Know When It's Time To Seek Help For Addiction

It is well known that there are many types of addiction, most of which can be overcome if the person

afflicted first A. realizes they have an addiction and B. wants to overcome it. If both A and B are

not agreed upon then the possibility of giving up on an addiction is slim and most unlikely - but not

impossible in the long term with the right help and guidance.

Some of the kinds of addictions we see today are nicotine/smoking, drugs and alcohol as well as less-
thought of addictions such as that of gambling, hoarding or shopping.

Some of the signs of addiction include, but are not limited to:

• Mood Swings

• Lying

• Detachment

• Denial

• Financial Problems

• Dependence

• Altered Sleep Patterns

• Changes in Self-worth or Appearance

Not every addiction is the same and so the signs may change drastically from one to the next - for

example, a drug or alcohol addiction may leave the addict with more physical signs of abuse compared

to that of a hoarder, yet there may still be a drain on emotional stress and finances to obtain the item

desired by the addict and they may not be able to stop themselves from repeatedly engaging in his or

her addiction of choice.

A smoking addiction is quite common and some of the signs that you may have an addiction to smoking

include: not being able to go a day without a cigarette, buying cigarettes instead of food with the last

of the change in your wallet, mood swings when you are not engaged in smoking for an hour, several

hours, a day or so on. You may also experience withdrawal sweats, headaches and irritability, which

are also common signs that you may be addicted to smoking when you haven't smoked for just a short

period of time.

A drug addiction is similar to a smoking addiction but much less expensive in most cases and the physical

affects may be a lot worse. A heroin addiction may see the addict pick at their skin, lose a lot of weight,

seem agitated, overly talkative or nervous or exhibit jolty or jerky movements or just the inability to sit


Of course, smoking is NOT the same as taking hard drugs, but some of the signs that you are addicted

to either can be the same and the rush of smoking that cigarette or taking your drug of choice could be

a very similar rush as that, which you might get from spending lots of money as a shopping addict or

perhaps even a gambler.

A shopping addiction might be something you could think of as less of an addiction than that a drug

addiction but when you can't help but buy everything you like without a thought for finances or the

bigger picture, then it can put you just as much, if not more, in debt as you throw money away on credit

cards or cash on things you perhaps will never use and that you just felt compelled to buy - it can have

a devastating effect on those around you as finances take away money from the family, bills or general

cost of living and if you are constantly thinking about the next big hit, buy or action it can be detrimental

to your ability to interact with those around you on a day to day basis.

No matter what your addiction may be, there are options for a cure, or at least a management plan to

curb your addiction and to get it somewhat under control.

Whether it be treatment for a heroin addiction, alcoholism or one of the many addictions we can all 

fall victim to, the need for drug rehab centers, alcohol treatment centers and other health and wellness

centers is apparent - and they are there, waiting to offer you or someone you might be concerned with

as having an addiction, the help that you might so desperately need, want and desire.

The Recovery Village at Ridgefield  or The Recovery Village at Columbus are great places to start that road to recovery. 

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  1. Addiction Effects EVERYONE The Person, Family friends Nice To Know There Is Places Out There To Help Thank You For The Great Information!