Kerrygold Cheese Easter Giveaway

Thanks to Andrea's World for having this great giveaway for Kerrygold Cheese AND BUTTER!!

 Kerrygold  is an Irish company that still makes their dairy the old fashioned way, with free roaming, grass fed cows. I always wondered if that really made a difference, and after trying the amazing butters and cheeses from Kerrygold, I can say it absolutely makes all the difference.

The first thing I tried was the softer butter in a tub. Butter could be one of my food groups as much as I love it, but I had never had butter as creamy and fresh-tasting as the ones from Kerrygold. It was like waking up from a lifelong sleep. I have seen the light. It probably sounds like I am exaggerating, but it is really that good. If you have never had Irish butter, namely Kerrygold, you need to try it immediately.
As good as butter is, it can't be a whole meal/snack alone. Cheese however, can be a stand alone snack or the main component in a meal. I had the pleasure or trying 7 amazing varieties of Kerrygold cheese, and they are all fantastic.
Swiss has always been my favorite kind of cheese, so I tried that first. I made grilled ham and Swiss sandwiches, using a lot of Kerrygold butter to grill it. It was so golden and crispy, and the cheese was melty, creamy, fresh and so amazingly delicious. It was better than a bistro sandwich.
All of the cheeses are so good. It was hard to pick a favorite. The Blarney Castle was exceptional. I had never tried a cheese with that flavor profile before. The Skellig was fantastic, I love the sweetness, it is so good with a fruit plate. The Cheddar cheeses were very good. Nice and sharp, but creamy enough that it wasn't too much. Dubliner was awesome, it was another unique flavor. The reduced fat was so much more flavorful than I was expecting. Reduced fat cheese is usually flavorless. One of my favorite things I received was the Garlic & Herb Butter. I used it to make garlic bread and to flavor some angel hair pasta. It is so flavorful. It's not like that garlic "butter" stuff you get in the tubs at the store. It is real, amazingly creamy, butter with real garlic and fresh herbs mixes in. I could use this with almost everything I cook. It is a game changer.
After experiencing true, Irish butter and cheese, I can't ever go back to the lesser products I used to buy. I am so mad that my husband never told me how much better Irish butter and cheese is. He was born in Ireland for goodness sake. He got an ear-full about it. I will not make you suffer the same fate. I am here to tell you that Kerrygold butter and cheeses are better than any other brand I have EVER tried. One of you lucky readers will get to find out first hand just how incredible these products are, because Kerrygold is giving away an Irish Gift Basket, but like the one I received. It contains two (2) of every product shown above and is a $200 value! Enter via the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this fantastic prize. Good luck! Remember, this is Spring Fling. There are 9 other wonderful bloggers in this event, and they all have awesome giveaways as well. Go HERE to see all the giveaways in the event, and check back daily for new additions. *I received these products at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.*