Exuviance Review

Now that I'm spending more time outdoors during the day, I needed a new daytime moisturizer. Even though I wear a sunscreen, I just don't like the idea of wearing my retinol moisturizer during the day. The sunscreen makes it perfectly safe, but retinol does make the skin more susceptible to burning and I don't want to risk it. I'm kind of a wimp about sunburns, or even the idea of them.

I've gotten spoiled by the anti-aging effects of my retinol moisturizer, so I wanted to find something that offered the same effects, but in a daytime formula. I also wanted something that would address the dry areas of my face. I have them basically under control and I don't want to lose that, so a moisturizer for dry skin is a must.

I decided to try Exuviance Ageless Everyday. It's labeled as being for sensitive/dry skin. I have never had any issues with sensitive skin, but as I mentioned, I need something for dry skin so I thought this would be a good fit. It contains PHA, a gentler alternative to AHA, which helps stimulate cell turnover promoting collagen retention giving the anti-aging effects of reducing fine lines, evening skin tone, and improving skin elasticity.

I really didn't expect to see a real difference in my skin after I started using it because I expected it to be comparable to my retinol moisturizer. I was actually surprised to see some changes for the better. After a week of using the Exuviance in the morning, and still using my retinol moisturizer at night, I noticed that my skin did feel firmer, and softer. My dry spots were still very well under control, in fact they were a little bit smoother, and less noticeable under my makeup. One benefit that I didn't expect, since the formula is for dry skin, is that it helped control my oily T-zone. Warmer weather flares it up and I had started to notice that I was having to blot a lot more during the day. After I started using this moisturizer, I noticed that I wasn't blotting as often anymore.

I am very happy with Exuviance Ageless Everyday, and I plan to keep using it. I've got my eye on a couple other products I plan on checking out in the near future also. I'm borderline obsessed with skincare anymore, and the Exuviance brand is developed by dermatologists so I am very interested in trying more of their products.