How You Can Have a Spa in Your Own Home with Spa Life

Back to school can have it's perks.  Having a spa day all day is one of them.  Reviewz & Newz is helping to promote this wonderful giveaway.

The time has come again. Not only is school back in session, or almost back in session, but it is time to kick off the School Rules Blog Pop giveaway event! If you have been following for awhile, I am sure you already know how awesome the Blog Pop events are. If you are new here, you are in for a real treat. We have so many awesome giveaways in store.

To mark my kids going back to school this week, I wanted to start off with some really great products that would be great for relaxation. Back to school time can be so stressful. There is so much to do and it sometimes takes awhile to get back into rhythm. The kids and I had been staying up very late every night over the summer, but we had been sleeping in to.

Now that they have school in the mornings, they are going to bed early so they can get up early. The problem is, I still have a lot to do and I am not finding a way to get in bed before 1am, but I still have to be up early too. Between the stress and the tiredness, I just wanted a nice escape. My Spa Life was exactly what I needed.

Spa Life is not just a beauty solution is is a spa experience, and that is what makes all the difference to me. I don't want to feel like I am doing a chore, I want to enjoy the feeling  of caring for myself. I want it to be pampering and indulgent, and My Spa Life is all of that and more.

Spa Life has so many incredible products. So far I have been able to try out several fabulous facial wraps/masks as well as the fantastic Hand Gloves and Foot Sockies. The products are all so amazing. Each item is individually packaged and is single use.

I love that there is no guessing how much product to use. There is no messy rinsing. Seriously, washing(rinsing off) your face in the sink is one of the messiest things you can do. It is unpleasant and, to me, can totally undo any relaxation that may have come from an ordinary mask/masque(like a mud mask or something).

These wraps/masks, gloves and sockies are all so easy to use. You literally just make sure you clean the area, apply the wrap and sit back and relax for at least 20 minutes. I love relaxing as part of the directions. That is my kind of skin care.

I have used the masks a few times at night after the kids are in bed, and I love how great they feel while they are on. Of course they made my skin look and feel incredible after using them, which is wonderful. My skin has been a struggle for me since I was young. I am so impressed by these Spa Life facial wraps. You can even choose a warm or a cool wrap by either refrigerating before use or placing (sealed package) in hot water for a few minutes before use).

The real treat was on Monday though. Monday was the kids' first day back to school, so I could finally get the full relaxation experiences. I put soothing Lavender and Peppermint essential oils in my diffuser, applied the Beauty Trip Facial Mask, Hand Gloves and Foot Sockies and laid back with some music. I probably indulged in it for 30 minutes, and it was heavenly.

As I already mentioned, the mask made my face feel amazing and look luminous and vibrant. Considering I had only 5 hours of sleep, that is pretty great. The best part was the Foot Sockies though. I unfortunately have super dry skin on my heels and such. I have tried so many things to treat it, but no one wants to have lotion on their feet making them slippery or getting on the floor(or couch/bed if you put your feet up.

The Foot Sockies keep all the moisture inside the wrap. Not only does that keep your feet and everything they touch clean, but it keeps them moisturized so much better. The Sockies made my feet feel amazing, my skin was so soft. I felt like I was going to slip out of my shoes they were so soft.

The Hand Gloves were every bit as good as the Sockies. I did not even think my hands were that dry, but after seeing how much softer and smoother-looking they got, I realized why I needed them. I am convinced I now need to do this Spa Life relaxation treatment every week.

If you are dying to try these amazing Spa Life products yourself, you are in luck. My Spa Life has generously offered to give away the Spa Life Pink Collection set($72) to one lucky winner. The set contains: 2 Invigorating Hand Gloves, 2 Miraculous Moisturizing Foot Sockies,  2 Cucumber and Aloe Face Wraps  2 Avocado and Vitamin E Face Wraps  1 (6 count) Hydrosoothing Cooling Eye Pads in  Strawberry, and 1 (6 count) Hydrosoothing Cooling Eye Pads in Orange.


  1. I would love to try the Mens day at the spa Skincare Package.

  2. Id like to try the Radient under eye treatment

  3. I would like to try the shimmering under eye revitalizer as I have dark circles under my eyes