Brooklyn Bean Roastery

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We start our days with caffeine.  Some sit in the drive thru lane at their favorite coffee shops, and some like to enjoy a cup from home.  Either way, you love that liquid deliciousness that we want/enjoy/just plain NEED!  This holiday I am brewing up some Brooklyn Bean Roastery's coffee!

We believe that in coffee making, as in life there, are rules that need to be followed (wadaya mean I can’t park here?!?) Our simple rule for good coffee making is that what you put into it is exactly what you’ll get out of it and our goal is to consistently get the best-tasting cup of coffee around from our process.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery has so many options when it comes to what flavor you'd like to try.  I am lucky enough to have the Variety Pack at my finger tips.  Flavors like Breakfast Blend, Coney Island Caramel, Fuhgeddaboutit, , Hazelnut, and Vanilla Skyline can be found in this pack.  This isn't all of the options though.  So many to name, I'd be here for a bit!  You can always just check out the options yourself!  

Our of all of the flavors in this pack, I've found Hazelnut to be my favorite.  I like the nuttiness in the flavor.  I add a little almond milk and sugar to my cup, but the hazelnut flavor is perfect!  Next up, I enjoy the Maple Sleigh.  This was almost like I was enjoying a cup of coffee with a little bit of pancake syrup added!  

I am finding Brooklyn Bean Roastery's coffee to be smooth and quite tasty!  I'm thinking Santa Claus needs to fill my stocking with k-cups.  The perfect stocking stuffer!  

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