Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft has become more and more prevalent nowadays.  I have personally been a victim of identity theft.  My bank account information was used to make a purchase at a store I had never even visited, in a state that war  far away from me.

Thankfully, I saw he charge on my bank count and notified my bank right away.  They mailed me a form to sign verifying that I had not made the purchase and I had to mail it back to my bank.  This sounds easy enough to do, but the mailing back and forth takes time and that is more time the thief has with my information.

I asked the bank to send me a new debit card and it took two weeks to get that in the mail.  Again, that sounds easy enough but I pay for most everything using my debit card that is tied to my bank account.  I felt violated that someone had used my information for personal gain. And, I had to wait to get my debit card.  This meant going to the bank to cash checks or when using a check to pay for a purchase, I had to give all kinds of information for my check to be processed.  This was not an experience I wish upon anyone.

You never know who has access to your information and my case could have been much worse.  I know of people that have had their entire bank account wiped out, causing them thousands of dollars in losses.

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