Firefighting Simulator – The Squad

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad is now available for Nintendo Switch™ digitally and at selected retailers with a price of 34.99 EUR /34.99 USD/29.99 GBP.


About Firefighting Simulator – The Squad

In exciting missions, the team members will proceed to action with authentic firefighter equipment and a selection of 5 officially licensed firefighting vehicles by Rosenbauer America – such as the TP3 Pumper® and the T-Rex® Articulating Platform - to extinguish fires and save people from the flames. While single players take control of their AI-controlled colleagues with the help of the intuitive command interface in order to give them instructions on how to proceed, in cooperative multiplayer mode with up to four players can take action together as a squad to prove their team spirit and skills in the field of firefighting. Thanks to the advanced fire simulation - including water, smoke, heat, backdrafts, flashovers, grease fires as well as a number of other causes of fire such as electronics, chemicals and explosions – The Firefighter squad will face fire situations and dangerous scenarios that are difficult to calculate. Next to this, players can look forward to a complex physics system for the representation of destruction within dynamically spreading fire situations.


· Authentic firefighter equipment by well-known manufacturers – e.g. Cairns®, MSA Safety G1® SCBA, Leatherhead Tools® and HAIX®.

· Officially licensed firefighting vehicles by Rosenbauer America

· Comprehensive training which introduces players to the basics

· Advanced fire simulation & physics system

· Multiplayer with up to 4 players


Win a STRAYS movie digital Code

I was excited when I saw the trailer for STRAYS during the FOOTBALL game of the year!  You know, those commercials we all love to watch!  Now you can own it on digital platforms!  The  DVD release date is October 31.  We are giving away THREE digital codes for this hilariously funny movie!

From the ridiculous, raunchy new comedy from the humans that brought you 21 Jump Street & Cocaine Bear, STRAYS, is available to stream only on Peacock beginning October 6, 2023 and to own in an all-new Unleashed Edition with tail-riffic extras when you buy on Digital October 6, 2023 and on Blu-ray™ and DVD October 10, 2023 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. A subversion of the dog movies we know and love, STRAYS, is a hilarious, R-rated, live-action comedy about the complications of love, the importance of great friendships, and the unexpected virtues of couch humping. After a fast-talking terrier (Jamie Foxx; Ray, Dreamgirls) shows a naΓ―ve pup (Will Ferrell; Step Brothers, Elf) that his beloved owner (Will Forte; “The Last Man on Earth,” Nebraska) is a dirtbag, the dogs embark on an epic adventure for revenge.
The hilariously entertaining and full of heart STRAYS features an a-list lineup of comedic talent in-front of and behind the camera with director Josh Greenbaum (Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar) and stars Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic), Randall Park (Marvel’s “WandaVision,” “Fresh Off the Boat”) and Brett Gelman (“Stranger Things”) alongside Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx and Will Forte.

Plucky pup Reggie (Ferrell) thought he and his owner Doug (Forte) were playing an innocent game of fetch. It isn’t until he meets Bug (Foxx), a streetwise stray who says only suckers have owners, that Reggie realizes his miserable master intentionally abandoned him in the big city. With two more pooches (Fisher & Park) adding fuel to his furry fire, Reggie goes from cute to cunning as he and Bug concoct a crazy scheme to get back to Doug and give him a big bite between his legs. Revenge has never been this riotous, or this irreverent, as the hilariously absurd antics of these four furballs turn typical animal adventures totally upside down. Forget everything you know about “dog movie” drama because this is one journey home that’s off its leash and over the top.


Giveaway ends MONDAY 10/9/2023 at noon EST.  This is not affiliated with Facebook or any other social media outlet!

The Blind & an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

 Many thanks to Tread Lively for providing a sample of the product for this review.

My opinions are 100% my own.

Buy tickets today to see The Blind only in theaters starting 9/28!

Experience the incredible true story of Phil & Kay Robertsonrom Duck Dynasty in the new movie, The Blind, coming to theaters September 28th!  

I was provided a screener for this movie and it is a must-see movie.  Make sure you have some tissues, because I cried.  God, Family, Ducks.

The Blind is a powerful true story that showcases God’s redemptive power to change our lives when we surrender to Him!

Long before Phil Robertson was a reality TV star, he fell in love, started a family, and began to spiral out of control. THE BLIND shares never-before-revealed moments in Phil’s life as he seeks to conquer the shame of his past, ultimately finding redemption in an unlikely place.

Watch the trailer below



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Haunted Savannah, GA: A Journey Through the Supernatural

Nestled along the scenic banks of the Savannah River, Savannah, Georgia, is a city renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. Beneath the charming facades of its historic homes and cobblestone streets, however, lies a darker and more mysterious side of the city. Savannah is often referred to as one of the most haunted cities in the United States, with a long and storied history of paranormal activity that has captivated both locals and tourists alike. In this blog post, we will embark on a supernatural journey through haunted Savannah, exploring its most famous ghostly tales and the haunted locations that have earned the city its spooky reputation.

The History of Haunted Savannah

To understand the ghostly tales of Savannah, it's essential to delve into the city's history. Founded in 1733, Savannah boasts a tumultuous past that includes battles, epidemics, fires, and more. The combination of these historical events has left an indelible mark on the city and is believed to be responsible for the numerous ghostly encounters reported by its residents and visitors.

The Sorrel-Weed House

Our journey begins at the Sorrel-Weed House, one of the most iconic haunted locations in Savannah. This historic mansion, built in the early 1840s, is renowned for its stunning Greek Revival architecture and its dark history. It's said that Francis Sorrel, the original owner, committed suicide in the house, and his spirit is believed to haunt the premises. Visitors have reported hearing disembodied voices, footsteps, and even witnessing apparitions within its walls.

The Mercer-Williams House

Made famous by the best-selling book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" by John Berendt, the Mercer-Williams House is another haunted landmark in Savannah. The house, built in the 1860s, has been the site of tragic events, including a murder. Some believe that the restless spirit of Jim Williams, the house's former owner, continues to roam its halls.

Colonial Park Cemetery

Colonial Park Cemetery, dating back to 1750, serves as the final resting place for many of Savannah's early residents. However, due to vandalism and erosion, it's believed that some graves were disturbed and the spirits of the deceased disturbed in the process. Ghostly sightings, cold spots, and eerie apparitions have been reported by those who visit this historic burial ground.

The Pirates' House

As one of Savannah's oldest buildings, the Pirates' House has a rich history that includes serving as an inn for seafarers and, according to legend, a meeting place for pirates. It's said that the ghost of Captain Flint, a notorious pirate, haunts the establishment. Diners and staff have reported encounters with this spectral pirate, adding to the lore of the place.

Moon River Brewing Company

Even Savannah's breweries have their fair share of paranormal activity. Moon River Brewing Company, housed in a historic building dating back to 1821, has a reputation for being one of the most haunted pubs in the city. Patrons and employees have reported seeing shadowy figures, experiencing unexplained cold spots, and hearing ghostly whispers.

Why is Savannah So Haunted?

With its tumultuous history and a high concentration of historic buildings, Savannah offers fertile ground for ghostly tales. Many believe that the residual energy from the city's past tragedies and conflicts has contributed to the prevalence of paranormal activity. Additionally, Savannah's embrace of its haunted reputation has led to numerous ghost tours and paranormal investigations, further fueling the city's supernatural allure.

Ghost Tours and Paranormal Investigations

For those brave enough to explore Savannah's haunted history firsthand, a variety of ghost tours and paranormal investigations are available. These tours often visit the city's most famous haunted locations, providing participants with a chance to learn about the history and ghostly tales associated with each site. Whether you're interested in a spooky stroll through the historic district or a more in-depth investigation with paranormal equipment, Savannah offers something for every level of ghost enthusiast.

Savannah, Georgia, is a city of unparalleled charm and beauty, but it also harbors a dark and mysterious side that continues to captivate visitors from around the world. From haunted mansions to historic cemeteries, the supernatural is deeply intertwined with the city's rich history. Whether you're a skeptic or a true believer, exploring the haunted side of Savannah is an experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression, and perhaps even a ghostly encounter to remember. So, the next time you find yourself in this enchanting city, be sure to keep an eye out for the spirits that may be lurking just beyond the shadows.


6 Tips for Hosting a Game Day Gathering


6 Tips for Hosting a Game Day Gathering

 Bats and helmets, sticks and pucks, a goal and a ball – whether your favorite sport takes place on a field or a pitch, the ice or the hardwood, true fans get a kick out of hosting their fellow supporters to watch the home team play. The next time the good guys or gals take on their fiercest rivals, turn your house into a full-blown suite for a watch party that’s sure to bring home a win.

A little game planning goes a long way, which is why the entertaining experts at Newman’s Own recommend these tips to throw a trophy-worthy watch party.

Send Invites Ahead of Time
Most sporting events are scheduled well in advance, giving you plenty of time to plan for game day. While waiting until the last minute can lead to an overwhelmed host and an underwhelming menu, sharing invitations in advance means guests can come prepared. Consider adding the time you’d like fellow fans to arrive as well as the first pitch, kickoff or tipoff time.

Opt for Easy Eats
Tensions are already running high with the stress of a rivalry game, so skip complications in the kitchen and turn to on-hand, easy-to-make game day grub. For example, pizza is a popular choice with multiple toppings available so there’s something for everyone, regardless of who they’re rooting for. Consider options like Newman’s Own frozen pizzas, which deliver radically good flavor with 100% of profits going to help kids facing adversity.

With 16 pizza varieties, it’s a slam dunk choice. A fan favorite, Thin & Crispy Crust Uncured Pepperoni Pizza is a tried-and-true staple you can enjoy with high-quality ingredients and no artificial flavors on a signature multigrain crust. Or for those who prefer a meatless variety, turn to Stone-Fired Crust Margherita Pizza for an authentic Italian bite with traditional tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella cheese and basil leaves straight from Italy.

Test the TV
Whether you’re a cable subscriber or cord cutter, ensure you’ll have access to the right channel or streaming platform on game day. Test your setup for a good connection, proper picture quality and crisp sound so you can avoid technical difficulties when the game is on the line.

Add Championship-Level Decor
Show off your team’s colors with decor that makes a statement. Weather-permitting, set the stage with an outdoor flag donning the logo or mascot so neighbors and visitors feel your team spirit. Wear your jersey with pride, show off meaningful memorabilia and set out team-themed plates and napkins.

Maximize Seating
Part of a positive game day experience is ensuring comfort for the crowd, meaning you’ll want to maximize seating options without squeezing everyone in too tightly. Projecting attendance so you know exactly how much seating you’ll need is key to keeping everyone comfortable. Avoid “standing room only” areas by bringing in added chairs or stools, or consider turning on an extra TV in a separate room for a little more space.

Keep Everyone Engaged
While it might be challenging for diehard fans to acknowledge, there may be some partygoers who are less inclined to tune in on every play. Make your gathering a fun experience for all, regardless of their interest level in the game, by setting up designated spaces for those who prefer socialization. If you’re expecting kids to be in attendance, provide ways for them to stay entertained like board games in the basement or bats, balls and gloves outside.

Check out Branded Originals for your sports jerseys!


Photo courtesy of Getty Images (sports fans)




THE HILL $50 Fandango Giveaway

 This is a sponsored post.

THE HILL will be in theaters on August 25th and I could not be more excited to tell you about this wonderful film.  The story resonated with me on many levels.  I have a son with disabilities and I know how much we have been told, he will never do this...only to prove them wrong.

This is the riveting true story of how Rickey Lee made it to Major League Baseball despite the most dire of circumstances. Dennis Quaid plays Rickey's father, a preacher, who does not agree with his son's decision to try out for this coveted spot on a Major League Baseball team. Grab a tissue before you walk into the theater, you are going to need it. Such a wholesome movie and great for the whole family.

  • Dennis Quaid as James Hill
  • Colin Ford as Rickey Hill
  • Joelle Carter as Hellen Hill, Rickey's mother
  • Randy Houser as Ray Clemons, a man from Rickey's childhood who encourages him to try out for the MLB 
  • Jesse Berry as young Rickey Hill
  • Bonnie Bedelia 
  • Scott Glenn as Red Murff, the MLB scout who discovers Rickey

  •   Get Your Tickets Here!

    To celebrate, we are offering one winner a $50 Fandango e-gift card!  Enter the Rafflecopter below.

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    Bus Safety Tips for Back-to-School Season


    Bus Safety Tips for Back-to-School Season

    In the south, many school have already begun their school year.  Watch out for the buses and let's keep our kids safe.

    (Family Features) Another school year means millions of children across the United States will begin and end each day with a bus ride. The way many kids ride to school today, however, is the same as it was 25 years ago – in diesel school buses, which have been shown to be harmful to children’s health, the community and the climate.

    Investments are being made to clean up the nation’s school bus fleet, like the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean School Bus Program, which will provide $5 billion over five years to help replace existing buses with low- and zero-emission models. One alternative energy source, propane, is an environmentally friendly and affordable option that can be implemented today to provide a better tomorrow for more students. The low-carbon emissions energy source is abundantly available and can work in tandem with other energy sources, including electric, to move the nation’s school bus fleet further down the path to zero emissions and ensure every child has a safe, clean, healthy ride to school.

    In addition to speaking to your children’s school district officials about alternative school bus solutions, there are lessons parents can teach their children about how to remain safe before, during and after their daily trips on school buses. Consider these tips from the experts at the National Association of Pupil Transportation.

    Before the Bus Arrives

    • Ensure backpacks are packed securely so papers and other items don’t scatter as the bus approaches.
    • Create a morning routine that puts kids at the bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pickup time. This helps avoid a last-minute rush, when safety lessons are easily forgotten, and ensures kids are safely in place for boarding.
    • Encourage children to wear bright, contrasting colors so they can be seen easier by drivers.
    • Instruct children to walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, advise them to stay out of the street, walk single-file, face traffic and stay as close to the edge of the road as possible.
    • Walk young children to the bus stop or encourage kids to walk in groups. There is safety in numbers; groups are easier for drivers to see.
    • If kids must cross a street, driveway or alley, remind them to stop and look both ways before crossing.
    • Verify the bus stop location offers good visibility for the bus driver; if changes are needed, talk with nearby homeowners or school district officials to implement changes. Never let kids wait in a house or car, where the driver may miss seeing them approach the bus.
    • Remind children the bus stop is not a playground. Balls or other toys can roll into the street and horseplay could result in someone falling into the path of oncoming traffic.
    • Instruct children to stay at least three steps away from the road and allow the bus to come to a complete stop before approaching it.

    On the Bus Ride

    • When boarding the bus, items can get bumped and dropped. Caution children that before picking anything up, they should talk to the driver and follow instructions to safely retrieve their possessions.
    • Teach safe riding habits: Stay seated with head, hands and feet inside at all times; keep bags and books out of the aisle and remain seated until the bus stops moving.
    • Instruct children to never throw things on the bus or out the windows and to never play with or block emergency exits.
    • Remind kids that loud noises are off limits so they don’t distract the driver. That includes cellphones and other electronic devices; instruct children to put them on mute or use headphones.

    Leaving the Bus

    • Remind children to look before stepping off the bus. If they must cross the street, teach them to do so in front of the bus by taking five big steps (approximately 10 feet) away from the front of the bus, looking up and waiting for the driver to signal it’s safe.
    • For parents who meet their kids at the bus, eliminate the risk of your children darting across the street by waiting on the side of the street where they exit the bus.
    • Make the bus ride part of your daily “how was school?” discussion. Encourage kids to talk about the things they see and hear on the bus so you can discuss appropriate behaviors and, if necessary, report any concerns to school administrators.

    Benefits of Propane Buses
    Every day, 1.3 million children in the United States ride to school in 22,000 propane-powered school buses, which are currently in use by more than 1,000 school districts across 48 states. Alternative fuels, such as propane, offer multiple benefits for school districts and students alike because propane buses reduce harmful emissions, save money and provide a safer ride for students.

    Student Health
    Propane reduces harmful nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 94% compared to diesel and emits near-zero particulate matter emissions. Both emissions, which can be found in the cloud of smoke emitted from the tailpipes of diesel buses, are known triggers for asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems, according to the EPA.

    Propane has a range of 400 miles and the performance needed to drive long distances without stopping to recharge or refuel.

    Cost Savings
    While propane and electric are both options for clean student transportation that also reduce the harm to air quality, the cost is not equal. On average, an electric school bus costs $375,000, meaning districts can purchase three propane-powered buses (which are only $6,000 more expensive than diesel buses) for the price of one electric bus. In fact, a study from the World LP Gas Association found the cost savings of getting rid of all diesel buses and replacing them with propane would save enough money to hire 23,000 teachers due to lower long-term fuel and maintenance costs.

    Find more information and learn how to talk to school district officials about adopting clean school buses at


    Photo courtesy of Getty Images (students getting on bus)


    Propane Education & Research Council

    Watch Eleanor's Bench on PureFlix

    Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. My opinions are 100% my own.

    New series “Eleanor’s Bench" is streaming exclusively on Pure Flix now! New episodes every Friday night!

    “Eleanor’s Bench” is a touching show that shines a light on the juvenile justice system in an informative and enlightening way.

    Eleanor Thomas’s success as a Washington DC juvenile court judge is challenged when her inner-city past comes to court and demands more than judgment, prompting her to return to her impoverished neighborhood of youth. Will her renewed sense of purpose reinvigorate her faith?

    In episode four, Eleanor goes to visit Jewels in jail and Jewels refuses to see her. Before the failed visit, Eleanor has a panic attack after she flashes back to Natasha's death. Eleanor has to move in with her father and face difficult decisions about who she can trust.

    Watch the trailer below and make sure to tune in to PureFlix on Friday nights to see each episode of this riveting drama!

    Comment below to be entered to win a 3 month streaming subscription to Pureflix where you can watch all the great shows PureFlix has to offer.

    Check out how you can win NEW board game Monopoly Scrabble

     πŸŽ²πŸ”  Welcome to the world of Monopoly Scrabble, where words and wealth collide in an epic linguistic showdown! πŸ†πŸŒŸ

    Imagine a game that combines the classic charm of Monopoly with the brain-teasing brilliance of Scrabble. Get ready to roll the dice, unleash your vocabulary, and conquer the board like never before! πŸŽ²πŸ”‘

    In Monopoly Scrabble, your linguistic prowess becomes your golden ticket to success. Instead of buying properties, you'll be acquiring letters, building words, and amassing a fortune in wordy domination. It's time to show off your lexical wizardry and leave your opponents spellbound! πŸ’¬

    As you traverse the game board, you'll encounter letter tiles instead of properties, each with a different value. Collect them strategically to form words of all shapes and sizes, and watch your wealth grow exponentially! πŸ“šπŸ’°

    But beware, fellow wordsmiths! Just like in Monopoly, opponents can challenge your word creations, putting your linguistic skills to the ultimate test. Will you defend your word with a well-reasoned argument or succumb to defeat? Only your wordplay prowess can save you! πŸ›‘️πŸ†š

    In this exhilarating battle of words, unleash your inner wordsmith and unleash chaos with power-ups like "Double Word Score," "Triple Letter Score," and more! Combine your tactical brilliance with a sprinkle of luck to create an unstoppable word-building empire. 🌟πŸ”₯

    And remember, Monopoly Scrabble isn't just about outwitting your opponents; it's about creating connections, forging alliances, and expanding your vocabulary one brilliant move at a time. So gather your friends, family, and fellow language lovers for a night of unadulterated linguistic delight! πŸŒˆπŸŽ‰

    Monopoly Scrabble: Where the worlds of Monopoly and Scrabble collide in an explosive word bonanza! Are you ready to conquer the board, build your empire, and spellbind your way to victory? Let the word games begin! πŸ°πŸ” πŸŒ

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    How I save money (and you can, too!)

     Saving money is my jam.  But, these past few years have been difficult to keep saving because of the skyrocketing prices of everything! I will give you the money-saving tips I have used to help me save money.  


    We all know the price of groceries has reached an all-time high. I use digital and print coupons to save money at grocery and drug stores.  Download the apps for the stores you shop at and utilize them.  Follow your favorite couponing site to match sales with coupons.

    Use third-party apps like Ibotta or Fetch that will give you money back for buying certain products.  I used one of these apps last year and it paid me to buy my entire Thanksgiving dinner.

    Fueling your vehicle

    Almost every store I buy fuel at has an app.  It went from $30 to fill up my car to $50 or $60. Using the store's app I can save based on my purchases at that store, just by having the app and my debit or credit card linked. 


    While housing costs have soared we have watched the interest rate for mortgages drop to all-time lows.  Get locked in at these low rates for financing or refinancing.


    My electric bill doubled from one month to another this summer.  I attributed this to running the air conditioner more, so I cut the thermostat down aSavingnd used fans.  I was using drying racks and outdoor clotheslines to dry my clothes and keeping the dryer OFF! Then I discovered my hot water heater was full of sediment causing it to work harder.  I replaced that water heater with a more energy-efficient one.

    Turn off the lights when you leave a room and unplug all electronics at night and when not in use. During the day, I open my curtains to let the sunlight in to light up my home.


    There are many ways you can save on travel.  Almost every hotel chain has a rewards program.  Utilize that to get discount prices on hotels.  I recently got a hotel-branded credit card that gave me enough points for a 5 night's stay.  Also booking during the week versus the weekend can save you hundreds of dollars. Many offer bonus points when you also book a rental car and air travel at the same time.

    Instead of going on your yearly trip to a tropical destination, try a staycation or a mini vacation to your nearest beach or lake.

    Piggy Bank

    When I get home each day, I dump all my change in my piggy bank!  I will even throw in $1 or $5. I promise you will not miss it.  I took my piggy bank to my bank and I had over $300 and I had saved that for about a year!

    Check out to see how saving money can work for you.


    Summer Fun for the Kids

     This is a sponsored post.

    Are you ready for some fun?  We are.  Summer is here and we are prepared for some fun activities.

    We received this All-Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback and have been enjoying some backyard football! This is fun to play for all ages.  We are huge football fans in my household, so this was perfect family fun.  Just add four C batteries and you are ready to play.  Just pump, press and pass.  It throws the ball about 25 yards and in 9 different passing zones.  It throws a perfect spiral every time! We love this Robotic Quarterback.

    This Smithsonian Rock and Gem dig are perfect for those rainy days. I am always on the lookout for STEM materials for my homeschool.

    Here is another STEM day activity from Smithsonian. Prehistoric Sea Monsters is great learning fun for all ages.

    The Groovy Glow Wubble 2 pack is always fun. It glows in the dark in colors! How cool is that?

    What is your fave toy listed here? Give me more suggestions on STEM kits! We love them


    Siamese Cats

     This is a sponsored post. 

    As a child, my aunt had a Siamese cat and I was pretty fascinated with it.  I was mesmerized by the beauty of the cat.  She was the only person I knew with such an exotic cat breed.  The blue eyes of the Siamese cat were so pretty.

    I would beg to go to my aunt's house so I could play with her Siamese cat.  That cat brought me so much joy.  I thought I was in some exotic world and I was a princess with a Siamese cat. 

    Their fur was so soft and fluffy and she was always willing to play with me.  It was my best friend and I certainly enjoyed all the time I spent with her.

    Siamese cats are still very popular today and are one of the most intelligent cat breeds.  There are nine types of Siamese cat breeds:

    1. Classic
    2. Old Style
    3. Applehead
    4. Modern Wedge
    5. Chocolate Point
    6. Lilac Point
    7. Red Point
    8. Blue Point
    9. Seal Point
    I am not sure what type of Siamese cat my aunt had, but I have always had a fascination with them. Did you know that Siamese cats are one of only a few breeds you can train to use the toilet?  You can even train them to walk with a leash.  The intelligence, beauty and overall personality of a Siamese cat is what have kept me fascinated all these years!

    Do you have any experience with Siamese cats?  Drop me a comment below.

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