Bake Me A Wish Gourmet Brownies

We have had giveaways for hams, steaks and much more.  here is something to appeal to your sweet tooth!  GOURMET BROWNIES!!!

The holidays are usually the sweetest time of the year. That is especially true if you give or receive a fabulous gourmet food gift from Bake Me A Wish. I recently had the pleasure or destroying my diet on an incredible One Dozen Gourmet Brownies Assortment.

I always feel guilty when I break my diet. Afterwards I always feel like it wasn't worth it. With these it really was worth it. They are so delicious. Well actually. I cannot speak to how the brownies taste. I am more of a blondie fan, and my husband addicted to brownies, so he ate all of them.

This assortment has 2 each of 4 amazing brownies and 2 fabulous blondies, so it was perfect for us. The flavors are:

As I already mentioned, the blondies were divine. The Orange Macadamia Coconut was the best blondie I ever tasted, and I have tasted a lot.

As fantastic as both blondie flavors were, I am actually glad there was only 4 in this assortment. Had there been 12, hubby would not have gotten any and none of my clothes would fit, and I still would have no regrets.

My husband loved the brownies though, so I am glad I did not have to deprive him. He is a chocolate lover to the highest extreme, and these were able to satisfy his chocolate sweet tooth. His favorites were the Velvet Ganache and Cheesecake ones, but he had all 8 brownies gone within 2 days.

I don't usually get him food gifts, because he always just gets the food he wants anyway, and I figured a food gift would not be anything special, but after seeing him obsess over these brownies, I know that I will be getting him some goodies from bake Me A Wish this year. I definitely need to get him a larger assortment though so maybe it will last 3 days this time.

If you want to give a sweet gift this year, a Bake Me A Wish gift is sure to please anyone on your list. Can you think of an adult who would not like a special gourmet treat? Are you shopping for a kids that already has way too many toys? This would be a dram come true to almost any child.

As a special gift to all of you, Bake Me A Wish has generously offered to give away one of these fantastic Gourmet Brownie Assortments. Enter below for your chance to be the lucky winner. And enter the other Christmas Wishes giveaways HERE, to win other fabulous prizes.
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