .  I was pleasantly surpised to find out that there are made with Lean Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey from Jennie-O and topped with a mango citrus slaw.  Each taco contains only 180 calories.

You can eat guilt free for Cinco de Mayo with this great recipe from Jennie-O.  This is easy to make in under 30 minutes(HELLO!) and is a low calorie meal!  What are some of your favorite meals to make with Jennie-O products?

Jennie-O provided me with coupons in exchange for this post.

Stuffed Jumbo Shells

Tired of the same pasta meals? These stuffed jumbo shells will make you mouth water. They are sure to please any crowd.

LuLaRoe Pop-Up Giveaway

With all the craze about LuLuRoe, I know my readers will be excited about this giveaway.  Make sure and enter this giveaway today!

A little about LuLaRoe:

LuLaRoe is a family owned clothing company based in California. Every item except for the leggings are made in the USA. If you see something you like, make sure to get it while you can, because all prints are limited

LuLaRoePopupWith the excitement of hosting my first LuLaRoe Pop-Up, I am giving away a piece of LuLaRoe

5 Steps to Flawless with Rimmel London

In the quest to find good makeup, I've tried hundreds of products from dozens of brands at every price point.  There are basically two factions in the makeup world, the high-end "prestige" brands that are sold in department and specialty stores, and the "drugstore" brands that are sold at mass retailers and drugstores. There used to be a very distinct quality difference between the two factions, but in recent years, that line has dissolved quite a bit. For the most part, the "prestige" brands are still very good quality, but the "drugstore" brands are starting to show some of that same quality, but are staying very affordable.

Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away™ Speed

Wondering what to get your Mother, or perhaps your wife for Mother's Day?  Let me give you a big hint!  Get her a Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away™ Speed.  Usually, I am not a fan of giving or receiving a vacuum cleaner as a gift.  But, this would be my one and only exception.

I was ecstatic to receive my Shark and I had JUST VACUUMED with my other vacuum.  Well, I thought I had vacuumed until I quickly went over the floor with my Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away™ Speed.  Much to my surprise, the Shark cleaned way better than the vacuum I was using,  WAY better.  My floors are going to love me from now on,  because I plan on using the Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away™ Speed FOREVER!

5 Reasons I Love Therafit Shoes

Looking to jazz up your spring wardrobe with a pair of new shoes?  I received these really awesome shoes from Therafit.

Mother's Day Heart To Heart Collection Gift Box Giveaway

Here is a neat gift for Mother's Day!  Reviewz  &Newz is happy  to promote this giveaway.
Mochidoki Heart To Heart Collection Gift Box Giveaway

Mother's Day Heart To Heart Collection Gift Box Giveaway

Sponsored by: Mochidoki
Ends 5/2/16
Open to US Residents in the contiguous 48 states
Flavors in the Heart To Heart Collection Gift Box include:
  • Vanilla Chocolate Chip mochi Ice cream hearts decorated with pink and white chocolate
  • Raspberry mochi ice cream dipped in white chocolate and finished with cranberry crystals
  • Strawberry mochi ice cream dipped in pink and white chocolate tie dye then drizzled with semi-sweet dark chocolate

April 2016 ipsy Glam Bag Review

It's that time of the month again! ipsy Glam Bag time!

For any new readers or those unaware, the ipsy Glam Bag is a monthly beauty subscription service. You pay $10 a month, or $110 a year (basically you get one bag free for paying up front for a year) and once a month a package comes straight to your mailbox that contains a cute little makeup bag and five full size, or deluxe size sample beauty products. It's a great way to try out new products and build your makeup collection for a cheap price.