I write about cheese.

Cheese. Who doesn't like cheese? Whether it's on a sandwich or a by itself, a nice rich cheese just has a way of making you happy. I prefer my cheese as an accompaniment to fruit, or on a charcuterie platter. I like to be able to taste the cheese in it's pure form, unobstructed by other flavors. Having lived in Germany for majority of my childhood, I developed a taste for cheeses made in the old world style. The cattle are grass fed and the cheeses are aged to absolute perfection. I have always had to pay out the nose to get that quality here in the United States.

Photo courtesy of Kerrygold

Then I discovered Kerrygold Cheeses. Kerrygold is an Irish cheese maker who stays true to the old style of cheese making. The cattle are grass fed, which imparts a rich, unctuous flavor to their cheese. They also produce butter that is so creamy and delicious you will become addicted to toast. The best thing about Kerrygold is that the price won't leave you stuck with rubbery Swiss on your ham sandwich, you will be able to have a creamy, nutty  Swiss from Ireland. Pair your wine with a nice Dubliner, with it's slightly hard texture and sharp, sweet flavors you will find it to be a delightful eating cheese. Blarney Castle has a softer texture and is creamy and mild, and goes wonderfully with fruit. Then there's cheddar... Ugh. I adore a good sharp cheddar, and Kerrygold does not disappoint. The reserve cheddar is rich, full bodied, sharp, and smooth. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.