Billion Dollar Brows

I have a very difficult relationship with my eyebrows. Very. Difficult. One has a decent shape, but it's not very full. The other is nicely full and has a horrible shape. Don't even get me started on the random annoying hairs that grow in the wrong direction, or out of line with the rest of the brow. Ugh.

I've tried and failed at numerous brow products and had passable results with others. It's really just a crap shoot. One day I'll do a fairly good job, the next day I'll look like I let my 5-year-old do it. Heck, I might try letting my 5-year-old do it, he couldn't do a worse job than I do. even if I get the left one looking pretty good, the right one ends up looking like I didn't even try. That's more user error than product problems.

I seem to do my best work with powders, and gels and my worst with pencils. Most people seem to do amazing things with pencils, and I seem to be completely inept. I think it's because the points are too big. I always end up looking like I colored on my face. I've tried several popular brands, and followed tutorials to a fault, and end up looking like a moron. I don't try the fancy sculpted brows either, I follow my natural brow line and basically just "fix", fill, and darken my brows.

 When I first heard of Billion Dollar Brows: Brows on Point Micro Pencil, I was instantly intrigued. "Micro Pencil" really caught my attention. It sounded like the point would be super small. These pencils have a super fine, self-sharpening tip that creates natural lines than perfectly mimic individual hairs. It's available in four waterproof, smudge-proof colors: Blonde, Light Brown, Taupe, and Raven. The opposite end has a spoolie brush to help shape and style brows, and to help blend color.

Since I have red hair I decided to try Taupe because it  seemed to be the closest to a chocolate brown, which I think looks the best with my red hair. I followed the advice on all the tutorials and did short even strokes to mimic hairs. The super fine point is amazing. Each stroke is so fine that it truly looks like a single hair.

 I was happy with the results. I still suffer from user error on the right side, but that's because my hand just doesn't want to cooperate on that side at all.

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